Not Sleeping Well? Just Convince Yourself!

Good Sleep

The power that human brain holds is just absolutely remarkable. The brain is that one part of our body that still remains mysterious, unlike all the others. We know how the kidneys work, how the heart pumps the blood through the vessels and we have even discovered how the healing process of the damaged tissues is happening.

But still, we have little idea about the purpose of dreaming, the origins of psychosomatic pain (remember the one doctor Watson had) and the power of self-suggestion. This brain capacity is the one that is our target this time. I can`t promise you that all the secrets will be revealed and you`ll know how to convince yourself or anybody else in pretty much everything. But I can tell you one interesting fact that will definitely help you to go on with your hectic student life. If you believe that you had a nice solid shut-eye (even though you`re actually a walking zombie who has forgotten the meaning of the word “sleep”) then it will have a wonderful effect on your brain.

Placebo Effect Works Even with Sleeping

Placebo Effect

You`ve probably heard about the placebo effect. It`s when your brain is convincing your other organs that something is happening when in reality it`s not. For example, you have a massive headache and you`re being told that this incredibly special pill will help with the pain. You take it and the miracle happens, the pain goes away and you`re feeling just great. But turns out, the pill was just a vitamin. Your brain was convinced it would work and it did work. It`s the same with the sleeping.

However, to be honest, I don`t really know how this is supposed to help you with your every night ZZZ-s but at least you`ll find out tons of interesting information. The study that was conducted to prove this point was nothing more than just a bunch of lies the scientists told the volunteers.

The researchers told the students who were participating in the experiment the processes their brain goes through while sleeping. Specifically, they were told that effectiveness of sleep depends on the length of the REM phase of sleeping and this phase varies from person to person. Oh, I almost forgot, before this whole lection, the students were asked to go through a special test to check their cognitive functions.

After that, the volunteers were hooked to the special little computers that were supposed to analyze the work of the body during the sleep and calculate the length of the REM phase. But there was this little secret kept from the students. Those little computers didn`t actually do anything. The next morning the scientists reported the made up results of the experiment. The specialists said to the first group of volunteers that their REM phase was pretty short. The second group was convinced that their phase was much longer than of an average person, therefore they had the more effective sleep.

It`s Not Like the Results Were That Surprising

Not Enough Sleep

Then both groups were asked to go through the cognitive test again. Guess what happened next? If I was making a video about this phenomenon I would definitely include a drum roll right here. Please, use your imagination, find the familiar sound of a drum roll in your head. So, as you might have already guessed based on the whole topic of the article, people who thought they had a nice solid effective shut-eye did perform significantly better on that test.

Yes, you can`t convince yourself of having enough of sleep because this would be just absurd. But you can trick someone else`s brain instead. Of course, I hope there will be nothing evil. In case your friend or a roommate has a tough day ahead and they didn`t get enough of sleep, convince them that they did get it and their day will be much more effective. For example, you can tell them that the new study has made a revolutionary discovery that for some people 3-4 hours of sleep per day is absolutely okay.

By the way, this is true but this is extremely rare and those people use many special techniques when it comes to sleeping. So, please, no experiments like this, alright?


More Money for Ladies: Professions with Reversed Pay Gaps

Women with Money

The modern human society is seriously messed up. Despite all the attempts to recover from “women-are-less-worthy-than-men” disease that has been haunting all of us for centuries, females still get paid 82 cents for every dollar a man earns. Yes, there is an improvement because the last number that you must have heard was 75 cents for every dollar. We are multiplying our earnings, girls!

Sociologists suggest that we`re going to need another fifty years to gain total gender equality when it comes to salary. So basically, our grandchildren are safe. This article is not just for you, all my ladies so you could feel more empowered than ever (though let`s not omit that intention) but for the gentlemen as well. Again, not to intimidate them with all the women`s victories but to show that there is a new era we live in.

Tell me, what are you first guesses about the professions which give more money opportunities for women rather than for men? I don`t want to know what was the first idea that crossed your mind, you nasty. I bet there will be a lot of ‘typical” female professions like a nanny or a nurse. If you didn`t think about those, then congrats you`re not stuck in the social stereotypes that much. Now let`s take a look at the real list starting from the small gap and after that, we`ll get to some serious lady money.


Sheldon Cooper may not love this science but all the women who are involved in this respectful field surely do. All because they earn 1.5% more than men here. Yes, I understand that it`s not much but this is a start, wait a little bit and we`ll get to real cash. It may seem that with this article we have a purpose to diminish the dignity of all men. Never on Earth was it our intention.

