Too Creative or Not Creative: What`s Better?


This world doesn`t need boring stuff that`s why we are so keen on unusualness, uniqueness, and exclusivity. The human nature is the most enigmatic. We want to feel like a part of a group, we want to be the members of society, we are eager to be like everybody else in order to fit in (that`s why fashion and trends exist actually). But at the same time, we strive for individualism, we want to be perceived as special human beings and we don`t like being compared to others.

So it`s very tricky. You never know whether you weren`t carried away with a too high level of creativity or it`s still perceived as something normal. It`s especially hard when it comes to art. This an extremely delicate matter. You`re either an outstanding artist or just a crazy weirdo. I realized that it happens not only to some famous literary works that weren`t accepted by society at first but it`s even about your writing skills as a student.

How many times have you been actually trying hard in order to submit a good paper? You spend hours at the library and even more hours on the Internet searching for the most relevant and interesting information. What is more, you are even trying to compound these facts and analysis into some sort of an art form. Just an essay is boring so you decide to make a PowerPoint presentation or to shoot a mini-movie or to write a song about it.

However, with time, you start overthinking this whole idea and all you want to do is just to write a creative essay. It can be an unusual approach, an extravagant vibe. All of the sudden you want to become Lady Gaga in the world of university writing assignments. But all of your dreams about teacher`s praising and great grade crush into small pieces after your work is called “way too creative and odd”. I remember the similar situation I had at university, I bet, some of you have definitely experienced it as well.

Frustration and Self-Reproach

Bad Grade

When it comes to the creativity, there are no rules. There are no patterns you can act in accordance with, therefore, your work can`t be evaluated objectively. Yes, I could give you dozens if not hundreds of examples of famous artists, writers, and musicians who were appreciated way too late (after their death, obviously) but we won`t wait until that moment.

Psychologists suggest that people whose skills are significantly different in comparison to other people tend to be more sensitive when it comes to evaluation of their talent. At the end of the day, no matter how hard we are trying to convince ourselves, we depend on the opinion of other people on the large scale.

But before you jump into all of these conclusions, there is still one thing that you have to figure out: do you actually have that talent and people simply don`t understand you or you are trying to blame your failed grades at the teacher who is “too narrow-minded”?

Unrecognized Genius

When I started digging into this problem I have realized that it`s way more serious than I thought it was. In psychology, it`s called Dunning-Kruger effect. Sounds scary but it`s just the last names of two scientists. The actual syndrome is even scarier and I honestly hope you don`t have one. To put it in a few words (if it`s ever possible with psychology) this effect shows up when a person who is not so qualified to do certain work is sure that the one is an absolute genius.

Those people believe in their superiority though they have absolutely no knowledge or skills to back this up. Sounds like a symptom a lot of politicians have actually. The incompetent people aren`t able to realize and analyze all the mistakes they have because of their, guess what, that`s right, incompetence! A vicious circle indeed.

However, scientists have a couple suggestions how this problem can be solved. It`s not like people who have this Dunning-Kruger effect are mentally challenged. They still are active and productive members of society who are constantly denying their disastrous unprofessionalism.

Though if you ask me, I`d rather believe that you truly are an unrecognized genius than call you a contemptuous monkey. So take some time to figure out who are you and bounce back to the normal life. Besides, if only one teacher has pointed out something like this, does even a reason to get worried exist?

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