A Writer`s Block: This May Sound Good

A Writer`s Block

It`s already a middle of the night. You know, that feeling when the clock is staring at you and you`re staring back at it thinking: it`s been an hour and a half of pure procrastination and you could have used that time to become a better person. But nope. As my girl, Taylor Swift sings “In the middle of the night, in my dreams”. In my dreams, I`m a super productive person with tons of motivation and loads of energy.

Do you have that feeling that you simply don`t know what to write about? No, I don`t have that, otherwise, how on Earth would I end up writing this very article? But about the middle of the night, it was the truth. I know many people have those struggles and it sounds pretty scary to me, to be honest. Some people even change their occupation because of such problem. You may not be a journalist, a scriptwriter or a novelist but if you were or are a student you`re probably familiar with such phenomenon as a writer`s block.

Many hours have passed but the Word document that was supposed to be filled out with your thoughts by now is still blank. Well, it happens. This is not a writer`s block yet, actually. It has various multiple symptoms. It may happen that you`re just tired or you`ve been procrastinating through the whole semester and now you have all those essay assignments piled up. This is exactly what my university studying is like so you`re not alone here.

But if you know for sure that you`re stuck and can`t move your ideas anymore then you have to do something about it. In this article we`re not going to give you an advice on how to fight the writer`s block, we will take a different approach and tell you how to benefit from it.

What If You`re Born to Be a Panda Hugger?

A Panda Hugger

This profession does exist in China. Before you all start packing the suitcases and booking the flights to Beijing, there is still something you need to know. When you have a writer`s block it`s important not to give up on writing completely. Hold on for a second, this is exactly what any other article would advise you and that`s not what we`re about.

Forget completely about writing. Throw it out of your life and don`t come back in your thoughts to it. Have a rest and take your time. But come back to this activity later. You know, the wise people say that you don`t start missing something until you lose it. It`s exactly like with one of your exes. Or not! How would I know about your love life?

Anyway, create some kind of a remote island in your head you`ll run away to. You need the time to have your thoughts compartmentalized. Perhaps, the writing was not your thing from the very beginning. But how would you know it if you never dropped writing? What if there is some profession out where you`d be much better at but you never had a chance to find out?

I`ve Tried Yoga Once, It Just Won`t Do

Extreme Sports

Yoga and meditation are one of the most effective ways to find out what`s what in that head of yours. Many psychologists recommend group yoga as a mental exercise. In Indian culture, the whole purpose of meditation is enlightenment. Nobody can promise that you`ll get right there but a couple of hours of sitting and thinking in silence won`t hurt for sure.

Various spiritual practices are extremely popular among famous artists. People who create music and movies do need creativity boosts on a regular basis so many of them choose yoga as a way of relaxation. When you have a writer`s block trying meditation is the best what you can do to feel better.

Except when you are that kind of person whose mind just won`t react to all of that soothing music, scented candles, and weird poses. I did try yoga and … I fell asleep. Then I tried it one more time. It took me four classes to realize that it wasn`t really my thing. If you have that dilemma as well, I have an alternative suggestion.

Extreme sports is an awesome way to get the creativity pumping all over the vessels of your body. It won`t leave you indifferent, that`s for sure. Scared, frustrated, excited but not indifferent. Sign up for bungee jumping classes and don`t write anything for a couple of months. Then you`ll see how the tension of your mind slowly disappears.

Everybody Must Have That List

You`ve probably seen a list like this in various movies. The one you make while facing certain difficulties in life. The list helps you to set up a plan for life, you have to write down what you want to achieve in a couple of years. This is exactly what a lot of us have been missing out. I`ve found out about a psychological method like this from my roommate. I didn`t take it seriously at first, to be honest. She wrote something about dating a politician and kissing under the rain on it. I bet a lot of you would find it funny. It`s fascinating that people have so different goals in life.

Well, take your time and write down the list of things you`ve accomplished already and the things that you`re just planning to do. It may turn out that your lack of ability to write is actually some kind of a psychological block. Of course, it`s never easy to crack your brain. It`s never a good idea to push yourself too hard, this block (or maybe it just seems like one) will still pulling you backwards.

If you can`t write, then don`t write. Use this time as an opportunity, set your priorities straight. If it`s something you`re meant to be successful at, then you`ll see soon that you`re missing it. But until that happens, just enjoy the time off.


Kids from Rich Families: Are They Better at Studying?

