Cognitive Dissonance Brainwashed Me Into Loving Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is awesome. I just realized. I know, I’m late, but there’s about MILLIONS of people out there who still need to get it, so I guess that’s okay.

It’s not long since I hated Miley. Okay, hate is a strong word, but after she became Miley instead of Hannah I was just like

“OH MY GOD she’s turning into a bad idol!”

And while I don’t doubt she’s had her fair share of bad influence on little girls I just have to say that in the end parents and environment mean more to those little girls than anything else.
I grew up with slutty idols, too – hell, I played with Bratz – but I wore sweaters and trunky cowboy pants.
I hated Justin Bieber.
One Direction.
And you know what?

Even Lady Gaga.

Yo, Lady Gaga is mah gurl today. I was at her “Monster” tour and it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. Lady Gaga taught me more about loving myself that night than any afterschool special ever did.
I’m not a big fan of her later music, but I’m sure she’ll bring something great to the table again.

Anyway, back to Cyrus.
When she did THAT dance at the music awards with Robin Thicke I was appalled. There was so much wrong with it.
First, the fact that she’s almost naked.
Second, her tongue
Third, her hair.
Fourth, twirking. It looks aweful. Period.
Fifth … She just doesn’t sound that good singing that song. That song was NOT for her voice.

Through many discussions with people I came to be indifferent towards the whole affair. I still feel it was unnecessary and pointlessly provocative, but y’know …
I got over it.

So what swapped things over? What made me an incredible fan of “Wrecking Ball” and “can’t be tamed”?

Well, I was already reaching the point where I thought it was okay to listen to her when I was driving in the car and they played her on the radio (aka. when I was forced to listen to her, I could do so without cringing my face off.)

The tipping point was a party.
The theme had been discussed for a long time. I wanted it to be superheroes so I could come as Wonder Woman, who is my latest trip. (Just bought a bunch of comics with her. One in Italian. Damn you, Amazon!)

However, the theme ended up being horror and any girls will understand my horror: how the hell would I come to the party as something fulfilling the theme and still look nice? And without getting one of those damn kinky costumes.

Then we thought of it: coming as Miley Cyrus would be the scariest thing ever!
I began to think about the costume a lot and I watched some of her videos to get inspiration.

Franken Cyrus

Inevitably I read a chunk of the Miley/Hannah discussion and the whole innocence and growing up issue.
Suddenly I found myself watching an interview in which Miley said:
“Some years ago I made a show and the journalists wrote ‘Miley is boring’ ‘Miley doesn’t show enough skin’ and now I’m showing too much skin, so no matter what I’m either boring or slutty.”
Thanks for driving that point home, girl!

A cognitive dissonance started to occur.

Come on, ask. What is a cognitive dissonance?
A cognitive dissonance is when we do something that is directly opposed to a concept or idea we have of ourselves.
I thought of myself as “anti Miley” and suddenly I was listening to her all the time, humming along to the tunes, even. And I was trying to dress like her. Yes, for a costume, but you can’t tame your mind (wordplay intended.)
My mind was asking: “Why am I listening to so much Miley music if I don’t like it? Hmm … it must mean I don’t dislike her, at least. I can’t possibly hate her!”
And when first you stop hating and start not disliking anymore, there’s not a long step to loving something you listen to constantly.

Granted, I still don’t like a lot of her songs. “We can’t stop” and “23” are annoying at length and boring in short.
But I find myself wanting to listen to her songs now, hoping to hear her on the radio when I’m out driving anyway ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN ‘HAPPY’ WHICH I HEARD SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY!

But I somehow ended up liking Miley Cyrus.
I just never …
It’s such a surprise …
Oh God. *Shame*

But WHY am I ashamed?
When I was a kid we went crazy to Backstreet Boys. That time’s One Direction. And Britney Spears was making songs everybody loved and kissing Madonna!

In the end, I can only say:

Everybody rock your body right to whatever music you like
(but please don’t make me to listen to it day and night.)

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