Addressing My Desire To Be A Gamer Girl

“I always figured being someone’s girlfriend would be easy,” I told my boyfriend. “I like gaming and so my boyfriend would get to play a lot and I wouldn’t complain and he could even teach me a game or two. I knew I’d be a great girlfriend like that. That magic unicorn all guys are looking for – the girl who wants to join the game.” I sighed. “And then I have to go and find you. The one man who doesn’t play games.”
My boyfriend looked befuddled before he recomposed himself and said: “I always figured it would be easy to find a great girlfriend. Most girls don’t game, so I wouldn’t need to worry about finding a gamer girl. And then I have to go and find you.”

I’m paraphrasing, of course, but you get the gist.

I’m not a good gamer. It’s not simply that I play badly, because that depends on the game. It’s that I don’t look for new games.
It’s not like with books. I have an addiction to books. Have you seen my goodreads account? All the books I want to read!

And my piles of physical books I want to read

And the books I bought today because fuck all:

I look up books. I like to add books to my “to read list” and imagine what it’ll be like reading them, though it could be months before I get to them – if not years.
With music I make an effort to keep up with my favorite artists and I do look for new, indie music from time to time to check out what’s going on.
With games?
I’ve relied on my brother my entire life for game-heads-ups.

The sad thing is I thoroughly enjoy games. I played Diablo II to death – good thing Diablo just keeps coming back – spent hours on the old Nintendo with Super Mario 3, Super Smash Brothers and Mario Card, fell in love with Portal, then Portal 2, spent nights on Battlenet with different custom games of Warcraft III and dabbled with Hearthstone and LOL.

I wish I had played more games. Why is that?
I don’t know. Part of me thinks it’s cool, I guess. To be “that girl” who likes to game. But it’s really ridiculous to make a big difference between gamer girls and gamers. In the end there are people who are serious about gaming and people who aren’t.
It’s relaxing and I think I’m missing out. I never finished Half Life II but every time I hear people talk about it I feel like it’s the equivalent of reading the first Harry Potter book and not finishing it.

Until I pull my sorry ass into the gamer-chair I’ll live with having my brother as my dealer. I don’t mind that, either – as long as we have Battleblock Theater to keep us entertained.

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