Two Assignments Mean One Essay

Lazy Student

This is, boys and girls, a literal story of my university life. Don`t blame me. It`s not like you have time for all of these nonsensical assignments. Besides, I remember when I was a freshman one professor said that we might not get any knowledge at the university but will definitely learn how to be tricky and creative. So yes, maybe it is a good idea after all. Of course, there is a huge number of factors that you should keep in mind.

However, you`ll feel like a super agent in a spy movie pulling tricks on your professors. If you calculate all the odds and possibilities of your failure, then it`s even possible to pull it off on multiple occasions. Perhaps, you still have a little idea what this article is going to be about, then sit back and imagine how much time you`re going to save by doing one work instead of two.

The best possible option is when you can choose the topic yourself. Even if you have the general directions, it still okay as far as it`s not a specific issue you have to write about. After this, you`ve got to choose another subject that will more a less fit the topic and… hold on, there is actually so much more that you have to do. Let`s take a look.

An Investigation Part


It`s dangerous to do this on a regular basis. And I won`t lie, it does give a good adrenaline boost. On top of that, it also gives you a lot of additional free time. You have to do the research for only one essay instead of two. Sounds like a dream! For example, you have an assignment for literature and history class at the same time.

These two spheres have a lot in common so you may already think that you`re a lucky cookie and you can only submit one work. But some investigation needs to be done at first. Do these two professors actually know each other? What if they are working in one office or go for coffee during a break? At least take a look if they are friends on Facebook because this is the easiest part. Of course, the chances that they are going to discuss your (undoubtedly) brilliant work are not so big. But better safe than sorry, right?

It`s Like Cooking a Pie

All you have to do so your work turns out to be successful is to mix all the ingredients in right order and in the right proportion. I know for sure that professors just love the keywords. It`s not like they are big fans of those but they find it really simpler to check your work if it has keywords all over it. Before starting an essay, write down all the keywords that are suitable for both assignments. Even those that are vaguely close will still do the trick.

After that write a story just like any you`ve written before and highlight different keywords in the text. There you go! Basically, the same text but it looks like you`ve been trying really hard on both of them. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. One essay from different angles may look like two. This is what I call a true creativity.

We Need a Safer Plan

Too Many Assignments

I do understand that such an approach won`t be suitable for absolutely everybody. So here comes another solution based on the experience of dozens of other students. The curriculum may be changing each year but there is rarely something drastic in those alterations. Ask the older fellow students whether they had the same task back in their year of studying. I bet you`ll have a lot of success in this.

I know that many senior students may just give away their works because of solidarity and in some cases, they may ask for some remuneration. It`s up to you to decide but time is money and vice versa. One more piece of advice. Don`t you ever delete any essays or writing works from your computer. Firstly, the freshmen may ask you for those (again, it`s up to you to decide what kind of reward do you want for all your struggles). Secondly, there is a big chance that you can use the same essay twice changing only a title and the entering paragraph.

Raise your hand who thinks that cheating at university is bad. What? No one! I knew I had the right crowd. It is believed that the “C” students become even more successful than the honor-roll students because they use their sharp mind and different tricks in order to graduate from the university. And usually, people that can get out of any hard situation, can make their own profitable and thriving businesses.

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