It`s true that we won`t do any list of jobs where men earn more than women. Surely, not because we don`t want to but because you already have one (all the professions that are not included in the list in this article). I have absolutely no doubts about your intellectual skills but I will dare to remind you that anthropology actually studies humans in general, humans as individuals, and humans as a part of the society. Are you interested in this occupation yet?

Sports manager

We need to throw this point of the list right in the face of all the people that say that sport is not for girls. Of course, it is! Who else are the most fierce and strong human beings on the planet? Anyway, ladies can be both athletes and managers when it comes to this field. The pay gap is starting growing already and women make 1.6% more than men.

Ladies and sports is the best possible combination because this sphere requires good analytical and organizational skills, besides you need to be quite a psychologist. Sportsmen may seem like very emotionally stable people but sometimes they do need some support to keep going after a failure or a trauma and girls are known to be more compassionate so they are the real help in the field.

Mechanical engineering

Female Engineer

This is just “Yay!” We did it, ladies! Through all these years men have been dominating the sphere of technology and engineering and now… they still do actually but all least women earn 3% more money than them. This is comforting.

In most of the sci-fi or documentary movies, men take the roles of the “smarty pants” who are so good with technologies, computers and other stuff. Female characters at this time are supposed to look at those men with admiration like they would never be able to get this whole secret of control panels and wires. The good thing is, the reality is quite different nowadays.


Before I explain any earnings in numbers, I guess I need to explain (of course, you know it, you just forgot it, right?) what is kinesiology and why do we need it. Without it, all the people who have become incapacitated for various reasons will never be able to feel free and strong again. Kinesiology studies the human body and its movements.

With its help people who have lost an arm or a leg would be able to lead a full life. And the ladies help a lot in that with their 5% paycheck gap (not in men`s favor).

Chemical engineering

Another cool scientific profession that requires some very serious skills and knowledge. The contribution of women in this sphere may not seem as wide as the male`s but now they have way more opportunities. The reason is simple: they earn more. 5.4% more to be exact. Discovering new drugs, saving many lives, this is what I call the work for a true lady.

Environmental science

I must admit that some women have joined this professional group not because of nature but more because of Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of this particular field and they are the huge fans of Leonardo DiCaprio as you might have guessed. On a more serious note though, if chemical engineers may be saving humanity, then the environmentalists are may be saving the planet. With the salary higher than men`s for about 7%, it`s easier to do that.


Ladies make here 8.1% more than the gentlemen and there are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. Firstly, most of the products which are being sold are aimed at the women so the women know better how to sell those. Secondly, some men products are usually being advertised with the sexual subtext and manipulative tricks. Again, who is a better professional at telling a man what to do if it`s not a female?

Social Work

Okay, now we got to that very stereotype. I think it was predictable enough that women would earn 8.4% more in a profession where it`s required to be kind, patient, and altruistic. Of course, we don`t want to spread even more stereotypes that men can`t possess all these characteristics. It`s just that an idea of a woman who is a caregiver is sitting very tight in social conscious.


 Female Singer

Hello from the queen of pop Taylor Swift who is the highest-earning celebrity under 30 years old. I can name you dozens more female artists who earn more than the men. The sad fact is that it`s absolutely not the same in the cinematography where the pay gap is painfully huge. By the way, all the girls like Adele earn 10.1% more than all the boys like Ed Sheeran. However, to be honest this social study was more about the ordinary people rather than celebrities. What? I just wanted to throw in some cool references.


The winner of this salary competition. Yes, turns out ladies make bigger bucks when they are building the skyscrapers. And it`s actually 14% more. Pretty impressive, huh?



A Topic of an Essay: It`s Hard to Keep it Interesting

Bored Girl

Boring! Boredom! Eternal boredom! I bet we all have those thoughts from time to time after receiving an assignment. Another essay and another topic you have absolutely no interest in. Well, I do have fun writing this for you, guys, but there were these dark and sorrowful days when I had to write the essays on some extremely weird topics for university assignments.

Once we were given a task to make an interview with a historical figure who is already dead. You`d think that it`s interesting and seems simple but there has to be a tricky part and it was beyond all our expectations. We had to ask this person the questions so they could tell something we don`t know about them yet. I`m sorry, professor, but what if practically every single day of their lives are known from the works of biographers? Turned out we had to make the whole conversation up. Until that day I didn`t know the teachers were allowed to smoke weed.

