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What monsters do we unleash and how do they affect us?

My Problem With The Strong Woman Hoax

There’s the token black guy, the token gay guy, the token this, the token that.
We see them all the time – after all, it’s politically correct to let them crawl into our TV shows.
I wish there was a Token-hunter somewhere, sort of like a vampire hunter.

The particular token that’s got it out for me this time is the token strong female.
Come on, you know her.
The female character that fights alongside the hero. She’s there to make women everywhere feel represented in the story which is why she’s so bland. The writers try to please our inner feminist.

Even if she only kills minions. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Fun Just For Fun?

Oh, the things that goes viral. Sometimes you just can’t help but hate it.
Remember Friday? I can almost hear you shudder. Well, rest assured, you’ll forget it in time. Gangnam Style is already riding off into the distance where it’s almost invisible.
The reassuring aspect of time passing is that only the really good things remain. Like Shakespeare, like Dracula, like the Iliad, like … uh … the bible … :S

And then something new comes along.

Yes, you’re allowed to headdesk. Continue reading

Go To The Conference Or Die From Loneliness

The best way to invest your money is in a social experience, a gathering of people ready to take on the premises of your person.

I’m just emerging, hollow-eyed and puffy – from two consecutive writing conferences, a huge party, an insane workload at the office and work with Kristen Lamb on my book.
The first conference was WANACon, an amazing online conference established by Kristen Lamb and brought about by a bunch of wonderful people.
We met in our pajamas, separated by great distances and brought together by webcams, armed with our very own beverage of choice.
It’s completely awkward to talk with random people over webcam, which only makes the experience more hilarious. 40 people trying to chip in on the conversation at the same time? Chaos! Continue reading

4 Truths About Happiness

Life’s not all joy. It’s not just unicorns and lebricorns and other kinds of corns, especially not candy corns.
It’s frustration and complications and compromises, too.
Sometimes we need to make tough decisions as life slaps us in the face. With a brick.
And that’s when we have to remember that other people’s lives suck, too.

4 truths about happiness Continue reading

Tonight There May Be War

Russia invaded Ukraine on the Krim peninsula after the new regulations making Ukranian the only public language, degrading Russian to a secondary language. Krim is mainly Russian-speaking and has a long, Russian history.
I am no authority on these matters, but I wanted to mention it on my blog. I felt it would be wrong to put anything else up tonight when things look this bleak.
I’m scared for the world and I’m scared for Ukraine.
At the same time, I understand the Russian minority. The president was about to make a deal with Russia when the opposition threw him out, which was something most Ukranians apparently shouted “good riddance!” to.
I understand why Russia would take this opportunity to gain power and access to the sea.
But Putin must see that these hostile actions are putting trade between Europe and Russia in a dangerous zone. The EU do not applaud the recent events but are at the same time forced to sit somewhat idly by because they are dependent on fuel imported from Russia.
However, Russia is also dependent on the EU.

I am in no way knowledgeable on this topic. I was out for four days without internet or TV and suddenly THIS happened.
I just wanted to take a moment for us all to think on and brace ourselves for the future.

A Strange Sight

I was driving home from a session of crossfit when I saw something strange.
Was it that my brain needed oxygen, did my body lust that much for water after the tough workout, or did my eyes observe correctly?
Was it, truly, a kissing pair, and was the long-haired one taller than the guy? Her hair was so big it almost covered her boyfriend and he’d placed his hand possesively on her waist.
For a moment I was completely taken aback.
Then I drove by them and they parted, smiling at each other.
“Oooh, cool,” I breathed, realizing it was just two guys.
And then I thought: “What the hell is wrong with a society in which I’m more open to homosexuality than girls being taller than their partner?”

Cognitive Dissonance Brainwashed Me Into Loving Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is awesome. I just realized. I know, I’m late, but there’s about MILLIONS of people out there who still need to get it, so I guess that’s okay.

It’s not long since I hated Miley. Okay, hate is a strong word, but after she became Miley instead of Hannah I was just like

“OH MY GOD she’s turning into a bad idol!”

And while I don’t doubt she’s had her fair share of bad influence on little girls I just have to say that in the end parents and environment mean more to those little girls than anything else.
I grew up with slutty idols, too – hell, I played with Bratz – but I wore sweaters and trunky cowboy pants. Continue reading

Everyone Wants To Hook Me Up

Within the past week I’ve been jokingly encouraged to date 2 of my single male friends; I’ve been offered help finding someone to “have fun with” by two of my in-relationship girlfriends and a guy in my group of friends suggested that at the next party they all just sit and stare at me until I find someone to hook up with.

People, you scare me!

One might begin a post about our society’s view on singles here. I could tell you how I feel pressured into finding a boyfriend … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Teen Fangirls

I understand.
There’s a sense of shared love, a communion that’s safe and warm and snuggly because not only are you preying on a dream – the dream that the idol will one day turn around and say “I love you, too” – but that dream is shared by thousands, millions, of other girls who cannot be a threat because somehow, in a hidden subconscious that you don’t appreciate, you know that this idol never will turn around and tell you “I love you”.
It’s easier to love these boys who are made to appear nice, to appear safe, so much in opposition to the world you’re about to sting your finger on, the world of WOMANHOOD in which you’ll be screwed over by men, in which you’ll screw them up, too, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Continue reading

Selfies Aren’t Necessarily Selfish

My generation is being persecuted for being narcissistic.
To that I say: “Who are you to judge me, hippie generation who spent years dedicated to ‘finding yourself’ through drugs?”

Narcisisme has and will always exist. The word itself derives from the greek myth of Narcissos, who fell in love with his own mirror image.

I’m not saying that facebook, blogs, and SELFIES have a narcissistic and self-indulgent taint.
But just as the hippies tried to figure out the meaning behind the world through ‘looking inward’ (code for spending time with and for ME) I think there’s more to these phenomena than you think. Continue reading