Being Born with a Writing Talent? Not Really!


Look, there is your mom who keeps wondering why you didn`t take after her in all the talents she has and among many there is writing. She may be telling you that back in the day when she was a student as well, she was an absolute champion of essay writing unlike all of those losers who studied with her. That`s why this woman is sure that if you work hard enough, you`ll develop your talent which is definitely sleeping inside you. Because writing is a creative process, it is art, therefore, you can get it through the genes.

But you`re trying to prove your point saying that a talent or a skill is not transmittable genetically. So who is right in this situation? I bet a lot of you, guys, can relate to this. Of course, the details of the story may vary but the result is still the same. My story involves my granny and poetry. She is a genius and I`m a walking disaster. Does it mean that if one of your close relatives is talented in something, this talent is just sleeping inside you and you can evoke it and become great in some sphere? I think that science is the only adviser in this family squabble.

What Kind of Heritage Would You Prefer?

Like Father, Like Son

“First things first, I`m a realist” and yes, I asked Iggy Azalea to help me on this one because I hope she would seem more persuasive. So, first things first, scientists still can`t agree on the whole idea of a talent. What does it even mean? In society, a talent is believed to be an extraordinary ability of an individual that is given to one since the birth. Celebrities are usually perceived as very talented people. Especially when it comes to signing, acting, dancing. Well, famous writers are the celebrities, indeed.

No, guys, we won`t start discussing who among celebrities has or doesn`t have a talent, the point is we usually can tell whether the person is great in a certain field or not. But science can`t really define what is this ability. There is nothing supernatural in it, that`s for sure. A talent can`t be transferred through genes from a parent to a child.

However, there is the other option. You`ve probably seen a lot of children of famous people who made the same career as their parents. It`s because certain character traits, capacities, and inclinations can be inherited. The job of a kid, in this case, is to use these inbuilt functions right.

Can You Grow a Talent?

It`s not just about writing but pretty much about any artistic occupation. Many people have been wondering what`s more effective and what will get you closer to the successful life: talent or training. Turns out, both! Of course, it would be just awesome if these two characteristics combine in one person but the studies have shown that there is 50% chance to become really good at something either with a talent or with training.

Here comes another trick from nature though. There are people who got an ability to train effectively from their parents. They are called high responders. Therefore, kids of professional athletes are more likely to become great sportsmen than the others. But again, it`s not a 100% chance.

To sum up, scientists say that a talent is trainable. You have more opportunities if you are “born that way” but you won`t achieve much if you don`t work hard enough to develop those skills that genetics has given you.

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