The Old Town – A Danish Must See

Welcome to Old Town!

Well, I guess this post is overdue, but I’ve been having so many other posts I wanted to get out.

In my city there’s this little place called “The Old Town”. It’s a gathering of old houses from around the country, creating a nice little town in the middle of Aarhus.
Every Christmas they do special things, like showing how they baked goodies once upon a time etc. They also showed a bunch of old toys.

Today I want to share some of the pictures with you, so prepare for a picture mash!

Welcomed by christmas ornaments!

These buildings are hundreds of years old

Valleys to get lost in

Ancient tubberware

Christmas toys!!! From ANCIENT times!

Beautifully decorated christmas tree

Old style bowling

Walk amongst the old buildings and buy some old-style cakes – but freshly baked! I promise!

BEAUTIFUL view … I guess the buildings are nice, too 😉



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