Danish Music #4 Medina

I guess this was inevitable. *Sigh*
Medina is one of the absolutely most fameous Danish artists (in Denmark) right now and I’ve rocked it on the dance floor to her music several times – though I’d rather listen to “take on me” or some old eighties’ music than this.

I’m not selling this very well, am I?
Medina is a generec pop singer whom some praise as being very original but whom I find kinda bland.
However, she did make a FEW decent songs, and I’ll share them with you now!
“Kun for mig” or “just for me”. A song widely discussed for how many times the word “I” was in it.

This one I actually like: Welcome to Medina

The last song is really popular but I personally detest it. It’s called “12 days” and is about how this guy only gave her twelve days to show him who she is.

Probably Medina showed you that Danish music isn’t very different from the rest of the western world’s mainstream pop music

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