Rich Kids

When you look at the terrifying sum of money you`ve got to pay in order to study at the prestigious American Ivy League or British Russel Group university you might be wishing your family was richer to provide you with high-quality education. Don`t deny it, there is nothing wrong with those thoughts. Obviously, it seems like kids from rich families have more opportunities in this life but what if this is just a social prejudice and it`s actually vice versa in reality?

Many people had those questions so scientists decided to conduct a huge social study to find out who is better at studying: the poor, the rich or maybe the middle class? You might think that in the terms of intellect there is no significant difference. But you can spot a significant difference when it comes to education. That`s what most of you must think, right?

The Richer, the Smarter?

Expensive Education

Fortunately, or unfortunately but the survey has shown that the kids whose parents are wealthier do study better than their peers. The reason? They have a better access to the studying facilities. Yes, they might not have better books but they can hire a tutor. When it comes to the studying of foreign languages, rich parents often send their kids to different countries on vacations so they have some rest and improve their French on the beach somewhere in Nice.

Besides, the whole experience of traveling is extremely important for the development of outlook of a kid. When we travel, we become more curious, open-minded and this is a great booster for the creativity. So technically, there is no difference in studying approaches in families with different incomes, it`s more of the “side effects” of having money.

Such study was firstly conducted in the USA in the 1960-ies. 650 thousand students and their families were put under a close scrutiny just to prove that rich parents have more opportunities to provide their children with better education. This survey was repeated recently in 2015 and the results were the same.

However, it was all about the US. In other countries, the results were quite the opposite actually. It all depends on the representatives of the middle class in society. In America, doctors and teachers are usually the rich ones (okay, maybe not rich but definitely not poor). But in a lot of countries throughout the world, these professions aren`t considered to be so prestigious. So in the countries with the low economic growth, the wealthy children rarely show any good results in studying because they know that they still will be studying abroad.

Cultural Fund

Parents Educating Children

It`s way too early to get upset over the results of this social study. The psychologists have proven that despite the money factor, the huge responsibility for the quality of education lies on the all-in-all cultural aspect that is seen in the family. If both parents work in the intellectual field, if they instilled the love for reading in their children, if they taught the kids how important it is to be a genuinely honest person, then these factors combined will be able to beat the wealth factor.

Usually, the parents who have so-called “intellectual fund” understand that spending time with kids, educating them about life, in general, is extremely important. And a kid who feels love and support will more likely to study well at school.

Here comes another sad fact though. The families which are poor and well-educated are rather rare because it demolishes the whole idea of the higher education. Therefore, children from both uneducated and poor families have significantly fewer chances to be successful at studying. If there is anything that can be done about this unfair situation? Well, the governments from all over the world are already trying implementing various programs which will help to solve this problem.

The Internet Will Save the World and Education

The solution comes with the world wide web. It`s true that all schools are different and they all provide education on a different level of quality. There is a lot we can learn from the Scandinavian countries in the field of the secondary education. The schools there have mostly the same capacities and opportunities for studying. Whether it`s a city or a village, there are no better or worse schools there so everybody has equal chances to succeed in life.

Obviously, it would take ages and (my mathematical skills are absolutely terrible so take it as a bold guess) dozens of millions of dollars to establish such system of secondary education all over the world. So the Internet will play a role of Superman here. Special programs are planned to be developed in order to fill in the gaps in knowledge that some students may have.

Those special programs will contain a huge base of various books and exercises. If a school in some small town doesn`t have the teachers who are qualified enough to provide their students with the same level of knowledge that teachers from some fancy private school can, then they can teach their students with the help of those special programs to reduce the distance on the intellectual path between the kids.

The pedagogues who developed these programs say that they are aimed at the education at home as well. Not every student has an opportunity to seek help with their home assignments from parents and not every parent has enough knowledge to educate their children. So the only way to gain equality here is through these special online courses.


Being Born with a Writing Talent? Not Really!


Look, there is your mom who keeps wondering why you didn`t take after her in all the talents she has and among many there is writing. She may be telling you that back in the day when she was a student as well, she was an absolute champion of essay writing unlike all of those losers who studied with her. That`s why this woman is sure that if you work hard enough, you`ll develop your talent which is definitely sleeping inside you. Because writing is a creative process, it is art, therefore, you can get it through the genes.

But you`re trying to prove your point saying that a talent or a skill is not transmittable genetically. So who is right in this situation? I bet a lot of you, guys, can relate to this. Of course, the details of the story may vary but the result is still the same. My story involves my granny and poetry. She is a genius and I`m a walking disaster. Does it mean that if one of your close relatives is talented in something, this talent is just sleeping inside you and you can evoke it and become great in some sphere? I think that science is the only adviser in this family squabble.

