Disapointed in Sansa Stark’s Development? You’ll Love Malta Vestrit

As fourth season of Game of Thrones ended and we caught up on several of the books’ storylines in we felt anticipation turn to dread. What would happen to our beloved characters now that George R. R. Martin was no longer the dictator?
Season 5 has not impressed me. They’re treading waters while they wait. Instead, they should just jump off the cliff and take the consequences. They’ll fly or fall but either way will be better than this slow crawl to the bottom.

It’s horrible to watch characters you love be disrespected by the writers. One character I hated because of her passivity and naïve girlishness and ended up loving because of the same. Because she could be strong despite being a girlish girl, and not a tomb-boy like her sister.
I’m talking of Sansa Stark, of course.

And now they’re fucking her over. LITERALLY.
The Sansa fans are hoping that Martin will fulfill the road he put Sansa on. To lead her from a naïve girl, who easily resembles today’s Beliebers and Twihards, to a cynical woman, a player of the game. Of course, Sansa, at her core, is a good and kind person, and unlike Cersei she should keep those qualities.
I don’t know what Martin plans but the latest chapter he put out from Winds of Winter definitely points in this direction as Sansa seduces her new fiancé and wraps him around her littlefinger. (Get it?)

TV show Sansa?
Still moody. Still slow. Still passive.
I’m starting to accept that Sansa will never get the storyline she so deserves – with all the surprises, of course, that Martin could come up with. I think the reason I so want this storyline is because a large amount of people hate Sansa and look down on her for being passive despite how many of them would react just like her.
(Not to mention that she’s just a 14 year old girl who still believes in the fairy tales she’s been told all her life and after they’re destroyed decide to do the most logical thing, which is stay low, but I digress …)

My point is: face it. The viewers don’t like Sansa, so the writers don’t like Sansa and there’s not going to be a lot of crumbs left for her after they’ve jerked Jon Snow, Dany, Tyrion and Arya off.
Even if they attempt to make a more proactive Sansa I’m afraid they’ll make her the vindictive, vengeful manipulator like Maegery and Cersei – and at her core, Sansa is not like them.

They even dropped what they’d built on the floor. At the end of last season it looked as if Sansa would take a turn. This new Sansa would have seized every opportunity at Winterfell, where she has so much more power and elbow room than she had in Kings Landing.
But no.

Luckily, you can get your fix somewhere else.
The reason I can take the fall of Sansa’s character so calmly (calmly being fire blazing in my eyes while I scream at the heavens for the unjustice) is because I’ve found the storyline elsewhere.
I was so relieved to find out that it has been done before – and well.

In the Liveship Trilogy by Robin Hobb I found an incredible fantasy series. It was just what I needed. Complex characters, an unpredictable plot and awesome magic.
And Malta Vestrit.

Malta Vestrit is pretty much a manipulative brat who wants what she wants and doesn’t try very hard to understand the people around her. All she knows is that her father loves her and the women around her are weak.
So Malta is not a character you like. She’s cruel and naïve at the same time and she destroys a lot of things for the heroes of the story.
But then Malta falls in love with a veiled man who is said to be a monster. And you predict where it goes from here – but it doesn’t go the way you predict.
Instead of taking the traditional YA route Robin Hobb took on a more adult view of the character and led Malta through a series of events that made her grow as a character.

Instead of spoiling too much all I can say is give the Liveship Series a chance and get your Sansa fanboy or fangirl satisfied. Malta will prove that girly girls can be strong, too.

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