Which Kind of Impact Does Stress Have on Body?

Person Is Upset

First of all, it is significant to know if stress is really harmful to your health or such idea is just a myth. Probably, the majority of students will support the second statement and say that the damage of this mental issue is exaggerated. Moreover, they may even try to discuss this problem and persuade their peers that it is rather minor.

It is not a secret that a big part of all these books and tutorials which teach us how to deal with stress are published to get profit; besides, they are overpriced. However, many people still believe their authors who try to earn money on human mental problems. They buy expensive books but do not win their fight against depression or stress. It is vital to know the impacts of stress on your life and study as well as the reasons why it happens. Moreover, you should be aware of the most typical symptoms of this illness. It will help you to protect yourself from stress and its traps. Besides, you will understand if you are stressed or simply tired in case you remember the major signs of it.

Emotional Symptoms

Person Is Depressed

Stress is considered to be an emotional illness and causes some mental disorders. Unfortunately, many students do not know anything about its major symptoms. As a result, they cannot recognize the signs of stress and understand that it is the right time to start a therapy. We want to help them to deal with this trouble and present some symptoms below. Of course, these are only the most common things which can happen when a student has stress. There can be some other signs as well.


This is the first and the main symptom of stress. It is when you have no desire to work or study. He or she creates an imaginary world and spends the time here. It is easy to annoy or upset such students. They just lose contacts with reality and suffer from such distraction until their stress is cured. Keep in mind that it can be truly hard to for them to control their behavior and emotions. Your average habits may be changed and you will feel either anger or sadness from time to time. Quick alteration of mood is one of the key features of frustration.

Impossibility to Relax

It is truly hard to relax for students who are stressed. They feel overwhelmed and tired even after sleep. If it is hard for them to clear their minds and get rid of irritating thoughts – they probably suffer from stress and do not even realize it. It results in low productivity as well. Students can barely concentrate on their tasks and become very inattentive at lectures.

No Desire to Communicate

Stressed teenagers usually try to avoid other people and rarely contact with their fellows, even if they are usually easy-going and talkative. Their speech becomes nervous and mumbled. Young people feel loneliness despite having lots of friends. They spend more time alone and have depressive or even suicidal thoughts.

So, in case your friend suddenly changed their behavior and became more enclosed, they may suffer from chronic stress. Be patient to such person and try to help them.

Feeling Worthless

Students who have chronic stress stop carrying about their appearance and become less confident. They poorly estimate their own abilities and qualities. In this case, even talented and smart teenagers feel that they have no power to cope with the simplest tasks. Moreover, they think that they are worse than other students in their group and someone is superior to them.

Physical Symptoms

Student Has Headache

On the other hand, there are lots of physical symptoms which are the right signs of stress. It proves that this is a serious illness and it can damage your health greatly. Stress has to be treated as well as other well-known diseases. Here our team have selected some major physical symptoms. Try to memorize them in order to be able to detect if you or your friends are under stress.

Less Energy

The best thing which can help you to detect stress is the lack of energy. It actually means that a young person has no motivation and desire to do anything. He or she quickly becomes tired and even exhausted. It can be easily indicated at college. A student needs more time to complete simple tasks, receives bad grades and fails tests without any visible reasons. Moreover, this person has no energy to do hobbies and favorite activities which can bring them pleasure.


Stress is the reason for frequent headaches and even migraines. It may happen at any time, so a student has to deal with it with pills. Usually, students cannot concentrate because of it, and even a relaxation does not help. If you have chronic headaches, you may be stressed and need a specific therapy to get rid of this pain.

Bad Immunity System

People who regularly feel stressed cannot fight against different infections and often suffer from such seasonal illnesses as flu or cold. It is quite hard to cure them even with special drugs or antibiotics. As a result, the organism does not produce necessary antibodies to cope with viruses. It is very dangerous, as flu, for example, may have such serious complications as pneumonia.

It is very significant to be aware of the most common signs and symptoms of stress. This knowledge will help you to detect this issue quickly and treat it effectively. As a result, you will prevent lots of unpleasant consequences and health problems. Keep in mind that some young people do not even realize that stress is the main reason for other illnesses, bad mood and inadequate behavior. They think that these things are temporary.

Unfortunately, their condition may become worse. In the worst cases, the only way to get out of stress is a professional help of psychologists and prolonged therapy. This is much better to be ready for and aware of it. We hope that you will pay attention to these things and be able to indicate if you are stressed.

In the next post, you can find some information about how stress influences your study.

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