Fangirling: Science Says You`re Not Obsessed


I bet each and every one of us has that celebrity that will make us faint because of awe if we ever meet them. It could be an actor, a singer, a model or even a scientist (remember that Sheldon Cooper`s reaction to Stephen Hawking?). We all have that one special idol and usually, we don`t want to admit we`re obsessed with them. Because this is just plain crazy. Why would you be so interested in a life of a person that basically lives on another planet aka Hollywood Hills?

Turns out, there is pure science hidden in that phenomenon. Usually when we hear the word combination “super fan” we imagine a bunch of screaming groupies like from documented videos of Beatles mania or pretty much any concert of One Direction. On top of that, stereotypically the teenagers are usually seen as the most passionate (or crazy) fans.

So who is that one special artist to whose concert you bought tickets instead of paying for your textbooks? If it was “Imagine Dragons” then, trust me, you`re forgiven and your karma is absolutely pure. Besides, there is a solid explanation why did you do this and I`m going to give it to you.

It`s Always About Your Brain

Listening to Pleasant Music

The science says that you as a freshman and you as a senior student are totally different people. It`s not only because you probably have strands of grey hair and a nervous collapse by the time of graduation, but it`s also because you`re going through an important phase of growing up. You turn from a teenager to an adult and you must have noticed that your tastes in music and cinematography have changed drastically through this time of shifting.

The teenagers` brain is still in the process of developing but there is this limbic system (the most mature dude in the game) which controls the emotional response. This is why when teens hear an emotional song or watch a dramatic movie their response is much more vivid. When you listen to that kind of music it hits your reward system as well so you feel so much pleasure while listening to all of your favorite jams.

This is the exact type of music you`re going to remember with nostalgic tears in your eyes being an adult. By the way, this is why your parents say that they listened to the “real music” back in their days and everything modern is just rubbish.

Fangirling VS Fanboying

Screaming Football Fans

Again, if we take a look at Beatles fan you`ll see significantly more females there that the males. It`s not only Beatles though, pretty much any genre and any artist are being appreciated more by the girls rather than the boys. This is also can be explained by science. When teenage girls go through the development of their sexuality they tend to get more emotional over the sad breakup songs by Taylor Swift or cheerful upbeat love stories from Katy Perry.

The worst part of all of this is that the music industry does know about this phenomenon in the psychology of teenagers and they make artists create the hits that will definitely go viral. Yes, it may or may not be sad to admit but statistically speaking girls prefer the love songs (that`s why Justin Bieber sings them, perhaps he doesn`t even like those himself) but the boys tend to listen to the songs that describe the life struggles and the ways to overcome them (like “Believer” by “Imagine Dragons” or “Show Must Go On” by “Queen”).

Of course, there will be many teenage girls who will say that they love “AC/DC” or “Rammstein” but it`s not like scientists can create the statistics of all the people on the planet, right? Anyway, girls may be obsessing over the musicians in the same way boys are screaming and crying at the sports games but for some reason that is considered to be normal. So unfair!


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