What Kind of Heritage Would You Prefer?

Like Father, Like Son

“First things first, I`m a realist” and yes, I asked Iggy Azalea to help me on this one because I hope she would seem more persuasive. So, first things first, scientists still can`t agree on the whole idea of a talent. What does it even mean? In society, a talent is believed to be an extraordinary ability of an individual that is given to one since the birth. Celebrities are usually perceived as very talented people. Especially when it comes to signing, acting, dancing. Well, famous writers are the celebrities, indeed.

No, guys, we won`t start discussing who among celebrities has or doesn`t have a talent, the point is we usually can tell whether the person is great in a certain field or not. But science can`t really define what is this ability. There is nothing supernatural in it, that`s for sure. A talent can`t be transferred through genes from a parent to a child.

However, there is the other option. You`ve probably seen a lot of children of famous people who made the same career as their parents. It`s because certain character traits, capacities, and inclinations can be inherited. The job of a kid, in this case, is to use these inbuilt functions right.

Can You Grow a Talent?

It`s not just about writing but pretty much about any artistic occupation. Many people have been wondering what`s more effective and what will get you closer to the successful life: talent or training. Turns out, both! Of course, it would be just awesome if these two characteristics combine in one person but the studies have shown that there is 50% chance to become really good at something either with a talent or with training.

Here comes another trick from nature though. There are people who got an ability to train effectively from their parents. They are called high responders. Therefore, kids of professional athletes are more likely to become great sportsmen than the others. But again, it`s not a 100% chance.

To sum up, scientists say that a talent is trainable. You have more opportunities if you are “born that way” but you won`t achieve much if you don`t work hard enough to develop those skills that genetics has given you.

Fangirling: Science Says You`re Not Obsessed


I bet each and every one of us has that celebrity that will make us faint because of awe if we ever meet them. It could be an actor, a singer, a model or even a scientist (remember that Sheldon Cooper`s reaction to Stephen Hawking?). We all have that one special idol and usually, we don`t want to admit we`re obsessed with them. Because this is just plain crazy. Why would you be so interested in a life of a person that basically lives on another planet aka Hollywood Hills?

Turns out, there is pure science hidden in that phenomenon. Usually when we hear the word combination “super fan” we imagine a bunch of screaming groupies like from documented videos of Beatles mania or pretty much any concert of One Direction. On top of that, stereotypically the teenagers are usually seen as the most passionate (or crazy) fans.

So who is that one special artist to whose concert you bought tickets instead of paying for your textbooks? If it was “Imagine Dragons” then, trust me, you`re forgiven and your karma is absolutely pure. Besides, there is a solid explanation why did you do this and I`m going to give it to you.

It`s Always About Your Brain

Listening to Pleasant Music

The science says that you as a freshman and you as a senior student are totally different people. It`s not only because you probably have strands of grey hair and a nervous collapse by the time of graduation, but it`s also because you`re going through an important phase of growing up. You turn from a teenager to an adult and you must have noticed that your tastes in music and cinematography have changed drastically through this time of shifting.

The teenagers` brain is still in the process of developing but there is this limbic system (the most mature dude in the game) which controls the emotional response. This is why when teens hear an emotional song or watch a dramatic movie their response is much more vivid. When you listen to that kind of music it hits your reward system as well so you feel so much pleasure while listening to all of your favorite jams.

This is the exact type of music you`re going to remember with nostalgic tears in your eyes being an adult. By the way, this is why your parents say that they listened to the “real music” back in their days and everything modern is just rubbish.

Fangirling VS Fanboying

Screaming Football Fans

Again, if we take a look at Beatles fan you`ll see significantly more females there that the males. It`s not only Beatles though, pretty much any genre and any artist are being appreciated more by the girls rather than the boys. This is also can be explained by science. When teenage girls go through the development of their sexuality they tend to get more emotional over the sad breakup songs by Taylor Swift or cheerful upbeat love stories from Katy Perry.

The worst part of all of this is that the music industry does know about this phenomenon in the psychology of teenagers and they make artists create the hits that will definitely go viral. Yes, it may or may not be sad to admit but statistically speaking girls prefer the love songs (that`s why Justin Bieber sings them, perhaps he doesn`t even like those himself) but the boys tend to listen to the songs that describe the life struggles and the ways to overcome them (like “Believer” by “Imagine Dragons” or “Show Must Go On” by “Queen”).

