Porn Might Make You Apathetic Towards Your Partner

Porn damages relationships between partners.
Let’s just face it. All our wonderful liberation has a downside, okay? Yes, feminists, I’m looking at you, too.
In much the same way as one burger makes you happy and 100 burgers makes you fat and cranky (and may win you a long-term relationship with your toilet) porn can get to be too much.

In this article: Naomi Wolf points out that men’s interest in sex seems to decrease the more available it becomes, in all its visible forms.
Meaning that if men can go outside and be met by traquillions of billboards and magazines filled with half-naked women then the real woman needs to be hella hot in order to excite his senses.
As long as he has access to moving, naked ladies on the internet then what’s the point in a warm, living one that has needs?
Plus, the living one is far from as perfect as the one on your computer.

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Binge Watching VS. Weekly Watching

Globalization and the rapid transfer from the text mediums to the screen mediums change our interaction with the world.
One thing the TV industry has noticed is that we no longer care for TV-shows that don’t have an overall story arch. Even Doctor Who and the generic sit comics have had to give into this development.


What the producers discovered is that we love binge watching. But is it one of those situations where the thing we want isn’t what we need? Continue reading

Does The Brain Have A Favorite State Of Mind?

You just got up and for a brief moment your thoughts are murky with dreams. You groggily slog your way to the bathroom, then the kitchen. As you prepare your caffeinated beverage of choice the day’s agenda floods your head:
Go to school/work.
Get the electric bill.
Catch rat in the garage.
Fix broken tire.
Check up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube —- BLAH!
Not to mention your EMAIL!

Our minds are constantly preoccupied with small tasks and adding to the drill are the relentless background noises: the always-on TV, the radio, the workers at the neighbor’s …
Sometimes it seems like our heads might explode.

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Advice From A Senile Woman

Today’s installment is interrupted by a sudden occurrence.

I was asked to take my grandmother to the doctor today and as she is senile she becomes increasingly irritated and suspicious.
She didn’t like the surroundings.
She didn’t like the doctor.
She didn’t like the weather.

When I finally got her home and tried to get her in a wheelchair she glared at me and said: Continue reading

Will You Be The One To Teach Me Something New?

This blog is about many things but first and foremost it is about people.
People and how they scare me.

I get scared a lot. Since social connections are paramount in this world it makes sense that each flinch of one of my peers has me wondering whether it was because I did something wrong.

I’ve done a lot of wrong.
I did it just the other day when I went off about Pole Fitness to a bunch of people whom I probably shouldn’t have spoken about it to.
Stuff got awkward.

And that’s life.
We live, we learn.

I like to think that my little stories about my own faults teach others to avoid the same or make them rethink something they did once.

Now I’m giving a call out for you guys: I want to learn from your mistakes. Continue reading

Dexter’s Laboratory Supports Gender Equality

I noticed it the other day as I randomly flipped past the show.
Mandrake is in love with DeeDee, right?
But have you ever noticed how she’s not at all interested?
Here’s a boy’s show where boys fall in love with girls and obsess insanely about them, like how girls do in a girls’ show, yet the girls are indifferent.
The roles are switched.
And there’s no problem with it.
And it doesn’t FEEL like it was done with the intention to “make a swap” between the roles.


How To Become Interesting

When you enter a cocktail party, there are a few topics you can always rely on.
Like food.
Like how you find your job exhausting (at least occasionally).
You culd tell a goofy story about something the boy/girlfriend did.

But at some point these things will get old.
I start to wonder if a person cares about anything else than good food and wine.

Thus, I want to send a warrant out for passion.

People need more passion in their lives. Passion for something other than sleep, food, sex and money.
I don’t think there’s anything as thrilling as meeting a person so absolutely engulfed by a topic that they can go off for hours about it – and mostly they’re so knowledgeable that they won’t speak in a dreary monotone.

They become excited when they talk about it.

It’s the most fun to meet people with passions I’d never even considered.
Think of Ross from the TV Sitcom, Friends.
Ross is the only character in the group with a serious passion. Yes, for fossils (aka. rocks) but he can go off about it for hours. The other characters don’t let him and tease him because he’s a geek, but it made him more interesting than the other characters.
(Notice I’m saying interesting, not necessarily funnier.)

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And Then: A Man’s Hell – Flash Fiction


”-and then he told me to come to the party, and at first I thought he didn’t really mean it because he never meant anything he said to me before.” He grinned at his sister and swung the t-shirt over his shoulder, posing in a model-like fashion. “But I guess I’m awesome enough to be included now.” He showed off his biceps.
“You’re so full of it.” His sister rolled her eyes. “I don’t think you should go.”
“Why not?”
“They’re gonna get you drunk.”
“Well, hopefully.”
“No, they’re gonna get your drunk and put it as though you did something stupid.”
“I probably will.”
“Damn it, listen! They did something illegal and they’re going to set you up!”
He blinked in confusion.
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Stranger On The Street

Stranger on the street
To you I’m just another face
Blonde hair
Blue eyes
Black  tennis shoes
At best you remember and hate me because I did something wrong in the traffic
But I’m not a block of wood moving about
I’m not a robot
I don’t have software
I have feelings and thoughts for the future
I have a past
But to you
I’m just another stranger on the street


This was written while I drove in the car on my way home from training. I often ponder how we look at people on the street and think of them as stereotypes. Imagening complex stories to each person we meet would be too much strain on the brain.

So I wonder what others see, when they see me.

7 Things Dieting Taught Me About Health

I’m done with dieting. Now I just do a healthy lifestyle.
But I had to go through dieting and all the research in order to discover this lifestyle.
I had to realize that there is no one lifestyle. Everybody’s different and need a different diet because the human body can respond in many ways.

However, I’ll share with you the things I’ve learned from dieting and show you how to implement them in your daily habits. The first one is the most important one, and I already mentioned it:

#1: We all have different bodies
One of my mantras is “everybody’s got something” as in we’ve all got some sort of ailment that makes life bothersome.
Some of these ailments can be diet-related and will demand you to change something.
For instance, I had severe digestive problems and had to cut out grains entirely. I don’t cheat on this one because the pain is unbearable.
I also have PCOS which demands that I stay away from all dairy products.

Another person with digestive problems might discover that they can digest grains just fine but not legumes.
Or maybe you, like my brother and mother and many others, suffer from a deficiency in a mineral and need to supplement or figure out a way to naturally get it from your diet.
We’re all different.
So know thyself!

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