A Bad Grade: No Luck with an Essay?

 Bad Grade

You are a pure sunshine which lights up the whole wide world. And there is this horrible professor who dared to disastrously underestimate you and give you a bad grade. You may feel pissed at your teacher, even at yourself but emotions simply won`t do here. One failure is okay because everything in this life is a lesson. The point is how are you going to turn this negative experience in your own favor?

In order to avoid the mistakes in the future, sure, you have to know what was the reason for such a low evaluation of your efforts. It`s one thing when you don`t give a rat`s tail about the assignment and get it done in half an hour. At that moment at least you don`t expect anything good to turn out of this. But there is this whole other thing when you were working hard, spending your days and nights on searching for interesting and useful information on the topic and all that you get is “C” tops. How does this system even work?

If you`ve ever been in a situation like this, trust me, I know your pain. People hate to lose, it`s simply in our nature. The worst part for a human is to get humiliated, to lose in front of many other fellow human beings. Psychologists say that it`s extremely important for the good mental health and cognitive functions of kids and teenagers not to tell their grade to the whole class. When you know you screwed up you may become sad but at least your social skills won`t get hurt. But when everybody knows you screwed up that`s already a high level of stress and anxiety.

The private policy works in most schools, colleges, and universities all over the globe. But if your teacher isn`t committed to this particular idea, then your class may address the administration because not following the rules of privacy is violation of human rights.

So you got a bad grade for your essay even though everything seemed so correct. Perhaps, the reason is among the typical mistakes or your failure was quite unique. Either way, we have to find out what to do next.

How Many Piles of Diamonds Do You Worth?

Pile of Diamonds

The first advice will be psychological and probably the most important one. Don`t let one bad essay let you down. I know that it`s hard not to lose the feeling of self-worth in the situations like this but depression is the last thing that you need right now. Besides, it`s just one assignment, what kind of depression are we even talking about?

I know people who would be touched by the bad results of the test pretty severely. So it does happen. Besides, it`s in our psychology to react that way. When you don`t meet the expectations that you`ve set for yourself it may affect your self-confidence. So all your skills and knowledge shouldn`t be defined by a single task.

Turn on Your Logic and Apply Math

Guy Calculating

Before you do anything stupid like rush in the professor`s office demanding the reason of your bad results, find out whether you got everything right. Did you do a really good job on the essay or you just think you did? Perhaps, your friend was trying even less than you but got a better grade? Of course, it will piss you off but it doesn`t mean that your lousy work was supposed to get a better evaluation.

Okay, let`s agree that you were trying really hard and you expected results to be much better because you made zero mistakes. Are you sure that a professor didn`t do any mistakes as well? He had to check all the dozens of works, so there is a chance that he had mixed up your last name with someone`s or he gave you not that grade he intended to.

Situations like this happen. If it was a test, for example, just calmly and politely ask your teacher to have a look at your work and count the points one more time. No man is infallible so there could be a mistake.

You Need to Get That Information

Taking into consideration that the privacy policy is rather widespread nowadays (thank goodness) in most universities it would be hard to find out the grades of your fellas. But to make sure everything is objective, you have to try and get that information out of them. Of course, it would be suspicious if you just walk around asking everybody about how they did on the assignment. So just ask your friends and if you all got the “C”, then perhaps there is something wrong with the system of evaluation.

Young professors tend to understate the actual results of students because they are demanding. Generally, it`s normal because those ambitious and energetic teachers are just eager to improve your skills and they can do it in a rather harsh way. Unfortunately, sometimes the professors aren`t being objective to the essays of the whole group. In that case, you should all together point out this fact to the administration. It`s just weird and suspicious that from the whole bunch of smart students nobody managed to please the high demands of a certain teacher.

You Didn`t Expect This Part, Did You?

Now comes some serious talk here, guys. Of course, everything stated above is absolutely worth trying but we haven`t pointed out another step in this game yet. Just move on and get prepared better for your next test or put even more effort into the writing an essay. The best possible option here is to address your professor and ask him/her for an advice.

Firstly, they would be pleased that you show so much interest towards their discipline and would probably remember you as a hard-working student. Secondly, they will actually help you to get better! I do believe that no professor would ever say “no” to a student when the one wants to improve his/her skills.

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