Everyone Wants To Hook Me Up

Within the past week I’ve been jokingly encouraged to date 2 of my single male friends; I’ve been offered help finding someone to “have fun with” by two of my in-relationship girlfriends and a guy in my group of friends suggested that at the next party they all just sit and stare at me until I find someone to hook up with.

People, you scare me!

One might begin a post about our society’s view on singles here. I could tell you how I feel pressured into finding a boyfriend …
But that wouldn’t be fair.
Honestly, I’m the one who’s pestered my friends about the topic. What’s ironic is that the moment I decide “maybe I don’t need someone, particularly not now that I’m so busy” everyone start caring for my woes.

I guess it could be seen as sort of sad that a 19 year old girl has never had a boyfriend. I certainly do.
As Shirley said:
“Being a virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of. You’re like a unicorn.”

I think coupling others is something we find nice for biological reasons and trying to find logical explanations in society is pointless. Any reasons you’ll find in society are just cover-ups for our DNA trying to find a mate, not only for us but for our friends so they can get great kids that can mate with ours.

One of my friends told me how his cousin set him up on a date with his girlfriend’s best friend. They went on the date and hit it off and everyone was happy.

I guess blind dating will, and always has been, the answer.
No, I have no idea what I’m talking about or getting at.
I just found it hilarious that people were suddenly so intent on hooking me up with SOMEONE or SOMETHING. *Enter big green blop from Mars*

Have you ever been the single one amongst dating friends? Do your friends enjoy playing matchmakers, too? Do you take advantage of it? Why, why not?

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