Tonight There May Be War

Russia invaded Ukraine on the Krim peninsula after the new regulations making Ukranian the only public language, degrading Russian to a secondary language. Krim is mainly Russian-speaking and has a long, Russian history.
I am no authority on these matters, but I wanted to mention it on my blog. I felt it would be wrong to put anything else up tonight when things look this bleak.
I’m scared for the world and I’m scared for Ukraine.
At the same time, I understand the Russian minority. The president was about to make a deal with Russia when the opposition threw him out, which was something most Ukranians apparently shouted “good riddance!” to.
I understand why Russia would take this opportunity to gain power and access to the sea.
But Putin must see that these hostile actions are putting trade between Europe and Russia in a dangerous zone. The EU do not applaud the recent events but are at the same time forced to sit somewhat idly by because they are dependent on fuel imported from Russia.
However, Russia is also dependent on the EU.

I am in no way knowledgeable on this topic. I was out for four days without internet or TV and suddenly THIS happened.
I just wanted to take a moment for us all to think on and brace ourselves for the future.

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