Danish Music #6 From Natasja to Kaka

Many years ago there was a young, ambitious reggae singer in Denmark. Her name was Natasja.
She had a cool sound and firm opinions which she voiced in her songs, creating much debate in all the land. The whole debate over whether the occupied house in Copenhagen should be allowed to continually be used by its occupants – who had occupied it for years – or if the state should interfere was an inspiration for one of her most popular songs.

“Give me Denmark back” is the title of the song.

She became well-known here and eventually she went to Australia in order to get a contract and go international.
Then a car drove into the side of hers and a few hours later Natasja was no more.
Denmark was in remorse.
I remember being thoroughly shaken by her disappearance. She was going somewhere! How could life just take her away?
But the world found a way to repay us. Natasja helped tutor a young boy who calls himself Kaka (and who plausibly is actually named Kaka) who has a sound that resembles her yet does something new with it.

I like this song. It’s called “a last song” and is all about whether things matter if everything’s just going to be all right again, anyway.

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