Professions That Don`t Like Weak People: Drop-Out Rates

College Dropout

We all enter the university with the biggest hopes. Yep, the hopes are just massive or should I say massively naive? It took me just three days of lectures to realize that. And how much did it take for you to get fed up with the idea of higher education? Well, while studying at college for some reason we are sure that the success depends on nobody but us.

If we work hard enough, if we do everything in time and if we manage to discipline ourselves we`ll be successful. But years go by and you just realize that this whole perfect conception that you`ve built in your head simply doesn`t work. During the last year of studying, the biggest number of students are thinking about leaving university. There are various reasons for that and we won`t be mentioning them because they vary too much.

Some students decide to drop out and some just get dismissed. And this scenario doesn`t always depend on you actually. There is this whole list of professions that will most likely set you free from studying at the university. Statistically speaking, there is a percentage of dropouts that each university degree has. Let`s see which of them are the most dangerous ones.


It has 6,6% dropout rate. It`s not the first one but it definitely should be included as the first ten champions on this list. A highly prestigious profession of a lawyer attracts a lot of students all over the world. It`s no secret that studying law is a difficult task. However, it does pay off because this field has pretty great results when it comes to employment. If you have a degree in law from some cool university, you have almost 90% chance to find a job in the first half a year. This number is really high. The studying process is hectic though.


Biology Student

Everything that has to do with biology turns out to be pretty hard to study. It`s not that I`m surprised but still I didn`t know it had a higher dropout rate in comparison to the law. It`s 6,7% to be exact. Biology sciences are an extremely popular field in Europe and the USA, It`s actually the fourth most popular sphere according to the number of applications. Of course, it`s never easy to study the living organisms but it is incredibly interesting.

Business and Administration

I was always wondering what do you need to become a businessman? An idea? A solid seed capital? A team of people you can do it with? Apparently, you can get the answers to all those questions if you study business and administration techniques. It`s definitely not an easy task with the dropout rate of 7,2%. Perhaps, while being at the university students realize that they can start a business even before the graduation so they decide not to wait for so long.


I bet it`s an incredibly complicated, yet fascinating profession. Creating buildings that will be remembered in history seems like a dream. But not for all the students. This field also has 7,2% of dropout rate. It`s prestigious and it gives you great opportunities in life. Architecture has a good rate of employment and this field is strongly connected with creativity. Besides, a very good salary is a part of a game as well.


Perhaps, it`s just not the easiest choice to make but the students do choose to switch the fields pretty often when it comes to agriculture. Its dropout rate isn`t significantly higher than the others – 7,3%. Why do students decide that feeding the planet isn`t for them? Mainly because professionals in this field don`t have very high salaries unless you own a big farm in which case you have huge chances to become a millionaire.

Arts and Design

I think I see the reason why the dropout rate is so high in this field (7,4%). The creative arts are obviously very complicated field to study. It`s either you have a talent and skills or you don`t. Sometimes you realize this way too late and then the only way out is to leave the university. Besides, those creative professions require constant inspiration which just doesn’t come when you want it.


Yet another sphere where you`ll easily find a good job if you`re a professional. However, the process of studying is just absolutely hectic and exhausting. Of course, you have to study very well because the responsibility which lies on you while studying can be measured in human lives. By the way, dentistry only has a 2% rate.

Journalism and Mass Communication

Well, that`s my field, guys. I did have quite a few moments while studying when I was eager to leave everything and just dedicate myself to work. I know that many students from my university weren`t going to become the journalists from the very beginning of studying. The lifestyle these professionals lead may seem to be too hard so that might be the reason for 7,8% dropout rate. On top of that, mass communication has a pretty high rate of students` dissatisfaction as well. Perhaps, it`s because while entering the university the freshmen have no idea how journalism actually works and all they know about it is from the movies.


Engineer Student

I hope this field has such a high rate of 8,3% not because of the constant mocking from Sheldon Cooper. This guy never considered engineers to be the real scientists. However, I think that the reason is totally different. The demand in the field of engineering and building is just huge and a great level of salary also makes this profession pretty appealing, doesn`t it? So what went wrong? The answer is given by the building companies that suggest that the universities have to work with the actual companies much more.

Computer Science

Here comes our champion that became quite a surprise for me. I don`t think that students who were entering the university would have some wrong expectations about this field. Nowadays everybody knows what is it about. Despite a big demand and very high wages, computers sciences have 11% dropout rate. Perhaps, students realize that this field is simply not for them. For people with creative skills, this occupation may even seem boring but computer sciences are changing the world now. I bet it`s so interesting and exciting to be a part of those global changes.


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