Decisions: Pole Championship Song?

It’s happening. Finally.
The dance studio I attend are having their first pole championship and I’m in the beginner category. I have 6 months to prepare my routine and I’m so freaking excited. During the past three months I could barely hear a song without imagining what it might be like dancing to it.
And now it’s time to pick a song.

Here’s the candidates I’m considering so far:
Totally EPIC music. But can I pull it off? Do I have the moves (and the STAMINA) to do this?
I think Shake It Out would be the easiest. Good beat, nice lyrics, a music video for inspiration and a theme. (Shaking the devil out.) I’d also love to do Florence the honor of using her song.

Hard beat but I positively adore this song. Piper and Alex 😉
This, as well, would be epic (and cut down).

What do you guys think? Know that I have 6 months to practice and I enhance fast when I have specific tricks to focus on. Ideas for combos from the pole lady audience would also be neat!

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