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Today we are going to talk about the third part of speaking test in IELTS. First two parts are called «Interview» and «Monologue» and they are both quite easy as you are asked to answer general questions about your life. The third part is quite hard and that is why you must follow some general tips to pass it at the highest score. Let’s go!

Main Difficulty

As it was mentioned before, if first two parts of speaking test seem like easy conversations on general topics, in the third part you’ll have to work harder to give a proper answer, as it consists of questions which refer to some global or abstract things. This part is a great chance to present an ability to have a dialogue, proving your point of view, using complex grammar structures and rich vocabulary.

Again, you shouldn’t worry too much about making mistakes. The most important aim is to let the examiner understand your point of view and see that you are good in building the logically structured answer. At the same time, you need to make a great preparation for this part. The easiest way would be to find a native speaker and practice together. You can also make records of your speech and listen to them later in order to find mistakes. You must train yourself on how to react and answer questions fast without wasting much of the time. In case you need an additional time to think, you can start answering with some general sentences, like:

  1. As for me, answering this question is not a piece of cake, but….
  2. That is a very good question and in order to answer it, I need to first make an example about…
  3. Frankly speaking, I had some thoughts in regards to this question many times in my life and it was always hard for me to be on one side, but today…

Pay Attention!

For most of the students as well as teachers each exam must be conducted in a strict academic atmosphere and they both should speak and behave in the official manner. For most of the tests and exams, this rule works perfectly, but IELTS gives you many reasons to skip such behavior during the speaking part. In order to pass IELTS successfully, you shouldn’t concentrate much on the style of speech but need to pay attention to the aspects that examiner expects to hear in your answer. Many students assume that memorizing difficult vocabulary, idioms or listening to samples of answers is enough. In reality, you must clearly understand what will bring you many points. The total score of speaking parts consists of:

  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy
  • Pronunciation

Training each of these skills will bring you a good total score for this test.

Tips to Remember


In general, there are a couple of rules which may help you pass all speaking parts of IELTS:

  1. Don’t make any long pauses when answering a question. Even if you don’t know the right answer, at least say something to answer the given task. Any silence will result into failure. The maximum time for one pause is 3-4 seconds. If you don’t know what to start with, at least try to say something like «aha!…well…that is an interesting question, let me think a bit…». At the same time, you must think about the answer to a question.
  2. Never ask examiner questions like «Sorry, what did you say? ». It is even worse than being silent. It will automatically make you fail the test. You can’t ask any direct questions but in case you don’t understand some certain words you can say «Did you mean that…? ». Such awkward situations don’t happen too often but in order to avoid them, it is better to calm down and try not to be nervous before the exam.
  3. Remember that IELTS test in not an IQ test. It is not called to check the level of your knowledge in some certain scientific fields, but it have to check your level of English.
  4. Try to listen to examiner’s questions attentively, because if you don’t understand, you will lose points.
  5. Don’t speak for too long, but don’t be silent at the same time.
  6. Don’t try to change the subject of your discussion.

To sum up, now that you know helpful tips to use when passing the third part of a test, your score will be one of the highest. Good luck!

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