Poledance: Rains of Castamere

Among many other hobbies I’ve taken up pole dancing. This was largely due to a chance meeting with a pole instructor at the local crossfit studio and partially because one of my friends had been doing it for a while and loved it.

Now I’ve fallen in love with it and I want to share my good friends’ performance with you guys:

What are your thoughts of poledancing? Is it an artform, is it as respectable as gymnastics or are you under the impression that it’s the same as erotic dancing?

Nuggets of Chemistry #1 – A Laughing Matter

Let’s ponder the chemical NO2: nitrogen dioxide.
This chemical has to be handled under a hood and preferably with a mask as well. If inhaled you’ll feel a stinging sensation in your throat. After 12 hours this feeling goes away.
12 hours after that you’ll be DEAD; eaten painfully up from the inside by acid.


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A New Horizon

I feel as if standing in front of an abnormal abyss. Where did the past years go? Is it not mere months since I threw caramels in the heads of the children in classes beneath me as it marked my leaving behind the public school and entering the Gymnasium? (Indeed, Danish rites of passage are strange.)

Is it not just a few months ago since I began my journey as a math/physics major in the Danish high school and fought with everything I had to get grades above minimum?

Was it not yesterday that I got my students cap and rode around town with my classmates drinking to the point of passing out?

Apparently not. That is all far behind me and tomorrow begins a new life.


Tomorrow I start the long journey of becoming a chemical engineer with all the math, explosive liquids and hard group work that comes with it.
Lately it seems everything is happening at once. At the same time as I went traveling to like a quassillion places (okay, 4) I faced having to last-edit my book that’s getting published, having my grandfather going to the hospital with a heart-attack, needing money and, thus, a job and having some issues with friends that I still need to take care of.
Meanwhile, the whole last year has been pretty much uneventful.


But I finished editing my book the day before school starts and here I am, finally capable of breathing, of thinking of something other than time loops and whether this or that gun fits this scene.
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Is there more than Oxygen between Heaven and Earth?

The case of whether there’s more between heaven and earth than particles of nitrogen and oxygen is one I’ve often set aside. It doesn’t matter to me because even if there is something I highly doubt it’s a God and in any case it doesn’t seem to have an impact on my life.
Lately I’ve reconsidered the constitution of the world.

It was, as always, a busy morning. Back then we only had one car and my mother had to drive me to school and my father to work before going to her own workplace.
I waited for them to finish. I was so little that my help would be inefficient if they decided to explain to me how to help so I stared into the air at the exciting dust particles dancing around.
I looked down the hallway and into the living room and stiffened.
There, right beside my father’s desk, stood a man.
Rather, I knew it was a man, but it wasn’t.
It was the shadow of a man. The broad shoulders gave him away.
He shone with an utterly astonishing light, going from inside and out. He didn’t have a face to smile with, yet I felt warm as though he had.
My mother said something and I glanced at her. All bags and suitcases were in the car.
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Florence once said she does it to reinvoke a state of envelopment of something not good, not bad. A feeling of being able to breathe underwater.
My sister says 12 is not old enough to understand. I’ve not had my heart broken.
But it’s she who doesn’t understand.
That’s not at all what Florence is about.
“This is a gift,” I whisper and take a steadying breath.
Everything comes with a price. The heart is hard to translate, but now I see how to understand it. That’ll save me much pain. To be able to understand my heart will make me strong enough to withstand anyone.
I step over to the poolside. It’s only spring, so the water cripples me with goose bumps.
“The dog days are over,” I whisper.
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Laws, Regulations and Gummy Bears

People say it’s dumb to be idealistic about these things; that if making laws to regulate people’s behavior help they’re good.
And usually I’m a pragmatic person and I do like that there’s no smoke in bars. It makes it more comfortable for everyone and we can stay out for longer, which in turn means that bars actually make more money because we buy more drinks.

But now I’m suffocating.
And it gets worse for every new law.

please stop

The health ministry in Denmark has grown powerful in the past years. They made the fat tax and the sugar tax which regulated nothing. People merely felt economically worse about the bacon they bought but, hey, they want it.
It’s also ironic that Danes have to pay more for bacon than the countries we export it to.

Okay, so, hey, this morning I woke up to the news that the “health minister has voiced criticism against the Supermarkets, claiming that Supermarkets play on our desire for unhealthy snacks by placing the candy shelf right next to the checkout and in children’s height.” Continue reading

Childhood Reboot: Sailor Moon Crystal

I didn’t watch Sailor Moon when I was a kid and ever since I heard of it I tried to avoid it. I assumed it was a very girlish show – which it is – and stuck to my aversion of everything rom com.
That was until I found melinapendulum, an excellent critic on youtube, who was, to put it lightly, a hardcore fan.

She highlighted all of the liberal sides to Sailor Moon, like the lesbian relationship that was, unfortunately, downplayed in the anime, the powerful female characters and their depth.
I got interested – but it’s like 300-400 episodes and my life is too short for filler.

Now there’s a new chance: Sailor Moon Crystal.
The legendary anime that helped put Japan on the entertainment-chart gets a reboot and this time it follows the manga, much like how Full Metal Alchemist got a reboot, Brotherhood, that followed the manga.
This happens sometimes because anime catches up to the manga and has to create fillers but once the manga is done this is no longer necessary.
(Wow, I wonder if Naruto will ever get a reboot. or Dragon Ball Z)

In any case, take a look at this:

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The Party You Think Is Only On TV – Danish Graduation

It’s a year since I stood in a large physics room in front of two teachers and explained motions in two dimensions. A year since I waited 7 whole minutes before I got my grade. A year since I, with a beginning fever, received roses, hugs, a porcelain owl and the hat.


The hat is handed out to the Danish graduates that come out every year and it’s a symbolic key to the university but also the key to the best party ever.
I’ll take this opportunity to explain the Danish school system. Continue reading

Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Us

After I returned from the states I’ve returned to my crossfit routine and it’s awesome. However, the last workout pretty much left me disabled for a few days and I talked with the instructor about it.
He smiled and told me to hang in there, that after this workout I’ll feel less sore and after the next one even less.
He’d cheered me on during the workout (as always, I’m the last to finish and with the least weight) and I could see in his stance that he wanted to pat my back.
He half-raised his hand but let it fall again and we said goodbye, see ya’ later alligator.

It sucks.
I doubt very much that the interrupted pat had any sexual undertones but I understand why he’d hesitate.
Male trainers refrain from touching their female clients and warn them about it if it’s necessary.
It creates a weird atmosphere and the irony is this: Continue reading

Songs Are The Most Boring Art Form

Almost every song out there is about the same thing, which is, of course, love.
And not love from a new, subjective or personal angle. No. Just the same, superficial viewpoint that everybody can join into.
“Lament your woes through this song. Let’s sing about how hard our exes suck. This can be your break-up tune.”

In this video the crew of After Hours discusses how the subconscious secretly wants a deadpan hero. The deadpan hero with little attitude can become a rack doll for our emotions.
This is what the new Lego movie makes fun of as well.

too expressionate

The same theory works for songs. Continue reading