Anyway, some assignments may seem crazy. But this is more or less bearable. Have you ever seen fully sane students after a couple of years of studying at the university? But when the topic is plain boring (at least that`s what it seems to you), then the whole writing process may turn into a torture.

Of course, nobody will ask you to write an essay about the evolution of Victoria`s Secret lingerie so, in comparison to this topic, any other would seem pretty tedious. Perhaps, this is a good idea for an article. I bet the boys will dig the illustrations. I won`t torment you with the cool topics of essays anymore, let`s get back to our problem. So the essay you`re writing may have a potential to become the most uninteresting and depressing ever. What can you do about it?

Rules Are Made to Be Broken

Angry Students

I`m going to tell you one of the biggest secrets of the university education right now. If you already know it, then don`t kill my vibe and just read it until the end. That`s something that I`ve been doing on multiple occasions when the topic of an essay or any other work didn`t please me that much. I would just write down the right title and the entering passage was also in an agreement with the requirements but then a sentence by sentence my thoughts would usually go far away from the topic.

If you manage to capture the attention of a professor with some really good creative writing skills, then he/she will most definitely forget about the initial topic. As I said, I pulled it off multiple times. Your story has to be emotional, a bit provocative and it has to contain a certain moral (teachers do love that).

However, I have to warn you that this method will not work at the finals or exams where you`ll have to write an essay. If the task is to describe the cultural features of a traditional Maya settlement but all you want to write about is their failed prediction of the end of the world, then don`t be surprised because of getting the worst score.

Use the keywords pretending that you actually keep in mind the actual topic but still you may go all creative about this task. Just remember that everything has its limit, don`t overdose with an imagination though. It has to resemble the initial task at least for one bit.

I`m Going to Treat Myself for Thinking About Treating Myself

Humans largely depend on the award system which is situated in our brain. It is responsible for giving that special vibe of satisfaction after we achieve something, after somebody praises us and after we do something that required a lot of motivation and hard work. I think the last one does remind us of the assignment you have.

So in order to complete an undesirable task, just promise yourself that you`re going to get a good treat afterwards. Not just a treat but something that you have been wanting for a long long time. So a chocolate bar definitely won`t do. There is no reason to buy a car either (but in case you`re into that stuff, then good luck with a purchase). But to please your reward system, the present for yourself has to be really significant.

Mission: Impossible


I literally never do any assignment beforehand. The last night before the submission is the greatest motivator and the most effective booster of creativity. I bet 99% of you do the same. By the way, scientifically speaking, our brain postpones all the energy-consuming tasks on purpose so we won`t get stressed out not now but later. Well, thanks, sounds like a major disservice to me.

But this might be that only one special time when you`ll have to do the task at least a couple of days ahead. Why? This way your brain will adapt to the inevitability of the situation and will make the steps towards resolving this issue. But if you leave everything for the last night, you may just consider ditching the assignment you hate at all.

There is one more variant actually but I`m not sure at all whether it has a chance for success. It all depends on your diplomatic skills and the adequacy of your teacher. Maybe if you explain your struggle and ask for another topic it will actually work. Only, of course, if your professor is cool. Trust me all of them want to be considered cool.


A Bad Grade: No Luck with an Essay?

 Bad Grade

You are a pure sunshine which lights up the whole wide world. And there is this horrible professor who dared to disastrously underestimate you and give you a bad grade. You may feel pissed at your teacher, even at yourself but emotions simply won`t do here. One failure is okay because everything in this life is a lesson. The point is how are you going to turn this negative experience in your own favor?

In order to avoid the mistakes in the future, sure, you have to know what was the reason for such a low evaluation of your efforts. It`s one thing when you don`t give a rat`s tail about the assignment and get it done in half an hour. At that moment at least you don`t expect anything good to turn out of this. But there is this whole other thing when you were working hard, spending your days and nights on searching for interesting and useful information on the topic and all that you get is “C” tops. How does this system even work?

If you`ve ever been in a situation like this, trust me, I know your pain. People hate to lose, it`s simply in our nature. The worst part for a human is to get humiliated, to lose in front of many other fellow human beings. Psychologists say that it`s extremely important for the good mental health and cognitive functions of kids and teenagers not to tell their grade to the whole class. When you know you screwed up you may become sad but at least your social skills won`t get hurt. But when everybody knows you screwed up that`s already a high level of stress and anxiety.

