What’s Wrong With Fun Just For Fun?

Oh, the things that goes viral. Sometimes you just can’t help but hate it.
Remember Friday? I can almost hear you shudder. Well, rest assured, you’ll forget it in time. Gangnam Style is already riding off into the distance where it’s almost invisible.
The reassuring aspect of time passing is that only the really good things remain. Like Shakespeare, like Dracula, like the Iliad, like … uh … the bible … :S

And then something new comes along.

Yes, you’re allowed to headdesk.

But before you do, let me ask you something – why do you find it stupid/annoying/lame/bad? What is it about these seemingly dumb videos that speaks to us and yet repels us?

And it seems that we’ve become more preoccupied with hating these videos than ever before. Remember earlier viral videos that were “stupid”?
Like Boten Anna.
Or Crazy Frog.
Or Caramelldansen.


(How many characters do you recognize?)

Maybe I don’t remember but I feel like those were all just appreciated for what they were. Passing fun.

The distance of the internet allows us to hate things with a passion without repenting for it. We become consumed by Bieber-hate or Miley-hate. It’s awesome. There’s nothing like feeling dignified in ones hatred.
Interestingly hatred feeds the popularity of something more than love. Friday boomed from the speakers on the bars yet I knew none that enjoyed it.
I wonder why DJ’s play something people hate so much. Don’t they stop to think that something can have views because people dislike it?
Or is it that there really were someone that liked it?

Let’s do a thought experiment.

Say 50 people liked Friday to begin with. They showed it to some people that really hated it – so much, in fact, that they shared it with others in order to make memes of how much they hated it.
But some of the people they shared it with liked it and now there are a few thousand people who go into bars and request the song.
Thank you, hater. Thank you.

I’m not sure why we feel the need to hate these empty songs so much. No, they’re not very creative. Neither are many other very popular songs. The pop genre has been very much explored already.
So instead of hating on people for liking something of “low quality” let’s just smile overbearingly at them, sip our cocktails and hope they stop requesting it soon.

After all, we all do it from time to time – like something that we know we should find horrid.

Because it’s fun. It’s liberating. It’s something we’ll forget soon enough.

Let’s Dance!!!!!

What does the fox say? Gangnam style! #selfie

Do you think the amount of “stupid” music out there is a bad stimuli for us? Should people watch more intelligent videoes? If so, how would you make people do it without forcing them to? Should some music be banned?

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