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On the Start of Your Career Self-Branding Is a Must


Starting points are the worst. Whether it`s a blank piece of paper that is waiting for your words to be put on it, a suitcase that needs to be packed or an apartment that has to be cleaned. It`s always hard to begin doing something especially when you have no idea what to do. I`m talking about basically any assignment at university.

But when it comes to a career path, you have to make yourself take the first steps towards your success while studying at university. You have to come up with your own brand. No, it`s not like you have to create your own business, by the brand I mean you. Social media gives us the greatest opportunity to tell the whole world about ourselves as the professionals. If you`re a student, of course, you`re not much of a professional yet but it`s the right time to start thinking about your future career.

Make up Your Mind

I bet you spend quite some time scrolling through the Instagram pictures of different people. Some of them have the whole conceptions hidden in their profiles so you would always stay hooked. There is something captivating about those people, they are interesting, creative and different. The first thing that you have to think about is how different are you. What do you want people to associate you with? What contribution can you make to this world?

After you figure out what your brand will look like, you should turn it into reality. Create a platform where you`re going to show your skills. Professional psychologists sometimes post their publications on Facebook or even give free online consultations to promote themselves. Photographers create Instagram accounts, the artists are more likely to join Pinterest. In case you`re dreaming about a singing career, then YouTube is your number one choice. How about journalism? You may start by posting Snapchats from different events. The most important thing here is to find the right field and the most effective tool of promotion.

A Balance Between Fun and Work

Work and Life Balance

It happens pretty often when personal and professional accounts just blend in. You have to agree that a doctor who takes it to Twitter to talk about the harmfulness of alcohol and a day after posts a pic on Instagram of him sipping tequila is never a good idea. A joint account of both fun and serious sides is becoming a trend nowadays. People have always been interested in emotions.

So you should post your pictures with friends, family, and pets from time to time so people become interested in both your professional and private life. This will give an impression of a well-balanced person and you`ll get more followers. Of course, it doesn`t mean that you have to overshare information about some personal aspects of your life. Trust me, nobody wants you to go all “Kim-Kardashian-style” on Instagram with the nude selfies. But it will never hurt to show yourself as a human being not just as a professional.

One more thing – make the posts on a regular basis. People should know when to expect new content from you. If you`re doing anything to improve your skills, always show it. If you`re at some lecture, an exhibition or at a bookstore, let your followers know that you`re in a constant state of improving yourself.

How Much Money Do You Need to Buy Happiness?

Money and Happiness

Don`t be that sad looking at your bank account. It`s not easy to be a student in this cruel world where you have all those rapacious loans, incredibly high prices for textbooks and I won`t even get started on the cost of teeny-tiny cocktail at a pub. This is just exhausting. And after realizing all those budget problems you have being at the university, you start convincing yourself that money is not that important to you at all.

You can tell those lies to yourself, your family and friends but you can`t deceive me, I can see right through you. Perhaps it`s a bold statement here but I do think that about 98% of people love money and love when they have enough of this resource so they can live a full life. What about other 2%? Those are just the hippies. However, even they need money to buy their little guitars.

There were a couple of examples in history where the authorities were trying to build the system in the country that wouldn`t use money at all. One of the brightest examples, as you may know, is Soviet Union socialism and a potential communism. Oh, I wonder what happened to that country, they all were full of hope it would work out.

Anyway, I`m not sure whether you are going to like what we are about to tell you or not but you have to know the truth of this life. Yes, money is a very (ten times very) important factor in our happiness and all-in-all wellbeing. Don`t you think that there is a connection between the happiness of people and the level of economy of a country? Poor countries` residents tend to be significantly less happy and content with their lives than people from the developed world.

A Salary in Candy or in Dollars?

Lots of Candy

For me, it all depends on a kind of candy. You`d think that there is a huge difference between these two types of paying for your work but your brain strongly disagrees. We love money because it has strong connections with our reward system in the brain. Dopamine is a hormone which makes us want money more and more.