Of course, there will be many teenage girls who will say that they love “AC/DC” or “Rammstein” but it`s not like scientists can create the statistics of all the people on the planet, right? Anyway, girls may be obsessing over the musicians in the same way boys are screaming and crying at the sports games but for some reason that is considered to be normal. So unfair!


Two Assignments Mean One Essay

Lazy Student

This is, boys and girls, a literal story of my university life. Don`t blame me. It`s not like you have time for all of these nonsensical assignments. Besides, I remember when I was a freshman one professor said that we might not get any knowledge at the university but will definitely learn how to be tricky and creative. So yes, maybe it is a good idea after all. Of course, there is a huge number of factors that you should keep in mind.

However, you`ll feel like a super agent in a spy movie pulling tricks on your professors. If you calculate all the odds and possibilities of your failure, then it`s even possible to pull it off on multiple occasions. Perhaps, you still have a little idea what this article is going to be about, then sit back and imagine how much time you`re going to save by doing one work instead of two.

The best possible option is when you can choose the topic yourself. Even if you have the general directions, it still okay as far as it`s not a specific issue you have to write about. After this, you`ve got to choose another subject that will more a less fit the topic and… hold on, there is actually so much more that you have to do. Let`s take a look.

An Investigation Part


It`s dangerous to do this on a regular basis. And I won`t lie, it does give a good adrenaline boost. On top of that, it also gives you a lot of additional free time. You have to do the research for only one essay instead of two. Sounds like a dream! For example, you have an assignment for literature and history class at the same time.

These two spheres have a lot in common so you may already think that you`re a lucky cookie and you can only submit one work. But some investigation needs to be done at first. Do these two professors actually know each other? What if they are working in one office or go for coffee during a break? At least take a look if they are friends on Facebook because this is the easiest part. Of course, the chances that they are going to discuss your (undoubtedly) brilliant work are not so big. But better safe than sorry, right?

It`s Like Cooking a Pie

All you have to do so your work turns out to be successful is to mix all the ingredients in right order and in the right proportion. I know for sure that professors just love the keywords. It`s not like they are big fans of those but they find it really simpler to check your work if it has keywords all over it. Before starting an essay, write down all the keywords that are suitable for both assignments. Even those that are vaguely close will still do the trick.

After that write a story just like any you`ve written before and highlight different keywords in the text. There you go! Basically, the same text but it looks like you`ve been trying really hard on both of them. Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. One essay from different angles may look like two. This is what I call a true creativity.

We Need a Safer Plan

Too Many Assignments

I do understand that such an approach won`t be suitable for absolutely everybody. So here comes another solution based on the experience of dozens of other students. The curriculum may be changing each year but there is rarely something drastic in those alterations. Ask the older fellow students whether they had the same task back in their year of studying. I bet you`ll have a lot of success in this.

I know that many senior students may just give away their works because of solidarity and in some cases, they may ask for some remuneration. It`s up to you to decide but time is money and vice versa. One more piece of advice. Don`t you ever delete any essays or writing works from your computer. Firstly, the freshmen may ask you for those (again, it`s up to you to decide what kind of reward do you want for all your struggles). Secondly, there is a big chance that you can use the same essay twice changing only a title and the entering paragraph.

Raise your hand who thinks that cheating at university is bad. What? No one! I knew I had the right crowd. It is believed that the “C” students become even more successful than the honor-roll students because they use their sharp mind and different tricks in order to graduate from the university. And usually, people that can get out of any hard situation, can make their own profitable and thriving businesses.

Hire Someone, an Academic Paper Won`t Write Itself

Just Keep Writing

When you don`t have time/ desire/ talent to do something time-consuming and exhausting like writing an academic paper, then this messed up world based on the commodity and money relations will be happy to propose you a solution. Do you have enough of cash? Then welcome to the club of people who don`t write their university work but hire the … let`s call them assistants.

It does sound like a good idea when you`re already working somewhere besides studying and realize that it would save you tons of nerves and time. Besides, I know for sure that a lot of people who are getting a certain degree have changed their mind about the profession they`ve chosen so all they care about is just getting a diploma even without any knowledge.

These situations are rather understandable. However, there are still some factors that you should consider before hiring someone to do all the work instead of you. In case you`re one of those types of people I mentioned above, then you`re free to go but if you still have some serious doubts about who will be a better author for your academic paper, then you`re more than welcomed to read this article.

A Bonus for the Future. Maybe?

Well, I just have to try to stop you from doing this. I don`t really have that many solid arguments to talk you out of hiring someone to do all the work for you but I know how you feel about this whole studying process so hear me out. The whole time that you spend at the university may seem like a massive waste of opportunities. But look at this from another perspective.