The private policy works in most schools, colleges, and universities all over the globe. But if your teacher isn`t committed to this particular idea, then your class may address the administration because not following the rules of privacy is violation of human rights.

So you got a bad grade for your essay even though everything seemed so correct. Perhaps, the reason is among the typical mistakes or your failure was quite unique. Either way, we have to find out what to do next.

How Many Piles of Diamonds Do You Worth?

Pile of Diamonds

The first advice will be psychological and probably the most important one. Don`t let one bad essay let you down. I know that it`s hard not to lose the feeling of self-worth in the situations like this but depression is the last thing that you need right now. Besides, it`s just one assignment, what kind of depression are we even talking about?

I know people who would be touched by the bad results of the test pretty severely. So it does happen. Besides, it`s in our psychology to react that way. When you don`t meet the expectations that you`ve set for yourself it may affect your self-confidence. So all your skills and knowledge shouldn`t be defined by a single task.

Turn on Your Logic and Apply Math

Guy Calculating

Before you do anything stupid like rush in the professor`s office demanding the reason of your bad results, find out whether you got everything right. Did you do a really good job on the essay or you just think you did? Perhaps, your friend was trying even less than you but got a better grade? Of course, it will piss you off but it doesn`t mean that your lousy work was supposed to get a better evaluation.

Okay, let`s agree that you were trying really hard and you expected results to be much better because you made zero mistakes. Are you sure that a professor didn`t do any mistakes as well? He had to check all the dozens of works, so there is a chance that he had mixed up your last name with someone`s or he gave you not that grade he intended to.

Situations like this happen. If it was a test, for example, just calmly and politely ask your teacher to have a look at your work and count the points one more time. No man is infallible so there could be a mistake.

You Need to Get That Information

Taking into consideration that the privacy policy is rather widespread nowadays (thank goodness) in most universities it would be hard to find out the grades of your fellas. But to make sure everything is objective, you have to try and get that information out of them. Of course, it would be suspicious if you just walk around asking everybody about how they did on the assignment. So just ask your friends and if you all got the “C”, then perhaps there is something wrong with the system of evaluation.

Young professors tend to understate the actual results of students because they are demanding. Generally, it`s normal because those ambitious and energetic teachers are just eager to improve your skills and they can do it in a rather harsh way. Unfortunately, sometimes the professors aren`t being objective to the essays of the whole group. In that case, you should all together point out this fact to the administration. It`s just weird and suspicious that from the whole bunch of smart students nobody managed to please the high demands of a certain teacher.

You Didn`t Expect This Part, Did You?

Now comes some serious talk here, guys. Of course, everything stated above is absolutely worth trying but we haven`t pointed out another step in this game yet. Just move on and get prepared better for your next test or put even more effort into the writing an essay. The best possible option here is to address your professor and ask him/her for an advice.

Firstly, they would be pleased that you show so much interest towards their discipline and would probably remember you as a hard-working student. Secondly, they will actually help you to get better! I do believe that no professor would ever say “no” to a student when the one wants to improve his/her skills.

21st Century: What Are the Requirements to Get a Cool Job?

 Job Application

Maybe you`re just a student, maybe you have to make one more step towards your graduation or you may be even already making your way on a career ladder. Anyway, it may turn out that everything that you`ve learnt at the university so far won`t be applicable in the real professional world. And I know what you may say now “Like we didn`t know that!”

But it`s not just about the lack of practical skills that universities mostly don`t provide us with, it`s that it sets the program in our head that has nothing to do with the employment of the 21st century. What has changed and how can you adapt to the new environment on the labor market? Perhaps, you even may consider yourself to be one lucky cookie because some professors are actually trying to open your eyes to certain stuff. But how about we open them even a little bit more?

Diploma? Hang It on the Wall If You Want

We`re not going to tell you that having a diploma is absolutely useless. In most professions, it is still (and I bet always will be) absolutely essential. Will you ever go to the doctor who didn`t study at the university or will you buy a house built by an architect who has no diploma in this sphere? Unless you`re a reckless daredevil, I bet you won`t.

Nowadays there are lots of professions that don`t require a diploma or a higher education whatsoever. You know why? Because there are even no such courses and faculties at the universities! You should have noticed that informational environment we live in changes drastically on a daily basis. Some Internet trends occur, some disappear.

