Danish Band Series #2: Falulah

I love the radio. Sometimes you’ve listened to a song enough times that you suddenly pick up the name of the artist and so you go on youtube to check them out.
That was how I discovered the Danish Wonder Girl, Falulah.

Today I’m bringing you three of my absolute favorite Falulah hits. She’s an awesome artist and way better than the much more popular Medina (that’s for a different post). I love her authentic style and shrill tones.
At the moment her songs are often used for intros to Danish television shows, latest in a show called Rita about a Danish school teacher.

#1: Bridges

I’m in love with this song; the lyrics, the music video, her clothes, the creamy tones of her voice. It’s like snuggling into a perky blanket.

#2: Out Of It

This song and “I Lay My Head” are probably her two most popular songs.
Particularly the line “I’ll never know what I’m capable of if I don’t go where I’m scared to be lost” gets me every time.

#3: Give Us A Little Love

Morose, slow yet not dull. I drift off into Falulah’s slow songs in the same way as Loreena McKennitt gets me day dreaming.

As far as I know Falulah does not sing in Danish. I promise to bring you some Danish lyrics next time when I’ll introduce you to the all-time popular hip-hop/rap duo!

What do you think of Falulah? Are there singers in your own country that reminds you of her? Any music you would like to share with me?

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