Danish Music #7: Asteroid`s Galaxy Tour

Today I’ll show you a band that you’ve probably already heard without realizing it.
I’ve become a massive fan of them. It’s another one of those bands I realized I loved because I found out that a lot of the good songs on the radio were by them.

Their name is ASTEROID’S GALAXY TOUR and they actually started in England because that’s where they had their contacts. This means that it took a while for them to get popular here in Denmark.
In any case, they’re a Danish band so they count.

Let’s begin with the song you probably know from the Heineken commercial:

Such a wonderful style. A little bit jazzy a little bit soul a little bit classy.
One of my absolute favorites is Major Ambition, which you’ve also probably heard.

But to end it with something a little less popular I think you should give Crazy a trie, especially if you’re looking for something laidback and just plain lazy.


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