Kids from Rich Families: Are They Better at Studying?

Rich Kids

When you look at the terrifying sum of money you`ve got to pay in order to study at the prestigious American Ivy League or British Russel Group university you might be wishing your family was richer to provide you with high-quality education. Don`t deny it, there is nothing wrong with those thoughts. Obviously, it seems like kids from rich families have more opportunities in this life but what if this is just a social prejudice and it`s actually vice versa in reality?

Many people had those questions so scientists decided to conduct a huge social study to find out who is better at studying: the poor, the rich or maybe the middle class? You might think that in the terms of intellect there is no significant difference. But you can spot a significant difference when it comes to education. That`s what most of you must think, right?

The Richer, the Smarter?

Expensive Education

Fortunately, or unfortunately but the survey has shown that the kids whose parents are wealthier do study better than their peers. The reason? They have a better access to the studying facilities. Yes, they might not have better books but they can hire a tutor. When it comes to the studying of foreign languages, rich parents often send their kids to different countries on vacations so they have some rest and improve their French on the beach somewhere in Nice.

Besides, the whole experience of traveling is extremely important for the development of outlook of a kid. When we travel, we become more curious, open-minded and this is a great booster for the creativity. So technically, there is no difference in studying approaches in families with different incomes, it`s more of the “side effects” of having money.

Such study was firstly conducted in the USA in the 1960-ies. 650 thousand students and their families were put under a close scrutiny just to prove that rich parents have more opportunities to provide their children with better education. This survey was repeated recently in 2015 and the results were the same.

However, it was all about the US. In other countries, the results were quite the opposite actually. It all depends on the representatives of the middle class in society. In America, doctors and teachers are usually the rich ones (okay, maybe not rich but definitely not poor). But in a lot of countries throughout the world, these professions aren`t considered to be so prestigious. So in the countries with the low economic growth, the wealthy children rarely show any good results in studying because they know that they still will be studying abroad.

Cultural Fund

Parents Educating Children

It`s way too early to get upset over the results of this social study. The psychologists have proven that despite the money factor, the huge responsibility for the quality of education lies on the all-in-all cultural aspect that is seen in the family. If both parents work in the intellectual field, if they instilled the love for reading in their children, if they taught the kids how important it is to be a genuinely honest person, then these factors combined will be able to beat the wealth factor.

Usually, the parents who have so-called “intellectual fund” understand that spending time with kids, educating them about life, in general, is extremely important. And a kid who feels love and support will more likely to study well at school.

Here comes another sad fact though. The families which are poor and well-educated are rather rare because it demolishes the whole idea of the higher education. Therefore, children from both uneducated and poor families have significantly fewer chances to be successful at studying. If there is anything that can be done about this unfair situation? Well, the governments from all over the world are already trying implementing various programs which will help to solve this problem.

The Internet Will Save the World and Education

The solution comes with the world wide web. It`s true that all schools are different and they all provide education on a different level of quality. There is a lot we can learn from the Scandinavian countries in the field of the secondary education. The schools there have mostly the same capacities and opportunities for studying. Whether it`s a city or a village, there are no better or worse schools there so everybody has equal chances to succeed in life.

Obviously, it would take ages and (my mathematical skills are absolutely terrible so take it as a bold guess) dozens of millions of dollars to establish such system of secondary education all over the world. So the Internet will play a role of Superman here. Special programs are planned to be developed in order to fill in the gaps in knowledge that some students may have.

Those special programs will contain a huge base of various books and exercises. If a school in some small town doesn`t have the teachers who are qualified enough to provide their students with the same level of knowledge that teachers from some fancy private school can, then they can teach their students with the help of those special programs to reduce the distance on the intellectual path between the kids.

The pedagogues who developed these programs say that they are aimed at the education at home as well. Not every student has an opportunity to seek help with their home assignments from parents and not every parent has enough knowledge to educate their children. So the only way to gain equality here is through these special online courses.


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