Social media managers, neuromarketers and all the professions that have to deal with digital technologies are those jobs that you`d rather learn in the process. Learning won`t take 4-5 years as the usual bachelors` studying last, if you`re clever and creative, it will take you a couple of months. By the way, speaking of clever and creative…

You Will Have to Change the Way You`re Thinking


Usually, at universities, we are being taught that we`ve got to be responsible, hardworking and straightforward, we`ve got to do everything perfectly and not to forget about the deadlines. Guess what, the requirements have changed and most of the companies adapt the working environment to the millennials and the next generation Z. Those people are highly creative and extremely energetic, however, it doesn`t last long.

They can be productive usually only a couple of hours per day but even in this short period, they are more productive than 3-4 full-time employers. The millennials, especially those born after 1985 have a different outlook on life. They have to understand that they have to be fast, flexible and without striving for perfection.

There is no place for perfectionists in IT for example. Have you noticed that companies usually release the beta-versions of some programs or platforms and after that, they release a whole bunch of updates? Yes, something may not be entirely perfect but if it`s useful today and if people need it today, the companies are going to release that product.

It doesn`t mean though that now you can show up at the working place for a couple of hours, look like you couldn`t care less, throw some ideas at the brainstorming meeting and go home. It will only work if these are the brilliant ideas and people come up with those rather rarely.

On the Start of Your Career Self-Branding Is a Must


Starting points are the worst. Whether it`s a blank piece of paper that is waiting for your words to be put on it, a suitcase that needs to be packed or an apartment that has to be cleaned. It`s always hard to begin doing something especially when you have no idea what to do. I`m talking about basically any assignment at university.

But when it comes to a career path, you have to make yourself take the first steps towards your success while studying at university. You have to come up with your own brand. No, it`s not like you have to create your own business, by the brand I mean you. Social media gives us the greatest opportunity to tell the whole world about ourselves as the professionals. If you`re a student, of course, you`re not much of a professional yet but it`s the right time to start thinking about your future career.

Make up Your Mind

I bet you spend quite some time scrolling through the Instagram pictures of different people. Some of them have the whole conceptions hidden in their profiles so you would always stay hooked. There is something captivating about those people, they are interesting, creative and different. The first thing that you have to think about is how different are you. What do you want people to associate you with? What contribution can you make to this world?

After you figure out what your brand will look like, you should turn it into reality. Create a platform where you`re going to show your skills. Professional psychologists sometimes post their publications on Facebook or even give free online consultations to promote themselves. Photographers create Instagram accounts, the artists are more likely to join Pinterest. In case you`re dreaming about a singing career, then YouTube is your number one choice. How about journalism? You may start by posting Snapchats from different events. The most important thing here is to find the right field and the most effective tool of promotion.

A Balance Between Fun and Work

Work and Life Balance

It happens pretty often when personal and professional accounts just blend in. You have to agree that a doctor who takes it to Twitter to talk about the harmfulness of alcohol and a day after posts a pic on Instagram of him sipping tequila is never a good idea. A joint account of both fun and serious sides is becoming a trend nowadays. People have always been interested in emotions.

So you should post your pictures with friends, family, and pets from time to time so people become interested in both your professional and private life. This will give an impression of a well-balanced person and you`ll get more followers. Of course, it doesn`t mean that you have to overshare information about some personal aspects of your life. Trust me, nobody wants you to go all “Kim-Kardashian-style” on Instagram with the nude selfies. But it will never hurt to show yourself as a human being not just as a professional.

One more thing – make the posts on a regular basis. People should know when to expect new content from you. If you`re doing anything to improve your skills, always show it. If you`re at some lecture, an exhibition or at a bookstore, let your followers know that you`re in a constant state of improving yourself.

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy Happiness?

Money and Happiness

Don`t be that sad looking at your bank account. It`s not easy to be a student in this cruel world where you have all those rapacious loans, incredibly high prices for textbooks and I won`t even get started on the cost of teeny-tiny cocktail at a pub. This is just exhausting. And after realizing all those budget problems you have being at the university, you start convincing yourself that money is not that important to you at all.

You can tell those lies to yourself, your family and friends but you can`t deceive me, I can see right through you. Perhaps it`s a bold statement here but I do think that about 98% of people love money and love when they have enough of this resource so they can live a full life. What about other 2%? Those are just the hippies. However, even they need money to buy their little guitars.

