Western culture and its love affair with prostitutes

These days media flourish with women of different kinds.

You can make up whatever argument you want but women definitely have a lot more representation these days. I’ve seen a lot of shows with badass women.

Along with these many kinds of “strong women” – a term flung around so much these days it’s virtually a buzz word – there’s a new uprising for femininity.

A lot of female characters these days seem to be more about sexual power than they have in a long time. I’ve got no problem with this – sexual liberation hurray, sex positivism etc. etc.

But doesn’t it seem, at this point, as if a woman can’t be expected to hold any power in a TV show – or have a hold on the viewer – without any sexual allure?

Let’s be honest: a big reason  Stark isn’t super popular is because she’s not as hot as some of the other female cast.

(To not make it seem as though I deem every GOT-fan a drooling boob-fanatic I’ll grant you that Catelyn has made some kinda dumb decisions, but not enough to justify the hate she gets.)

Is it that the producers fear women won’t respect a woman with no sex appeal or that they assume men won’t be interested in female characters if they don’t show boob? Is it that they’ve spotted people’s lust for allure and their dreams of being able to pull it off themselves?

I don’t mind nudity, but nudity for nudity’s sake seems … redundant. I get bored. I’d rather get on with the fucking plot.

I’m not saying that TV only has nude women or princesses on TV, ‘cause that’s not what I’m saying …

I AM pointing out that we have a strange fascination with the feminine glamor. It’s this great fantasy about prostitutes.

(Prostitutes being picked out in Marco Polo)

For the record I know a prostitute and she’s not the kind who hates her job. She kinda, semi likes it. But that doesn’t mean she wants it glorified. It’s dirty, it’s harsh and, at times, dangerous.

But not all prostitutes are like that.

The way it’s portrayed in Game of Thrones and Marco Polo prostitution is a cool job. The prostitutes we get to know are the special prostitutes, the kinds who sorta enjoy their jobs, are pretty (if not very) good at it and who make men fall for their charms in spite of their low position.

I just …

I call bullshit on this.

This belief that prostitutes had that much power, this belief that women were so disregarded that they had to be either a princess or monkey-sex-giver to be heard.

TV is entertainment and they’ll keep making it. I merely hope people can be logical enough to look around it.

Who wouldn’t find this entertaining?!

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