If it`s your academic paper then you`re more likely to choose the topic yourself, therefore you can turn it into an interesting and knowledgeable experience that you can use in the future. For example, you`ve got that one special company on your mind that you see as your dream job. Of course, if it`s a cool position you`re aiming at it won`t be easy for you to score a job interview. But if you write your whole project about this workplace, if you develop some effective innovations in that project, I bet, the managers of the company will look at you like at the professional.

If you`re an architect, for instance, you can create a presentation or perhaps at least describe it in the academic paper that reflects some projects that a designer company is already working on. This way when you apply for a job there, you`ll show the real case of your work and will prove that you`re not just an inexperienced graduate.

I Admire Your Determination

Hiring Someone

So you still are stubborn enough to make someone else write a paper instead of you. That`s fine. At least you should know how to do it right. There are so many websites that offer you a service like this that it`s so easy to get lost. It`s not only that you have no idea what kind of quality they provide but also you don`t know whether they will just get money out of you.

First and foremost, order the work beforehand. Yes, it`s possible that these guys do it in a couple of days but nobody can guarantee that they do a good job. Make sure you have enough time to point out some inaccuracies and mistakes so they can correct them. Besides, the more you`re in a hurry, the more you`ll have to pay for the work.

Don`t forget about the gist of the work. The writer has to know at least the plot of your academic paper. Write a plan yourself depending on your course and the demands from the professor. Different universities have different requirements when it comes to the uniqueness of students` works. This is an extremely important issue and you`ve got to discuss it with the writer.

The best option is when you can check the work step by step. Of course, you have various subtopics for your academic paper so it would be awesome if the writer can send these to you not all together at the end but one by one. Firstly, you`ll be able to check out the style and the professionalism of the author. Secondly, you`ll have time to correct all the mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, it`s important to find out all the requirements beforehand because it will be more expensive and it will take longer if you ask to make any corrections in the process of writing. Perhaps, you`d also want to check out the previous works of a certain writer.

When all you need is diploma because you`re absolutely sure that you`re not going to work in this field, then it`s a good idea to hire somebody so you wouldn`t waste your precious time. There is one more thing though: don`t forget to read the paper before you submit it.

Neuromarketing: a Key to Your Brain and Wallet

They are playing with your thoughts on a daily basis, you don`t even notice it and there is nothing you can do about it. You`d think that your conscious would help to distant yourself from all these omnipresent marketing tricks but it`s actually your subconscious that steals all of your objective judgement. I`ve always known that the techniques various brands are using to make us buy stuff are neat and tricky but the recent discovery of this book called “Buy-ology” by Martin Lindstrom gave me another reason to be scared of all the mind games that can be played against my will.

Do you have any kind of algorithm when you buy something? What is the first thing you choose? What are your thoughts when you just step into the shop? Many people are sure that they control the situation here but it`s as close to the truth as Ronaldo being the worst football player ever. We all are calculated based on our beliefs, nationality, views, lifestyle, education, job, family and circle of friends. Having all this detailed data the brands are able to provide us with that very product we need so much. So marketing is not that bad after all, right?


The era of consumerism has started about 15 years ago and it doesn`t seem to slow down. We need more and more food, clothes and now we need the biggest hit of the 21st century – the developed technologies. The cooler gadget you have, the higher is your social status. This seems logical but there is one thing that stands out of the picture and makes me ask questions. Why are people so eager to buy the goods they never thought they actually needed in order to lead a happy lifestyle?

Neuromarketing has the answers to this question. This term is rather new because even my Microsoft Word doesn`t recognize it as a known word. This sphere studies the behavior, the habits and the patterns of actions of the buyers. Some specialists who work in this field are studying all these processes to help people understand the mechanisms that work in the industry to trick them. Other people are studying it because their brand has to be more successful.

So there are two approaches in perceiving all the research which is being conducted in the neuromarketing. The one seems helpful and the other is rather dangerous. We know that there are such things as hypnosis, subconscious suggestion or subliminal stimuli (which is the consummation of information without realizing it). And now there is also neuromarketing which now is causing a huge ethical debate in society.

On the one hand, getting more data about the influence on human subconscious means a violation of humans` rights. On the other hand, this research still can be conducted secretly and the influence can be even bigger. One brand can take over the world and set a monopoly on a certain product. Knowledge is power, they say. So let`s take a look at some of the techniques of advertisement persuasion.


