A New Horizon

I feel as if standing in front of an abnormal abyss. Where did the past years go? Is it not mere months since I threw caramels in the heads of the children in classes beneath me as it marked my leaving behind the public school and entering the Gymnasium? (Indeed, Danish rites of passage are strange.)

Is it not just a few months ago since I began my journey as a math/physics major in the Danish high school and fought with everything I had to get grades above minimum?

Was it not yesterday that I got my students cap and rode around town with my classmates drinking to the point of passing out?

Apparently not. That is all far behind me and tomorrow begins a new life.

Tomorrow I start the long journey of becoming a chemical engineer with all the math, explosive liquids and hard group work that comes with it.
Lately it seems everything is happening at once. At the same time as I went traveling to like a quassillion places (okay, 4) I faced having to last-edit my book that’s getting published, having my grandfather going to the hospital with a heart-attack, needing money and, thus, a job and having some issues with friends that I still need to take care of.
Meanwhile, the whole last year has been pretty much uneventful.


But I finished editing my book the day before school starts and here I am, finally capable of breathing, of thinking of something other than time loops and whether this or that gun fits this scene.
Suddenly I’m terrified.

I mean, it’s all new PEOPLE! You realize there’s nothing more scary than people, right? Have you heard one? Met one?
They’ll eat your soul if you don’t tread carefully.

I’m not a graceful flower when it comes to social circumstances. I’m more like the trolley that drives over everything and leaves it flat. People notice my loud voice and boisterous words and that’s not always positive.
I’m a very present woman and there’s nothing to be done about that.
But it is to be worried about.
I really hope I’ll be able to raise the energy for the next few days and I hope my stomach is in for the games. It would suck to cramp up in the middle of camp. *Wait. Hey! Don’t sail away without me!*
*Goodbyeee weird person*

No, but it’s not going to be like that. I’m sure.
But it’s still frightening. Now begins a new part of life. Yesterday I said to my mother “Thanks for buying some bananas so I can bring them along to school” and caught myself. School? Doesn’t that sound too … young?
This is the university, baby!

I suppose you get what you ask for. All of last year I struggled to make new social relations and meet new people and now, BAM, all at once I’ll have to memorize faces and their tags.
Damn it. I suck at that. Thank God for facebook.

You know what I just realized? It’s quite sad.
I’ve already had my last class photo taken and I didn’t even really appreciate it at the time.

Well, that’s all for now from the abyss. *Puts on goggles and jumps off*
“Hey, where’s my parachute?”

Are you starting a new education or ending one? In Denmark it’s all public but did you attend public or private? What was it like? How did you like your new friends? Was it hard starting up at the university, not knowing anyone?

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