Students Life Saving Tips: Or How to Live a Happy Student Life

Lifeboat in Storm

I bet you also have those moments when you find yourself comparing your life with some incredible things. Is it like a railroad or a train on it? Is it like a computer game? Or probably you sometimes remember Forrest Gump and his famous saying that life is actually like a box of chocolate. Well, whatever your association is, it is definitely a medley of something both light and dark. These may be your memories of a grand student fair, organized to support people with some disabilities. And these may be long and chilly winter nights spent on numerous college essays or some other projects.

I know that for me the notion of life began to associate with the ocean after I read Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. I remember my literature teacher was slightly unsure whether to accept my interpretation of the plot or not. But what I can say with confidence is that I often see the pictures of the stormy and calm ocean when I have special mood for philosophizing.

Just imagine yourself swimming in a lifeboat, in every sense of the word, across the endless waters. Imagine how you enjoy warm sunny days and survive cold severe gales. Isn’t it just like, well, our real life? Your catches are your achievements, while the boats you happen to meet on your way are those people who you love and who love you. But wouldn’t it be nice if you knew for sure how to stay afloat when you are alone in your own gale? And how to make your boat stronger and safer in order to continue ploughing the seas? Well, I guess it would. Especially when you are a student, when you have just begun your independent sailing.

This is actually what we have decided to dedicate this blog to. It might look like a chest chaotically full of various remedies and potions. However, the thing you will discover here will stand you in a good stead during your voyages. So, let us see what you can find here!


Learn How to Keep Your Study Afloat

Yes, it is probably your heaviest cargo, but you should put up with the fact that you cannot go far without it, literally. Its weight does not allow the winds and waves to toss your boat like a cork. To some extent, your study even helps you balance yourself and your canoe on the water. But here the most important thing is to know how to manage your sailing effectively, so that such cargo does not sink you but keep you safe and sound on the water surface.

  • Check helpful tips for your writing and research assignments.
  • Find new fresh and crispy ideas for your essays and other papers.
  • Learn plenty of great know-hows to make your school or college life easier and more pleasant.

Watch Your Health When You Are at Sea

However trivial it may sound, but good health is a very essential component of your happiness. Or have you forgotten your night vigils, when you were poring over numerous books and notes? It is a simple truth: you need to feel healthy in order to fight the sea waves and beasts. So, here you will come across a lot of nice guidelines on how to keep your body in good shape, and your spirits high.

  • Check the whole range of tips for protecting your immunity against various negative influences, both physical and mental.
  • Learn interesting observations concerning human intelligence and memory.
  • Find out how to understand and manage your feelings and emotions so effectively that they do not reflect on your lifestyle and relationships with others.

Calm Sea

Know the Weather and the Surroundings

When you are at the life sea, it is vitally essential to understand what on earth is going on around you. Just in order to know how to react when the smart reaction is necessary. Such knowledge helps you find long-awaited landmarks and sail confidently in their direction. This is kind of a good thing, isn’t it? And it is really good when you have a reliable source to get the latest info from. Let us see what we have prepared for you here!

  • Discover loads of interesting tendencies and controversies of the latest decade.
  • Dig deeper into the past and unravel the mysteries of history.
  • Explore cultures, religions and languages to see the whole picture of the world you are sailing across.

Meet Our Crew

We would be glad to introduce to you our strong crew of experienced bloggers and web designers. These days we are truly happy to sail in one boat and do all those things we are involved into. This blog project has become a very important part of our work and career in general. Here we have tried to collect as many helpful things and possible in order to share our knowledge and experience with guys who may be sailing many hundreds of miles away from us, but who may need a piece of good friendly advice.

Stay with us, follow our updates and take care!