It is believed that bright colors get much more response from our brain than the dark or pastel ones. This is why a lot of producers are trying to make their goods recognizable, distinguishable and memorable with the help of different contrasting colors and shades. However, the neuromarketers know for sure that just the appearance of a product won`t appeal the buyers. So they combine the smell and the noise in order to make the goods even more attractive.

For example, did you know that packages with coffee beans are saturated with the artificial flavor of this beverage so the moment you open the package you get that special extremely pleasant smell? Another example is the smacking sound a lot of packages with chips make the moment you open them. Like the one you do with the lips when you eat something tasty. Brands do that because they want you to associate their product with the most delicious food ever that even sounds tasty.

There is something I would never think of personally but the neuromarketing guys did and it turned into the huge advertisement campaigns. Nowadays more and more companies are including the religious factor into the commercial, logo or the whole marketing strategy. They use the same pattern religion does and the sales skyrocket like crazy. In order to see why religion and marketing work together in the sphere of business, let`s find out what are the similarities between these two spheres.

When we see someone wearing or holding a product from a certain brand, we instantly feel a subconscious connection to this person. This way we feel like we belong to some group. For a human being, this very feeling is extremely important. We are social animals and we need other people around us. So a gadget, the trousers or a car which was produced by the same brand work as the emotional connection with another person.

The same is with religion, actually. Back in the day when people saw someone wearing a cross on the chest, they immediately were feeling calm and secure because that person was a part of their social group, he/she didn`t stand out, they are the part of your circle. By the way, people who were near the huge “Apple” office in New York City would say that they had a weird tingling feeling, they felt the awe just like at the moment you walk into the church.

What is more, many neuromarketers claim that the presentations of new “Apple” products did look like the preaching in front of the admiring flock. So basically people voluntarily welcomed the new religion into this world.

How often are you trying to find the hidden meaning (or “Easter-eggs” as those are usually called) in books, songs, public speeches? But we often fail to notice what is happening to us every minute of our lives because we are surrounded by advertising and still have no idea how it works on us. And many people for some reason are sure that they won`t fall for all of those tricks. Little they know…

Too Creative or Not Creative: What`s Better?


This world doesn`t need boring stuff that`s why we are so keen on unusualness, uniqueness, and exclusivity. The human nature is the most enigmatic. We want to feel like a part of a group, we want to be the members of society, we are eager to be like everybody else in order to fit in (that`s why fashion and trends exist actually). But at the same time, we strive for individualism, we want to be perceived as special human beings and we don`t like being compared to others.

So it`s very tricky. You never know whether you weren`t carried away with a too high level of creativity or it`s still perceived as something normal. It`s especially hard when it comes to art. This an extremely delicate matter. You`re either an outstanding artist or just a crazy weirdo. I realized that it happens not only to some famous literary works that weren`t accepted by society at first but it`s even about your writing skills as a student.

How many times have you been actually trying hard in order to submit a good paper? You spend hours at the library and even more hours on the Internet searching for the most relevant and interesting information. What is more, you are even trying to compound these facts and analysis into some sort of an art form. Just an essay is boring so you decide to make a PowerPoint presentation or to shoot a mini-movie or to write a song about it.

However, with time, you start overthinking this whole idea and all you want to do is just to write a creative essay. It can be an unusual approach, an extravagant vibe. All of the sudden you want to become Lady Gaga in the world of university writing assignments. But all of your dreams about teacher`s praising and great grade crush into small pieces after your work is called “way too creative and odd”. I remember the similar situation I had at university, I bet, some of you have definitely experienced it as well.

Frustration and Self-Reproach

Bad Grade

When it comes to the creativity, there are no rules. There are no patterns you can act in accordance with, therefore, your work can`t be evaluated objectively. Yes, I could give you dozens if not hundreds of examples of famous artists, writers, and musicians who were appreciated way too late (after their death, obviously) but we won`t wait until that moment.

Psychologists suggest that people whose skills are significantly different in comparison to other people tend to be more sensitive when it comes to evaluation of their talent. At the end of the day, no matter how hard we are trying to convince ourselves, we depend on the opinion of other people on the large scale.

But before you jump into all of these conclusions, there is still one thing that you have to figure out: do you actually have that talent and people simply don`t understand you or you are trying to blame your failed grades at the teacher who is “too narrow-minded”?

