More Money for Ladies: Professions with Reversed Pay Gaps

Women with Money

The modern human society is seriously messed up. Despite all the attempts to recover from “women-are-less-worthy-than-men” disease that has been haunting all of us for centuries, females still get paid 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. Yes, there is an improvement because the last number that you must have heard was 75 cents for every dollar. We are multiplying our earnings, girls!

Sociologists suggest that we`re going to need another fifty years to gain total gender equality when it comes to salary. So basically, our grandchildren are safe. This article is not just for you, all my ladies so you could feel more empowered than ever (though let`s not omit that intention) but for the gentlemen as well. Again, not to intimidate them with all the women`s victories but to show that there is a new era we live in.

Tell me, what are you first guesses about the professions which give more money opportunities for women rather than for men? I don`t want to know what was the first idea that crossed your mind, you nasty. I bet there will be a lot of ‘typical” female professions like a nanny or a nurse. If you didn`t think about those, then congrats you`re not stuck in the social stereotypes that much. Now let`s take a look at the real list starting from the small gap and after that, we`ll get to some serious lady money.


Sheldon Cooper may not love this science but all the women who are involved in this respectful field surely do. All because they earn 1.5% more than men here. Yes, I understand that it`s not much but this is a start, wait a little bit and we`ll get to real cash. It may seem that with this article we have a purpose to diminish the dignity of all men. Never on Earth was it our intention.

It`s true that we won`t do any list of jobs where men earn more than women. Surely, not because we don`t want to but because you already have one (all the professions that are not included in the list in this article). I have absolutely no doubts about your intellectual skills but I will dare to remind you that anthropology actually studies humans in general, humans as individuals, and humans as a part of the society. Are you interested in this occupation yet?

Sports manager

We need to throw this point of the list right in the face of all the people that say that sport is not for girls. Of course, it is! Who else are the most fierce and strong human beings on the planet? Anyway, ladies can be both athletes and managers when it comes to this field. The pay gap is starting growing already and women make 1.6% more than men.

Ladies and sports is the best possible combination because this sphere requires good analytical and organizational skills, besides you need to be quite a psychologist. Sportsmen may seem like very emotionally stable people but sometimes they do need some support to keep going after a failure or a trauma and girls are known to be more compassionate so they are the real help in the field.

Mechanical engineering

Female Engineer

This is just “Yay!” We did it, ladies! Through all these years men have been dominating the sphere of technology and engineering and now… they still do actually but all least women earn 3% more money than them. This is comforting.

In most of the sci-fi or documentary movies, men take the roles of the “smarty pants” who are so good with technologies, computers and other stuff. Female characters at this time are supposed to look at those men with admiration like they would never be able to get this whole secret of control panels and wires. The good thing is, the reality is quite different nowadays.


Before I explain any earnings in numbers, I guess I need to explain (of course, you know it, you just forgot it, right?) what is kinesiology and why do we need it. Without it, all the people who have become incapacitated for various reasons will never be able to feel free and strong again. Kinesiology studies the human body and its movements.

With its help people who have lost an arm or a leg would be able to lead a full life. And the ladies help a lot in that with their 5% paycheck gap (not in men`s favor).

Chemical engineering

Another cool scientific profession that requires some very serious skills and knowledge. The contribution of women in this sphere may not seem as wide as the male`s but now they have way more opportunities. The reason is simple: they earn more. 5.4% more to be exact. Discovering new drugs, saving many lives, this is what I call the work for a true lady.

Environmental science

I must admit that some women have joined this professional group not because of nature but more because of Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of this particular field and they are the huge fans of Leonardo DiCaprio as you might have guessed. On a more serious note though, if chemical engineers may be saving humanity, then the environmentalists are may be saving the planet. With the salary higher than men`s for about 7%, it`s easier to do that.


Ladies make here 8.1% more than the gentlemen and there are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, most of the products which are being sold are aimed at the women so the women know better how to sell those. Secondly, some men products are usually being advertised with the sexual subtext and manipulative tricks. Again, who is a better professional at telling a man what to do if it`s not a female?

Social Work

Okay, now we got to that very stereotype. I think it was predictable enough that women would earn 8.4% more in a profession where it`s required to be kind, patient, and altruistic. Of course, we don`t want to spread even more stereotypes that men can`t possess all these characteristics. It`s just that an idea of a woman who is a caregiver is sitting very tight in social conscious.


 Female Singer

Hello from the queen of pop Taylor Swift who is the highest-earning celebrity under 30 years old. I can name you dozens more female artists who earn more than the men. The sad fact is that it`s absolutely not the same in the cinematography where the pay gap is painfully huge. By the way, all the girls like Adele earn 10.1% more than all the boys like Ed Sheeran. However, to be honest this social study was more about the ordinary people rather than celebrities. What? I just wanted to throw in some cool references.


The winner of this salary competition. Yes, turns out ladies make bigger bucks when they are building the skyscrapers. And it`s actually 14% more. Pretty impressive, huh?



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