There were a couple of examples in history where the authorities were trying to build the system in the country that wouldn`t use money at all. One of the brightest examples, as you may know, is Soviet Union socialism and a potential communism. Oh, I wonder what happened to that country, they all were full of hope it would work out.

Anyway, I`m not sure whether you are going to like what we are about to tell you or not but you have to know the truth of this life. Yes, money is a very (ten times very) important factor in our happiness and all-in-all wellbeing. Don`t you think that there is a connection between the happiness of people and the level of economy of a country? Poor countries` residents tend to be significantly less happy and content with their lives than people from the developed world.

A Salary in Candy or in Dollars?

Lots of Candy

For me, it all depends on a kind of candy. You`d think that there is a huge difference between these two types of paying for your work but your brain strongly disagrees. We love money because it has strong connections with our reward system in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone which makes us want money more and more.

When you get either a paycheck or a package of favorite sweets, your brains releases this hormone in an almost equal amount in both situations. So yes, life can be just like a box of chocolates. Though a lot of people I bet would prefer a case of dollars. We want, need, desire money not because we are a bad society that only thinks about consuming even more and more goods. It`s because we are hooked like the junkies to all the possibilities money can give us.

From the neurological point of view, it`s absolutely natural for modern people to buy so much stuff. Most of us want that stuff to be luxurious, special, expensive and unique. Don`t say we don`t. Deep down inside we all compare ourselves to the famous actors, singers, dancers and we want the products and privileges they have. And again, it`s absolutely natural. Here`s why.

This type of behavior is aimed at finding the most suitable partner to have kids with. If you think about it, practically all we do is dedicated to that special mission. A person with more money has a higher social status, therefore, the one is a more desirable partner. The more desirable you are, the bigger chances you have to pass your DNA to the future generations.

Let`s Not Get Too Emotional


Of course, except a neurological side, there is a psychological one as well which are connected but still have their differences. Money can`t buy you the feeling of happiness but it can buy you all the things, services, and experiences that will bring you joy and happiness. A social survey shows that people who feel financially secure feel much better mentally, they are less stressed out, they concentrate better and they are way more productive.

I don`t know about you but this does seem like some kind of a vicious circle. When you have money, you work better. When you work better, you have more money. However, there is a limit. How much money do you think you would need to feel completely satisfied with your life? Turns out that when you reach a point of earning more than 30,000 $ per year, you stop feeling that amusement money gives you.

A lot of extremely rich people are unhappy. This is one of the reasons why society has the proverb that forms the basis of this article. Yes, it`s true that wealthy people can`t fully trust anybody and they are terrified because of the possibility to lose their possessions. This is not a positive tendency for a good mental health. So know your limit and follow (or not follow, as you wish) an advice from a person who has become a millionaire at the age of 28. Elon Musk says that it`s better to invest the money rather than to save them.

Studying Before 10 AM: The Worst Idea Ever

Sleepy Student

Here`s you setting an alarm clock to be in time for your tomorrow`s 9 a.m. class. But you know what? Stop it! Being a responsible adult who you undoubtedly are, you should know that it`s bad for your health to get involved in any kind of activities before 10 a.m. I wish university administration knew this.

They actually do. The professors of one university, in particular, know this for sure. They conducted a massive scientific research at Oxford and found out that people were not meant to be productive at that early ungodly hour. I knew that through all my life and it`s a shame nobody wanted to support this theory of mine. Thank goodness, the Oxford guys are here to prove it!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm… or Does It?

A Bird with a Worm

I wonder what the night owls are supposed to get in this case. Well, the division of human race for the early birds and night owls does exist. It`s been proven by multiple scientific institutions. This system helped a lot our ancestors during those dangerous and dark times in the past. The cavemen had a lot of enemies from the warring tribes and the hungry predators. So there were those people who would stay up the whole night and watch the group.

This phenomenon got transferred into the genes of modern people and now we have those who are better at working when it`s all dark outside. There is a theory that you can change your biorhythms and become a night owl or an early bird. This is partly true because you can develop a habit in 21 days so you can get used to waking up and going to bed early during that time.

However, there is this category of people which are called by scientists “the genetic night owls”. If they change their biorhythms, they would be less productive, would always feel tired and sleepy. If one of your parents is a hard-core night owl, there is a huge chance you`re one as well.

So, basically, mother nature has come up with a perfect plan how to keep everybody safe and productive in different parts of day and night. But what`s with the 10 a.m. results?

Don’t Move Until It’s 10 a.m.

