TV Love is Boring

Love is the currency of fiction. We pay good money to be led into the mind of some empty mask-character whom we can inhabit and experience a new love through. It’s a great way to get around adultery, really, as your certain other will never suspect just how serious that crush on Mr. Grey, Darcy or other dashing brooding dude.

(I’m not comparing Grey and Darcy. No, NO THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS IS ABOUT DAMN IT!)

Point blank, before the rambles go too far, as they invariably do: You’ve got this story and there’s a hero or heroine and about ten minutes into the story you meet this person of the other sex (or, as in “Imagine me and you” from the same one) who is obviously going to be the love interest.
From an author’s viewpoint I sort of get it.
I mean, “Imagine me and you” is about a woman discovering her sexual feelings for another woman, not flower decoration or football (the European sort), so why should the movie focus on those things?

(Tone down the love-discussions and it’s a decent movie.)

But the plot-driven focus on this one subject ends up making everything very sterile and though I’m supposed to feel the love etc. I’m just kind of … eh. I mean, sure, it’s nice, they fall in love, but according to movies that’s the best fucking thing there is. Falling in love.
Why would ANYONE settle for ANYONE if falling in love and dating was the best part? It so isn’t.

(By the way, “Imagine me and you” is probably a bad example as I rather like that movie.)

I always suspected TV was letting me onto a lie, like, it can’t really be that bad to be in a relationship, but on TV they always break up shortly after getting together because fucking drama and we rarely get to see a lot of the actual relationship, how they handle problems and just generally help each other out. (Shout-out for Monica/Chandler from FRIENDS)

My suspicions were confirmed.
Real life is so much better than TV love.
I mean, seriously, the back and forth –

The ifs and whens –

I’m not saying they don’t exist in real life but to that extent?
It’s not even that interesting to watch. We all know they’re getting together in the end and if they don’t we can just hope it’ll be good writing.
So few romances on TV have characters working off each other in a dynamic way. Often it’ll simply be a forceful attempt to make two characters stick together.

Nobody wrote real life.
Nobody wrote the couples. They wrote themselves. Whether they’re bad or not they’ll figure it out and they’ll make it work (or fall apart). Real people work off each other, they’re hurtful, they’re tuned in on you and they’ll do their best and fail without it being ridiculously comical. (But still, often, comical.)

I prefer love in real life above anything on TV.
(Particularly because, in real life, friendships are given a lot more credit than on TV. It’s turning, sure, but to quote my own mom: “Why don’t you ever write happy endings?” “Mom, to you a happy ending is a man and a woman ending up with each other.” “Is that so bad?”)

Do you know couples from TV shows that feel like those two friends you’ve had for years who’ve been dating for a few months or years? Do you look at TV sometimes and go ‘this isn’t even funny because it’d never happen’.
Or is that just me?

To prove I’m right about people wanting more friendship-like romances on TV.

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