Go To The Conference Or Die From Loneliness

The best way to invest your money is in a social experience, a gathering of people ready to take on the premises of your person.

I’m just emerging, hollow-eyed and puffy – from two consecutive writing conferences, a huge party, an insane workload at the office and work with Kristen Lamb on my book.
The first conference was WANACon, an amazing online conference established by Kristen Lamb and brought about by a bunch of wonderful people.
We met in our pajamas, separated by great distances and brought together by webcams, armed with our very own beverage of choice.
It’s completely awkward to talk with random people over webcam, which only makes the experience more hilarious. 40 people trying to chip in on the conversation at the same time? Chaos!

So tired …

But I met many new friends and felt enlightened to a different level afterwards.
We were different people yet shared some key experiences:
We loved writing, we loved fiction and we’d all, to some degree, experienced being “the weird writer person”.
We were ready for each other, ready to listen and talk.
You can hear that if I made this story about only two people this would be the beginning of a love story, right?

Now it’s Friday again. The week went by incredibly fast and I’m still processing WanaCon AND the writing course I attended in Copenhagen.
Saturday evening as I went home to my friends’ house I felt as though a unicorn with a needle for horn stuck that horn into me, full of adrenaline. I shook with enthusiasm.

It was stressful with so many new experiences but there was this raw joy at sharing my interests with others.
At the end I talked with our cook, who had been imminent in his job at making all the food allergies work. (Raises hand in shame.)
I’ve gotten a lot out of it,” he said when I asked if he’d been able to sneak a peek at some of the classes whilst working in the kitchen. “Not just the money, but the social capital as well. Y’know, I won’t even call it social capital. It’s just … social connection.”

Connection with other people is what shapes true happiness. It makes evolutionary sense, right?
Other people shape our lives, they sculpt us, so we want to be around people we like.

New research shows that unhappiness kills more potently than obesity. That’s potent killing, guys!!

My point is that no matter your hobby, go indulge in it. So what if you’re never going to sell the sweaters you love to knit. Invest the time and money in gathering a group of known and unknown faces to have an evening of knitting.
You’ll broaden and deepen your knowledge on a field whilst also sharing your passion with others. The laughs and the intensity of community will bring a new spark to your life.

Now I’ll go collapse. *Sigh*
No, wait! It’s party time again! Bring on the Piña Coladas! (When did my life-schedule become this full?!)

What hobby do you indulge in? If you don’t have one, do you feel like you’re missing out? What hobbies are more accepted than others? (For instance, watching Sports is widely accepted.)

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