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What Agnosticism Is

T. H. Huxley

In general, agnosticism is an outlook, stating that the world cannot be cognized objectively. Simply put, agnostics deny the existence of any absolute truth, which you, miserable sinner, must accept or burn in righteous flame for the glory of the Holy Inquisition (exaggerated assertion, but it shortly describes phrenetic positions of the above-mentioned “holy war” parties). In theory, it tends to be a rejection of participating debates on religion and God. That is just one side of the ideology but is under discussion most of all, so we will not stay aloof too. Continue reading

Efficient Ways of Improving Your Immune System: Sharply Up

Flu Infection

Most of us cannot wait the spring and start wearing short skirts and light coats ahead of time. Few warm days have assured us that spring is coming. However, don’t hurry! The weather is deceptive: one day is sunny, but the next day may be frosty. Cold seasons haven’t left us yet.

Unfortunately, winter is also a season of colds, flu, tonsillitis, etc. Therefore, cold seasons become a serious challenge for us, and running nose, cough, malaise and weakness turn into the main and not very pleasant companions. Those who didn’t become ill seem to us like wizards. But the magic isn’t the cause. The key point here is the immune system of a human. So, let us consider some efficient ways of improving your immune system that could help to cope with unpleasant winter companions. Continue reading

Writing a Personal Descriptive Essay

Typographic Portrait

What does “description” mean? Very often you may find the definition that it is an “illustrating something by using words”. The same thing keeps with the essay where you are required to describe something. A student writes such essay to make a detailed observation and uncover the meaning of various items. When you describe a person in your essay, you are painting a portrait in words. So, this article will be mostly dedicated to the problems you can be faced with while writing a personal descriptive essay as well as some useful tips which help you to create the more extensive picture in the minds of the readers. Continue reading

How to Write Lecture Notes


Visiting lectures is an integral part of student life. To date, a significant portion of students uses digital technologies for recording lectures. But we are sure that handwritten notes are much better than notes written on the laptop, because while writing notes in your notebook you stay more attentive and focused. However, notes in notebook often turn into a jumble of words and squiggles, where in a couple of weeks it is impossible to find the necessary information. So, our article offers you the top 10 useful tips and tricks which help you to make your notes more effective, visual and structured. Continue reading

How to Pass IELTS

IELTS Speaking

Today we are going to talk about the third part of speaking test in IELTS. First two parts are called «Interview» and «Monologue» and they are both quite easy as you are asked to answer general questions about your life. The third part is quite hard and that is why you must follow some general tips to pass it at the highest score. Let’s go! Continue reading