Paul Kelley is a professor at Oxford University who was in charge of this ground-breaking discovery. He has published his research which was is based on the observing of biorhythms of men and women of different age, professions, and lifestyles. Turned out they were significantly more concentrated and focused on the work only after 10 a.m. This is the peak of humans` daily activity. There is another one at 4 p.m. but it`s usually smaller (unless you`re a night owl).

The good news is that some governments have taken this research into consideration and now are thinking about applying the new system of the working hours. Great Britain, however, is planning to start the working day even earlier – at 8 a.m. so the employees would have more time in the evening when all the activities are happening. Which variant would you prefer: 10 a.m. as a start for studying or working with all the energy and productivity or 8 a.m. as a start so you can have more hours of evening fun?

Effective Studying: Teachers VS Robots

Humans Vs Robots

I don`t know about you but it seems to me that the news about innovations in the sphere of robotics technologies are chasing me wherever I go. What is more, even the robots themselves won`t leave us alone for one bit. Technically, the smartphones, autonomous cars with no driver required even an elevator. All those things are practically becoming smarter than us.

But we won`t spread the panic. I do believe that modern technologies will make people`s lives better, simpler, more comfortable. However, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking share an idea that the artificial intelligence carries a potentially serious threat to humanity. They are on the list of the smartest people on this planet so should we really be aware of the machines` rise?

This is an important issue to discuss right now because we still have time. It`s not possible to calculate all the options. And in the meantime, the robots found their way into the education system. Do you like an idea of your professor being a human-like robot? The one just like Sophia.

Please, tell me you know who she is! Sophia is one of the most famous robots on the planet and she was put under the spotlight (and under a close scrutiny as well) right after she was created. It`s absolutely unbelievable how realistic she is! She is smart, skillful and she`s even joking about destroying the humanity (laughter through the tears in this case).

It`s been proven by multiple cases of scientific research that individual training is way more effective than teaching the whole class at one. Obviously when there is only you and the teacher you have a chance to get all the information compartmentalized in your head. You`re more focused, creative and attentive. Besides, if you have only one teacher, you won`t be hoping that someone else does the home assignment and you`ll just copy it.

So individualistic training is a way of making education more progressive and effective. But would you prefer your teacher to be a robot or an actual human being?

They Are Almost Here

Robot Sophia

Actually, the computer programs that are aimed at the individualistic perception of information already exist and many countries use them actively. They still are not the full substitutes of the real professors at university but they have a huge potential to become those pretty soon.

Brazilian program “Geekie” (they apparently chose the creative path while choosing the name for this innovation) is a smart system which helps all the students prepare for the classes and exams. It contains various video-lessons and tests. But the difference is that this half-robot will never drag you down with bad scores. Even if you fail a certain test, you will have a chance to pass it one more time after listening to a couple of additional lectures.

This program is calculating your progress and is willing to give you a second chance. Sometimes schools and universities may label the students who are not that brilliant as lazy, careless and hopeless. But a lot of young people simply don`t perform that well under a constant pressure so individualistic classes provided by this program will help the students to discover their hidden talents and capacities.

Australia has also developed an interesting system which is called “Smart Sparrow”. This one is not actually for students but for the teachers. With its help, the professors now are able to create interactive courses and adapt the curriculum to the needs and peculiarities of every student.

What Are the Pros and the Cons

Robot with Butterfly

With the help of this innovative system, education will indeed become more effective. That`s a fact. The students will be able to go through the material they didn`t quite get, will get the full explanation of their grades and will even have an opportunity to choose the courses. If you`re more into art, sports or mathematics, you don`t have to learn all of that at once. Depending on your career choice, the system may change its pattern in order to help you.

For example, if you`re planning to become a doctor, then the robotic system will propose you a curriculum based on the biology and chemistry classes. Obviously, you`ll get the general knowledge of math, history, and arts but you`ll be much more prepared for entering exams.

Of course, there are the cons of such an approach to education. Besides the suggestion that robots can actually enslave the human race, there are some technical difficulties. Those systems in Australia and Brazil are working under the supervision of the teachers so the possibility of mistakes is omitted. But it`s being planned that the kids may study at home. In this case, who will be responsible for the program`s malfunction?

It`s hard to predict what people`s response will be for such an innovation. They may agree to be taught by a robot but what if this powerful machine changes the pattern of people`s behavior? This potential problem is especially alerting when it comes to the children`s education. Growing up they learn how to be the members of society and human teachers play a huge part in personality establishment.