When you get either a paycheck or a package of favorite sweets, your brains releases this hormone in an almost equal amount in both situations. So yes, life can be just like a box of chocolates. Though a lot of people I bet would prefer a case of dollars. We want, need, desire money not because we are a bad society that only thinks about consuming even more and more goods. It`s because we are hooked like the junkies to all the possibilities money can give us.

From the neurological point of view, it`s absolutely natural for modern people to buy so much stuff. Most of us want that stuff to be luxurious, special, expensive and unique. Don`t say we don`t. Deep down inside we all compare ourselves to the famous actors, singers, dancers and we want the products and privileges they have. And again, it`s absolutely natural. Here`s why.

This type of behavior is aimed at finding the most suitable partner to have kids with. If you think about it, practically all we do is dedicated to that special mission. A person with more money has a higher social status, therefore, the one is a more desirable partner. The more desirable you are, the bigger chances you have to pass your DNA to the future generations.

Let`s Not Get Too Emotional


Of course, except a neurological side, there is a psychological one as well which are connected but still have their differences. Money can`t buy you the feeling of happiness but it can buy you all the things, services, and experiences that will bring you joy and happiness. A social survey shows that people who feel financially secure feel much better mentally, they are less stressed out, they concentrate better and they are way more productive.

I don`t know about you but this does seem like some kind of a vicious circle. When you have money, you work better. When you work better, you have more money. However, there is a limit. How much money do you think you would need to feel completely satisfied with your life? Turns out that when you reach a point of earning more than 30,000 $ per year, you stop feeling that amusement money gives you.

A lot of extremely rich people are unhappy. This is one of the reasons why society has the proverb that forms the basis of this article. Yes, it`s true that wealthy people can`t fully trust anybody and they are terrified because of the possibility to lose their possessions. This is not a positive tendency for a good mental health. So know your limit and follow (or not follow, as you wish) an advice from a person who has become a millionaire at the age of 28. Elon Musk says that it`s better to invest the money rather than to save them.

Effective Studying: Teachers VS Robots

Humans Vs Robots

I don`t know about you but it seems to me that the news about innovations in the sphere of robotics technologies are chasing me wherever I go. What is more, even the robots themselves won`t leave us alone for one bit. Technically, the smartphones, autonomous cars with no driver required even an elevator. All those things are practically becoming smarter than us.

But we won`t spread the panic. I do believe that modern technologies will make people`s lives better, simpler, more comfortable. However, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking share an idea that the artificial intelligence carries a potentially serious threat to humanity. They are on the list of the smartest people on this planet so should we really be aware of the machines` rise?

This is an important issue to discuss right now because we still have time. It`s not possible to calculate all the options. And in the meantime, the robots found their way into the education system. Do you like an idea of your professor being a human-like robot? The one just like Sophia.

Please, tell me you know who she is! Sophia is one of the most famous robots on the planet and she was put under the spotlight (and under a close scrutiny as well) right after she was created. It`s absolutely unbelievable how realistic she is! She is smart, skillful and she`s even joking about destroying the humanity (laughter through the tears in this case).

It`s been proven by multiple cases of scientific research that individual training is way more effective than teaching the whole class at one. Obviously when there is only you and the teacher you have a chance to get all the information compartmentalized in your head. You`re more focused, creative and attentive. Besides, if you have only one teacher, you won`t be hoping that someone else does the home assignment and you`ll just copy it.

So individualistic training is a way of making education more progressive and effective. But would you prefer your teacher to be a robot or an actual human being?

They Are Almost Here

Robot Sophia

Actually, the computer programs that are aimed at the individualistic perception of information already exist and many countries use them actively. They still are not the full substitutes of the real professors at university but they have a huge potential to become those pretty soon.

Brazilian program “Geekie” (they apparently chose the creative path while choosing the name for this innovation) is a smart system which helps all the students prepare for the classes and exams. It contains various video-lessons and tests. But the difference is that this half-robot will never drag you down with bad scores. Even if you fail a certain test, you will have a chance to pass it one more time after listening to a couple of additional lectures.

