Efficient Ways of Improving Your Immune System: Sharply Up

Flu Infection

Most of us cannot wait the spring and start wearing short skirts and light coats ahead of time. Few warm days have assured us that spring is coming. However, don’t hurry! The weather is deceptive: one day is sunny, but the next day may be frosty. Cold seasons haven’t left us yet.

Unfortunately, winter is also a season of colds, flu, tonsillitis, etc. Therefore, cold seasons become a serious challenge for us, and running nose, cough, malaise and weakness turn into the main and not very pleasant companions. Those who didn’t become ill seem to us like wizards. But the magic isn’t the cause. The key point here is the immune system of a human. So, let us consider some efficient ways of improving your immune system that could help to cope with unpleasant winter companions.

Balance and Equilibrium

  • It is a well-known fact that balance is the basis of harmony in nature. As any alive creature, we need a balance in our body too. First and foremost, it refers to the immune system. If the immune system is catastrophically weakened, it becomes unable to confront viruses and infections. Nevertheless, if the immune system is too strong, it starts to oppose the cells of the body. There is a high possibility of developing diseases that affect the immune system. On this point, it is important to keep the balance: maintain immunity but don’t exaggerate with vitamins. Remember: balance and harmony are keys for a healthy lifestyle.

Family and Friends

According to the research conducted by famous neuroscientist Barry Bittman, communication with family has a direct influence on immunity. Owing to this research, we are able to look at the functioning of the immune mechanism in new ways. Barry Bittman made an experiment that involved people who spent a lot of time with family and those who didn’t. The results were stunning: people who pay a lot of attention to communication with family and friends have fewer chances to become ill. During a conversation with loved ones, the activity of T-cells becomes more productive and fruitful. T-cells are responsible for detecting and destroying viruses. On this matter, don’t forget about your family and spend a lot of time with them.

Time to Move

We all know that physical activity and energy are able to improve the immune system. Daily physical activities have a positive impact on the functioning of our body. Generally, doing sport increases the activity of white blood cells and effectively mobilizes the body’s power to resist diseases. Nevertheless, the rule of balance is applicable too. Long and exhausting physical activities will only undermine immunity. Going to the gym two or three times a week is optimal for keeping our body healthy. However, training seven times a week will destroy the possibility of the immune system to overcome viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Sleep in Total Darkness

According to recent researches, darkness is an essential part of healthy sleeping. Only if you take into consideration this factor, your body will produce melatonin. This hormone is responsible for the regulation of the endocrine system and slowing down the aging process. Moreover, it is a wonderful reason to buy one pleasant thing – bandage for sleep. Choose the favorite color, picture or pattern and enjoy your healthy dreaming.

Water Balance

Drops of Water

Obviously, you have remembered that balance is a key for our immune system. So, add one more “balance” that refers to the water consuming. We all know that the daily rate for the body is 1.5 or 2 liters of water. It is mentioned in all diets which promise you to lose weight quickly and without straining. Water is a source of minerals which not only help you become slim. It also charges you with energy and gives the power to withstand intrusive microbes.

Laugh and Positive Emotions

It sounds banal, doesn’t it? But the professor Lee Burke conducted one interesting experiment. During his lecture, he started showing some comedies to his students. Obviously, these comedies caused laugh. While observing for the reaction of the students, he monitored that positive emotions had an auspicious influence on the immune system at a molecular level. That was a kind of motivation for students, and they were writing essays and making presentation with great enthusiasm. Laugh prolongs life, doesn’t it?

“Feed” the Immunity

Of course, one of the most efficient ways of maintaining and improving the immune system is to provide enough quantity of vitamins and nutrition. The most affordable source of vitamins is food that we consume every day. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to our ration as it should consist of a lot of various nutrition. So, in order to improve the immune system, take into consideration such elements:

Vitamin A – one of the most powerful antioxidants. It is useful for skin, vision and nervous system. But the key point for immunity is its ability to improve the barrier function of mucous membranes. Consequently, there is less possibility of getting the diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. The main sources of vitamin A are cod liver, butter, egg yolks, cream, etc.

Vitamin B – one of the participators in the synthesis of antibodies. Antibodies destroy viruses and cancer cells, therefore, help the immune system reject infection. There are a lot of types of Vitamin B, and all of them are useful for our body. Nevertheless, not all of them correlate with the immune system. Vitamins B2, B5, and B9 are the most appropriate in this case. Vitamin B is found in asparagus, broccoli, brewer’s yeast, whole-grain bread, green leafy vegetables and others. So, do not forget to include this food in your ration.

Magnesium – one of the elements that have a soothing effect. During stress situations, our body mobilizes all energy in order to cope with worries. Therefore, the body uses almost all the reserves of magnesium to restore balance. That is why it is important to maintain the right quantity of magnesium. On this point, we need to consume beans, fresh vegetables, seafood, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, soybeans, buckwheat in order to maintain the reserve of this element.

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