21st Century: What Are the Requirements to Get a Cool Job?

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Maybe you`re just a student, maybe you have to make one more step towards your graduation or you may be even already making your way on a career ladder. Anyway, it may turn out that everything that you`ve learnt at the university so far won`t be applicable in the real professional world. And I know what you may say now “Like we didn`t know that!”

But it`s not just about the lack of practical skills that universities mostly don`t provide us with, it`s that it sets the program in our head that has nothing to do with the employment of the 21st century. What has changed and how can you adapt to the new environment on the labor market? Perhaps, you even may consider yourself to be one lucky cookie because some professors are actually trying to open your eyes to certain stuff. But how about we open them even a little bit more?

Diploma? Hang It on the Wall If You Want

We`re not going to tell you that having a diploma is absolutely useless. In most professions, it is still (and I bet always will be) absolutely essential. Will you ever go to the doctor who didn`t study at the university or will you buy a house built by an architect who has no diploma in this sphere? Unless you`re a reckless daredevil, I bet you won`t.

Nowadays there are lots of professions that don`t require a diploma or a higher education whatsoever. You know why? Because there are even no such courses and faculties at the universities! You should have noticed that informational environment we live in changes drastically on a daily basis. Some Internet trends occur, some disappear.

Social media managers, neuromarketers and all the professions that have to deal with digital technologies are those jobs that you`d rather learn in the process. Learning won`t take 4-5 years as the usual bachelors` studying last, if you`re clever and creative, it will take you a couple of months. By the way, speaking of clever and creative…

You Will Have to Change the Way You`re Thinking


Usually, at universities, we are being taught that we`ve got to be responsible, hardworking and straightforward, we`ve got to do everything perfectly and not to forget about the deadlines. Guess what, the requirements have changed and most of the companies adapt the working environment to the millennials and the next generation Z. Those people are highly creative and extremely energetic, however, it doesn`t last long.

They can be productive usually only a couple of hours per day but even in this short period, they are more productive than 3-4 full-time employers. The millennials, especially those born after 1985 have a different outlook on life. They have to understand that they have to be fast, flexible and without striving for perfection.

There is no place for perfectionists in IT for example. Have you noticed that companies usually release the beta-versions of some programs or platforms and after that, they release a whole bunch of updates? Yes, something may not be entirely perfect but if it`s useful today and if people need it today, the companies are going to release that product.

It doesn`t mean though that now you can show up at the working place for a couple of hours, look like you couldn`t care less, throw some ideas at the brainstorming meeting and go home. It will only work if these are the brilliant ideas and people come up with those rather rarely.

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