Selfies Aren’t Necessarily Selfish

My generation is being persecuted for being narcissistic.
To that I say: “Who are you to judge me, hippie generation who spent years dedicated to ‘finding yourself’ through drugs?”

Narcisisme has and will always exist. The word itself derives from the greek myth of Narcissos, who fell in love with his own mirror image.

I’m not saying that facebook, blogs, and SELFIES have a narcissistic and self-indulgent taint.
But just as the hippies tried to figure out the meaning behind the world through ‘looking inward’ (code for spending time with and for ME) I think there’s more to these phenomena than you think.
When first Facebook exploded there were pictures of everything. I’m sure you guys remember the “if I bake a cake and don’t put a picture of it on facebook, did it really happen?”meme.

Pictures today are accurate, as opposed to in the past, when paintings could be made to make someone look more beautiful.
Today, Facebook is used to tweak our own persona by which accurate pictures we use. I mean, we rarely see pictures of people being ugly. (That’s reserved for snapchat :D)
However, one’s gallery on facebook is also a way of reaching out to others and hoping for likes and comments.

Selfies are taking over the world, but my friends aren’t using it in a very narcissistic way. They’re sending each other pictures of what they’re doing and asking what others are doing, trying to break down the wall of distance between them. It’s a great way of keeping up with people who are abroad!

But there’s someone who can talk the case of selfies much better than I:

As you can hear, selfies can be used for so much more than just “being self-absorbed”. It’s only healthy to be aware of how beautiful and ugly we are.

I’m sad I can’t take part of the selfie revolution. It seems I’m never in on the new beats. Someday I’ll have to get one of them fancy smartphones.
Until then, here’s a selfie taken with my Nikon camera of me and my oldies phone.

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