Essay on Stress and Ways of Tackling It: People Who Irritate You

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It is true that sometimes stress is caused not by upsetting events at college or a quarrel with your parents. People around you may be the main reason why you feel that bad. Of course, everyone wants to reduce communication with them and live a full life. Nevertheless, it may be impossible if a person who irritates you is your group mate or even a professor. You have to meet these people every day at college and it seems like there is no way out.

However, in order to prevent stress and anxiety, you can use several tips on how to deal with someone annoying. There are several effective strategies for communicating with such people without negative emotions and stressful situations. They will help you to stay calm under any circumstances. It is especially important for sensitive teenagers who usually take things personally and cannot cope with difficulties of college life.

Analyze this issue to see why certain people are so irksome and make you feel stressed or even exhausted. Below there are some tips and hints for coping and even cooperating with them.

Ignore Them

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Of course, the first and the easiest thing which we can advise you is to ignore bothersome people. It should be done in a correct and polite way. Do not hurt anyone just if you think he or she irritates you. Just try to cut down your communication and do not start talking to this person first. It may be very difficult if your teacher annoys you. But in such a case, you should try some other methods, because ignoring your pedagogues will lead to bad grades and serious conflicts.

Be Honest

If you feel that someone’s behavior makes you stressed or anxious, you should tell him or her about your emotions. Do not accumulate your negative attitudes inside you. It is vital to have a conversation with a person who irritates you or abuse you in order to make everything clear. Maybe, he or she does not even realize how hurting his or her words are. Be polite and patient as anger will lead to the similar reaction and your relationships will become worse.

Change Your Attitude

In some cases, it is essential to change your personal attitude to the irksome person. You may be too prejudged about them or understand their behavior wrongly. Just try to analyze this person’s actions and words. Maybe, they do not mean to hurt you at all and you simply make this up because of your attitude. It is important to find an approach to this person and try to comprehend their behavior. Things which are normal for someone may seem to be strange and weird for you.

Control Your Emotions

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Sometimes it is important to be able to calm down quickly and keep your emotions under control. Thus, you will easily prevent stress. You have to learn some specific techniques of self-control. Calm people rarely suffer from stress and anxiety, as they can hide their feelings and not become angry because of small things. How can you deal with your emotions?

  • First of all, you should take a pause. For example, if you want to abuse someone who irritates you it will better to wait a bit until your feelings calm down. After several minutes, you will be able to analyze the situation and find a better solution or compromise.
  • Secondly, you should understand why conflicts and quarrels happen in your life. When you know the reason, you can avoid such situations and save your nerves. For example, if you usually get into this trap while participating in a discussion, try to act calmer and do not take all things to heart. It may lead to stress.

To sum up, everyone should know the ways of dealing with irritating factors. It is very unpleasant when your good mood is ruined by someone pesky. Then you feel stressed and disturbed during the whole day and cannot work productively at college. That is why you should learn our tips and hints and keep them in mind while encountering a person with whom you usually have conflicts.

Do not suffer from stress anymore! There is always a solution even if you have to deal with this pain in the neck every day.

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