Unrecognized Genius

When I started digging into this problem I have realized that it`s way more serious than I thought it was. In psychology, it`s called Dunning-Kruger effect. Sounds scary but it`s just the last names of two scientists. The actual syndrome is even scarier and I honestly hope you don`t have one. To put it in a few words (if it`s ever possible with psychology) this effect shows up when a person who is not so qualified to do certain work is sure that the one is an absolute genius.

Those people believe in their superiority though they have absolutely no knowledge or skills to back this up. Sounds like a symptom a lot of politicians have actually. The incompetent people aren`t able to realize and analyze all the mistakes they have because of their, guess what, that`s right, incompetence! A vicious circle indeed.

However, scientists have a couple suggestions how this problem can be solved. It`s not like people who have this Dunning-Kruger effect are mentally challenged. They still are active and productive members of society who are constantly denying their disastrous unprofessionalism.

Though if you ask me, I`d rather believe that you truly are an unrecognized genius than call you a contemptuous monkey. So take some time to figure out who are you and bounce back to the normal life. Besides, if only one teacher has pointed out something like this, does even a reason to get worried exist?

Not Sleeping Well? Just Convince Yourself!

Good Sleep

The power that human brain holds is just absolutely remarkable. The brain is that one part of our body that still remains mysterious, unlike all the others. We know how the kidneys work, how the heart pumps the blood through the vessels and we have even discovered how the healing process of the damaged tissues is happening.

But still, we have little idea about the purpose of dreaming, the origins of psychosomatic pain (remember the one doctor Watson had) and the power of self-suggestion. This brain capacity is the one that is our target this time. I can`t promise you that all the secrets will be revealed and you`ll know how to convince yourself or anybody else in pretty much everything. But I can tell you one interesting fact that will definitely help you to go on with your hectic student life. If you believe that you had a nice solid shut-eye (even though you`re actually a walking zombie who has forgotten the meaning of the word “sleep”) then it will have a wonderful effect on your brain.

Placebo Effect Works Even with Sleeping

Placebo Effect

You`ve probably heard about the placebo effect. It`s when your brain is convincing your other organs that something is happening when in reality it`s not. For example, you have a massive headache and you`re being told that this incredibly special pill will help with the pain. You take it and the miracle happens, the pain goes away and you`re feeling just great. But turns out, the pill was just a vitamin. Your brain was convinced it would work and it did work. It`s the same with the sleeping.

However, to be honest, I don`t really know how this is supposed to help you with your every night ZZZ-s but at least you`ll find out tons of interesting information. The study that was conducted to prove this point was nothing more than just a bunch of lies the scientists told the volunteers.

The researchers told the students who were participating in the experiment the processes their brain goes through while sleeping. Specifically, they were told that effectiveness of sleep depends on the length of the REM phase of sleeping and this phase varies from person to person. Oh, I almost forgot, before this whole lection, the students were asked to go through a special test to check their cognitive functions.

After that, the volunteers were hooked to the special little computers that were supposed to analyze the work of the body during the sleep and calculate the length of the REM phase. But there was this little secret kept from the students. Those little computers didn`t actually do anything. The next morning the scientists reported the made up results of the experiment. The specialists said to the first group of volunteers that their REM phase was pretty short. The second group was convinced that their phase was much longer than of an average person, therefore they had the more effective sleep.

It`s Not Like the Results Were That Surprising

Not Enough Sleep

Then both groups were asked to go through the cognitive test again. Guess what happened next? If I was making a video about this phenomenon I would definitely include a drum roll right here. Please, use your imagination, find the familiar sound of a drum roll in your head. So, as you might have already guessed based on the whole topic of the article, people who thought they had a nice solid effective shut-eye did perform significantly better on that test.

Yes, you can`t convince yourself of having enough of sleep because this would be just absurd. But you can trick someone else`s brain instead. Of course, I hope there will be nothing evil. In case your friend or a roommate has a tough day ahead and they didn`t get enough of sleep, convince them that they did get it and their day will be much more effective. For example, you can tell them that the new study has made a revolutionary discovery that for some people 3-4 hours of sleep per day is absolutely okay.

By the way, this is true but this is extremely rare and those people use many special techniques when it comes to sleeping. So, please, no experiments like this, alright?


More Money for Ladies: Professions with Reversed Pay Gaps

Women with Money

The modern human society is seriously messed up. Despite all the attempts to recover from “women-are-less-worthy-than-men” disease that has been haunting all of us for centuries, females still get paid 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. Yes, there is an improvement because the last number that you must have heard was 75 cents for every dollar. We are multiplying our earnings, girls!

