A new study shows that coffee gives better memory:

Two cups of coffee after end learning (ie. After class or meeting) will enhance registration of the things taught.
The reporters discussing this were thrilled as they both got up at 4 am and loved their morning cup of coffee.
No problem with that.
But aren’t we forgetting all of the bad studies on caffeine?
One or two cups of coffee a day aren’t going to kill you, but I can tell you that if I was still a student and caffeine had no side effects I would effectively chuck down 10 cups of coffee a day.
Two cups for each session (I had 4 sessions on a full day) and two for when I finished homework.

But blatantly encouraging people to just drink more coffee as if there didn’t exist hundreds of studies on the negative side effects of caffeine is irresponsible. Too much caffeine raises the risk of miscarriage, stress, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, loss of minerals and bone density.

Now I’m not trying to be holy. I’ve gotten drunk too many times for that – I was even addicted to tea at one point.
But it’s a problem when we use studies to soothe our conscience. If you sort of knew “I love this coffee, but it’s bad for me,” that thought doesn’t become invalid just because of this new study. Just like how smoking is still bad even if it lowers your appetite.

In any case, I don’t think this is a study that should encourage coffee consumption. If you’re not already addicted to coffee, there’s no reason you should be.

My thumb rule: if it can make you addicted, don’t do it.

Not to mention that this kind of use of studies isn’t at all methodically correct

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