How Much Money Do You Need to Buy Happiness?

Money and Happiness

Don`t be that sad looking at your bank account. It`s not easy to be a student in this cruel world where you have all those rapacious loans, incredibly high prices for textbooks and I won`t even get started on the cost of teeny-tiny cocktail at a pub. This is just exhausting. And after realizing all those budget problems you have being at the university, you start convincing yourself that money is not that important to you at all.

You can tell those lies to yourself, your family and friends but you can`t deceive me, I can see right through you. Perhaps it`s a bold statement here but I do think that about 98% of people love money and love when they have enough of this resource so they can live a full life. What about other 2%? Those are just the hippies. However, even they need money to buy their little guitars.

There were a couple of examples in history where the authorities were trying to build the system in the country that wouldn`t use money at all. One of the brightest examples, as you may know, is Soviet Union socialism and a potential communism. Oh, I wonder what happened to that country, they all were full of hope it would work out.

Anyway, I`m not sure whether you are going to like what we are about to tell you or not but you have to know the truth of this life. Yes, money is a very (ten times very) important factor in our happiness and all-in-all wellbeing. Don`t you think that there is a connection between the happiness of people and the level of economy of a country? Poor countries` residents tend to be significantly less happy and content with their lives than people from the developed world.

A Salary in Candy or in Dollars?

Lots of Candy

For me, it all depends on a kind of candy. You`d think that there is a huge difference between these two types of paying for your work but your brain strongly disagrees. We love money because it has strong connections with our reward system in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone which makes us want money more and more.

When you get either a paycheck or a package of favorite sweets, your brains releases this hormone in an almost equal amount in both situations. So yes, life can be just like a box of chocolates. Though a lot of people I bet would prefer a case of dollars. We want, need, desire money not because we are a bad society that only thinks about consuming even more and more goods. It`s because we are hooked like the junkies to all the possibilities money can give us.

From the neurological point of view, it`s absolutely natural for modern people to buy so much stuff. Most of us want that stuff to be luxurious, special, expensive and unique. Don`t say we don`t. Deep down inside we all compare ourselves to the famous actors, singers, dancers and we want the products and privileges they have. And again, it`s absolutely natural. Here`s why.

This type of behavior is aimed at finding the most suitable partner to have kids with. If you think about it, practically all we do is dedicated to that special mission. A person with more money has a higher social status, therefore, the one is a more desirable partner. The more desirable you are, the bigger chances you have to pass your DNA to the future generations.

Let`s Not Get Too Emotional


Of course, except a neurological side, there is a psychological one as well which are connected but still have their differences. Money can`t buy you the feeling of happiness but it can buy you all the things, services, and experiences that will bring you joy and happiness. A social survey shows that people who feel financially secure feel much better mentally, they are less stressed out, they concentrate better and they are way more productive.

I don`t know about you but this does seem like some kind of a vicious circle. When you have money, you work better. When you work better, you have more money. However, there is a limit. How much money do you think you would need to feel completely satisfied with your life? Turns out that when you reach a point of earning more than 30,000 $ per year, you stop feeling that amusement money gives you.

A lot of extremely rich people are unhappy. This is one of the reasons why society has the proverb that forms the basis of this article. Yes, it`s true that wealthy people can`t fully trust anybody and they are terrified because of the possibility to lose their possessions. This is not a positive tendency for a good mental health. So know your limit and follow (or not follow, as you wish) an advice from a person who has become a millionaire at the age of 28. Elon Musk says that it`s better to invest the money rather than to save them.

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