Sociologists suggest that we`re going to need another fifty years to gain total gender equality when it comes to salary. So basically, our grandchildren are safe. This article is not just for you, all my ladies so you could feel more empowered than ever (though let`s not omit that intention) but for the gentlemen as well. Again, not to intimidate them with all the women`s victories but to show that there is a new era we live in.

Tell me, what are you first guesses about the professions which give more money opportunities for women rather than for men? I don`t want to know what was the first idea that crossed your mind, you nasty. I bet there will be a lot of ‘typical” female professions like a nanny or a nurse. If you didn`t think about those, then congrats you`re not stuck in the social stereotypes that much. Now let`s take a look at the real list starting from the small gap and after that, we`ll get to some serious lady money.


Sheldon Cooper may not love this science but all the women who are involved in this respectful field surely do. All because they earn 1.5% more than men here. Yes, I understand that it`s not much but this is a start, wait a little bit and we`ll get to real cash. It may seem that with this article we have a purpose to diminish the dignity of all men. Never on Earth was it our intention.

It`s true that we won`t do any list of jobs where men earn more than women. Surely, not because we don`t want to but because you already have one (all the professions that are not included in the list in this article). I have absolutely no doubts about your intellectual skills but I will dare to remind you that anthropology actually studies humans in general, humans as individuals, and humans as a part of the society. Are you interested in this occupation yet?

Sports manager

We need to throw this point of the list right in the face of all the people that say that sport is not for girls. Of course, it is! Who else are the most fierce and strong human beings on the planet? Anyway, ladies can be both athletes and managers when it comes to this field. The pay gap is starting growing already and women make 1.6% more than men.

Ladies and sports is the best possible combination because this sphere requires good analytical and organizational skills, besides you need to be quite a psychologist. Sportsmen may seem like very emotionally stable people but sometimes they do need some support to keep going after a failure or a trauma and girls are known to be more compassionate so they are the real help in the field.

Mechanical engineering

Female Engineer

This is just “Yay!” We did it, ladies! Through all these years men have been dominating the sphere of technology and engineering and now… they still do actually but all least women earn 3% more money than them. This is comforting.

In most of the sci-fi or documentary movies, men take the roles of the “smarty pants” who are so good with technologies, computers and other stuff. Female characters at this time are supposed to look at those men with admiration like they would never be able to get this whole secret of control panels and wires. The good thing is, the reality is quite different nowadays.


Before I explain any earnings in numbers, I guess I need to explain (of course, you know it, you just forgot it, right?) what is kinesiology and why do we need it. Without it, all the people who have become incapacitated for various reasons will never be able to feel free and strong again. Kinesiology studies the human body and its movements.

With its help people who have lost an arm or a leg would be able to lead a full life. And the ladies help a lot in that with their 5% paycheck gap (not in men`s favor).

Chemical engineering

Another cool scientific profession that requires some very serious skills and knowledge. The contribution of women in this sphere may not seem as wide as the male`s but now they have way more opportunities. The reason is simple: they earn more. 5.4% more to be exact. Discovering new drugs, saving many lives, this is what I call the work for a true lady.

Environmental science

I must admit that some women have joined this professional group not because of nature but more because of Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of this particular field and they are the huge fans of Leonardo DiCaprio as you might have guessed. On a more serious note though, if chemical engineers may be saving humanity, then the environmentalists are may be saving the planet. With the salary higher than men`s for about 7%, it`s easier to do that.


Ladies make here 8.1% more than the gentlemen and there are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, most of the products which are being sold are aimed at the women so the women know better how to sell those. Secondly, some men products are usually being advertised with the sexual subtext and manipulative tricks. Again, who is a better professional at telling a man what to do if it`s not a female?

Social Work

Okay, now we got to that very stereotype. I think it was predictable enough that women would earn 8.4% more in a profession where it`s required to be kind, patient, and altruistic. Of course, we don`t want to spread even more stereotypes that men can`t possess all these characteristics. It`s just that an idea of a woman who is a caregiver is sitting very tight in social conscious.


 Female Singer

Hello from the queen of pop Taylor Swift who is the highest-earning celebrity under 30 years old. I can name you dozens more female artists who earn more than the men. The sad fact is that it`s absolutely not the same in the cinematography where the pay gap is painfully huge. By the way, all the girls like Adele earn 10.1% more than all the boys like Ed Sheeran. However, to be honest this social study was more about the ordinary people rather than celebrities. What? I just wanted to throw in some cool references.


The winner of this salary competition. Yes, turns out ladies make bigger bucks when they are building the skyscrapers. And it`s actually 14% more. Pretty impressive, huh?