A Writer`s Block: This May Sound Good

A Writer`s Block

It`s already a middle of the night. You know, that feeling when the clock is staring at you and you`re staring back at it thinking: it`s been an hour and a half of pure procrastination and you could have used that time to become a better person. But nope. As my girl, Taylor Swift sings “In the middle of the night, in my dreams”. In my dreams, I`m a super productive person with tons of motivation and loads of energy.

Do you have that feeling that you simply don`t know what to write about? No, I don`t have that, otherwise, how on Earth would I end up writing this very article? But about the middle of the night, it was the truth. I know many people have those struggles and it sounds pretty scary to me, to be honest. Some people even change their occupation because of such problem. You may not be a journalist, a scriptwriter or a novelist but if you were or are a student you`re probably familiar with such phenomenon as a writer`s block.

Many hours have passed but the Word document that was supposed to be filled out with your thoughts by now is still blank. Well, it happens. This is not a writer`s block yet, actually. It has various multiple symptoms. It may happen that you`re just tired or you`ve been procrastinating through the whole semester and now you have all those essay assignments piled up. This is exactly what my university studying is like so you`re not alone here.

But if you know for sure that you`re stuck and can`t move your ideas anymore then you have to do something about it. In this article we`re not going to give you an advice on how to fight the writer`s block, we will take a different approach and tell you how to benefit from it.

What If You`re Born to Be a Panda Hugger?

A Panda Hugger

This profession does exist in China. Before you all start packing the suitcases and booking the flights to Beijing, there is still something you need to know. When you have a writer`s block it`s important not to give up on writing completely. Hold on for a second, this is exactly what any other article would advise you and that`s not what we`re about.

Forget completely about writing. Throw it out of your life and don`t come back in your thoughts to it. Have a rest and take your time. But come back to this activity later. You know, the wise people say that you don`t start missing something until you lose it. It`s exactly like with one of your exes. Or not! How would I know about your love life?

Anyway, create some kind of a remote island in your head you`ll run away to. You need the time to have your thoughts compartmentalized. Perhaps, the writing was not your thing from the very beginning. But how would you know it if you never dropped writing? What if there is some profession out where you`d be much better at but you never had a chance to find out?

I`ve Tried Yoga Once, It Just Won`t Do

Extreme Sports

Yoga and meditation are one of the most effective ways to find out what`s what in that head of yours. Many psychologists recommend group yoga as a mental exercise. In Indian culture, the whole purpose of meditation is enlightenment. Nobody can promise that you`ll get right there but a couple of hours of sitting and thinking in silence won`t hurt for sure.

Various spiritual practices are extremely popular among famous artists. People who create music and movies do need creativity boosts on a regular basis so many of them choose yoga as a way of relaxation. When you have a writer`s block trying meditation is the best what you can do to feel better.

Except when you are that kind of person whose mind just won`t react to all of that soothing music, scented candles, and weird poses. I did try yoga and … I fell asleep. Then I tried it one more time. It took me four classes to realize that it wasn`t really my thing. If you have that dilemma as well, I have an alternative suggestion.

Extreme sports is an awesome way to get the creativity pumping all over the vessels of your body. It won`t leave you indifferent, that`s for sure. Scared, frustrated, excited but not indifferent. Sign up for bungee jumping classes and don`t write anything for a couple of months. Then you`ll see how the tension of your mind slowly disappears.

Everybody Must Have That List

You`ve probably seen a list like this in various movies. The one you make while facing certain difficulties in life. The list helps you to set up a plan for life, you have to write down what you want to achieve in a couple of years. This is exactly what a lot of us have been missing out. I`ve found out about a psychological method like this from my roommate. I didn`t take it seriously at first, to be honest. She wrote something about dating a politician and kissing under the rain on it. I bet a lot of you would find it funny. It`s fascinating that people have so different goals in life.

Well, take your time and write down the list of things you`ve accomplished already and the things that you`re just planning to do. It may turn out that your lack of ability to write is actually some kind of a psychological block. Of course, it`s never easy to crack your brain. It`s never a good idea to push yourself too hard, this block (or maybe it just seems like one) will still pulling you backwards.

If you can`t write, then don`t write. Use this time as an opportunity, set your priorities straight. If it`s something you`re meant to be successful at, then you`ll see soon that you`re missing it. But until that happens, just enjoy the time off.


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