If Everyone Switched Sex

What would it be like if everyone changed sex at the age of 20?
If the human body naturally matured into the opposite sex what kind of repercussions would it have on our world?
Girls taught to be timid would suddenly face the pressure of being a go-getter. Girls who were called bitchy or bossy would seize their new opportunities with gusto.
Boys taught to never cry or show emotion would be put in a sensitive position. Would they struggle with being the less dominant role? Would they search out the bossy-wife-stereotype? Mother knows best?
How about boys who loved sports but are now held back from doing their best?

Of course, all that would be moot because the awareness of sex-switching would make gender somewhat unnecessary.
So what if everyone switched sex as of tomorrow? What kind of mayhem would follow?
And what of sexuality? Would that switch with the sex? Would a gay become lesbian or straight? How would we view mothers? And young mothers, who eventually become fathers? Everyone would get the chance to give birth and there’d never be a doubt of which pains were the worst.
If, in fact, it hurts most of all to be kicked in the balls, a man could say “man, that hurt,” and a woman could nod in remembrance.
And the “that time of the month” bullshit would be considerably less demeaning if present at all because everyone would know it’s true, sometimes it hurts like hell, but also that the chances of having a clouded judgment due to it is low. (Some women are just always on their period and will always be angry. Lol.)

Any ideas for this strange concept?

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