Perhaps, a kid would feel much more comfortable in a company of robots rather than humans after the course is finished. Did we scare you a little bit? Maybe not a little bit. Scientists are still calculating the possible risks and finding out the ways of managing them. The whole idea sounds quite fascinating but humanity still doesn`t possess enough of knowledge to make those systems completely safe.

A Highly Paid Job: A Way Through a Prestigious University

Money Rain

Basically, we spend a quarter of life studying. We do it just because an idea of having an education is very important in society. We don`t even ask questions, we just follow the rules because we were already born in this culture of the necessity of studying. You can`t become successful if you don`t have an education. That`s the phrase that we often hear from our parents and teachers from school. But do they actually know how the real modern world works and do you really need a diploma from a posh university in order to get a cool high paying job?

We are going to look through all the tendencies and will try to reach consensus so you know whether your huge university loan actually worth it. You probably know that there is this Ivy League – a group of eight universities from seven American states which are considered to be the coolest and the most prestigious. News outlets often mention them in covering the admission campaigns.

But there is something that you may not know, especially if you are not a Brit. The UK also has its group of posh (and rather expensive) universities that will potentially turn you into the most desirable target of all employers. It`s called the Russel Group and it consists of 24 universities which provide the education of the highest quality.

A massive study was conducted by the sociologists and economists in order to find the correlation between a student loan, prestige of a college and the earnings of its graduates. For this study, the scientists decided to take as an example the set of Russel Group universities rather than The Ivy League believing that British colleges would be more representative.

You Reap What You Saw

 Tuition Fee

You probably know that it`s far from easy to enter one of the Ivy League or Russel Group universities. They require a good knowledge in a lot of fields, excellent grades at school, leadership skills and some additional talents. Besides, the price for studying where is rather high. Of course, they provide the most extraordinary students with the scholarships but you basically need to be an Einstein in order to get your hands on one.

But the social study has shown it does pay off. Yes, you will be practically drowning in a student debt for some time but in perspective, this diploma will give you significantly more opportunities. For example, students that graduated British Russel Group university earn 40% more than those from other universities. This is a big number actually!

In case you are wondering does it pay off to go to college at all, then the definite answer is yes. 330.000$ is a sum of money that does sound rather appealing, doesn`t it? That`s how much more you`ll be getting paid if you graduate from the university. I know that you may give many examples of people who don`t have a degree or who may not even have graduated from high school but they are incredibly successful. But those are the exceptions. Besides, in most cases, they are the actors, musicians, models, dancers, etc. Who of those people needs a diploma if they already earn millions of dollars?

A Designer VS a Doctor

Clothes Designer

Well, perhaps, this is not a fair game and you can`t really compare these two professions when it comes to the contribution to society. But you really can compare them when it comes to salary. In Great Britain, medical sphere is the highest paid one among all others which sounds absolutely logical. The people are saving lives, duh!

And the tuition fees at the medical universities are among the highest as well. So, in this case, it does pay off to become a doctor in terms of your money and your value as a human being. Let`s take a look at other spheres. You know what? The general image is pretty much the same. The more you invest in your education, the more you receive at the end. It may look like an advertisement campaign for all incredibly expensive universities. But it`s just the advertisement campaign of education in general. By the way, you don`t need university to learn something new so developing the outlook on a daily basis is as important as your desire to get a degree.

So, after medicine we see the economics which is a perspective sphere but you have to work really hard to achieve something significant in it. Then comes the mathematics. No, not the one that you`ve been studying at school but the one that works with the algorithms and computer programming (which is on the 7th place by the way). Veterinary science is the fourth because we love our pets so much that are willing to pay for their health more than for ours, at least that`s what I do.

After that, we spot engineering and technology, then – architecture. You already know the 7th one, so we`ll switch to the 8th one which is languages (they share this position with the law). Anyway, to make the long story short, art and design take the last place. In this sphere, you basically have only two options: you either become rich and famous (that makes less than 1% of all artists), or you become broke.

I`m truly sorry to bring it down to you but this is just statistics. Speaking of arts and design, sociologists say that this sphere is a hectic one, it requires much mental strength and, obviously, a talent. Besides, artistic people usually have rather vulnerable, emotional and unstable personalities as any creative people do. Therefore, think twice and be sure that if you choose the right university, your money that you invested in the education will pay off.