This program is calculating your progress and is willing to give you a second chance. Sometimes schools and universities may label the students who are not that brilliant as lazy, careless and hopeless. But a lot of young people simply don`t perform that well under a constant pressure so individualistic classes provided by this program will help the students to discover their hidden talents and capacities.

Australia has also developed an interesting system which is called “Smart Sparrow”. This one is not actually for students but for the teachers. With its help, the professors now are able to create interactive courses and adapt the curriculum to the needs and peculiarities of every student.

What Are the Pros and the Cons

Robot with Butterfly

With the help of this innovative system, education will indeed become more effective. That`s a fact. The students will be able to go through the material they didn`t quite get, will get the full explanation of their grades and will even have an opportunity to choose the courses. If you`re more into art, sports or mathematics, you don`t have to learn all of that at once. Depending on your career choice, the system may change its pattern in order to help you.

For example, if you`re planning to become a doctor, then the robotic system will propose you a curriculum based on the biology and chemistry classes. Obviously, you`ll get the general knowledge of math, history, and arts but you`ll be much more prepared for entering exams.

Of course, there are the cons of such an approach to education. Besides the suggestion that robots can actually enslave the human race, there are some technical difficulties. Those systems in Australia and Brazil are working under the supervision of the teachers so the possibility of mistakes is omitted. But it`s being planned that the kids may study at home. In this case, who will be responsible for the program`s malfunction?

It`s hard to predict what people`s response will be for such an innovation. They may agree to be taught by a robot but what if this powerful machine changes the pattern of people`s behavior? This potential problem is especially alerting when it comes to the children`s education. Growing up they learn how to be the members of society and human teachers play a huge part in personality establishment.

Perhaps, a kid would feel much more comfortable in a company of robots rather than humans after the course is finished. Did we scare you a little bit? Maybe not a little bit. Scientists are still calculating the possible risks and finding out the ways of managing them. The whole idea sounds quite fascinating but humanity still doesn`t possess enough of knowledge to make those systems completely safe.

A Highly Paid Job: A Way Through a Prestigious University

Money Rain

Basically, we spend a quarter of life studying. We do it just because an idea of having an education is very important in society. We don`t even ask questions, we just follow the rules because we were already born in this culture of the necessity of studying. You can`t become successful if you don`t have an education. That`s the phrase that we often hear from our parents and teachers from school. But do they actually know how the real modern world works and do you really need a diploma from a posh university in order to get a cool high paying job?

We are going to look through all the tendencies and will try to reach consensus so you know whether your huge university loan actually worth it. You probably know that there is this Ivy League – a group of eight universities from seven American states which are considered to be the coolest and the most prestigious. News outlets often mention them in covering the admission campaigns.

But there is something that you may not know, especially if you are not a Brit. The UK also has its group of posh (and rather expensive) universities that will potentially turn you into the most desirable target of all employers. It`s called the Russel Group and it consists of 24 universities which provide the education of the highest quality.

A massive study was conducted by the sociologists and economists in order to find the correlation between a student loan, prestige of a college and the earnings of its graduates. For this study, the scientists decided to take as an example the set of Russel Group universities rather than The Ivy League believing that British colleges would be more representative.

You Reap What You Saw

 Tuition Fee

You probably know that it`s far from easy to enter one of the Ivy League or Russel Group universities. They require a good knowledge in a lot of fields, excellent grades at school, leadership skills and some additional talents. Besides, the price for studying where is rather high. Of course, they provide the most extraordinary students with the scholarships but you basically need to be an Einstein in order to get your hands on one.

But the social study has shown it does pay off. Yes, you will be practically drowning in a student debt for some time but in perspective, this diploma will give you significantly more opportunities. For example, students that graduated British Russel Group university earn 40% more than those from other universities. This is a big number actually!

In case you are wondering does it pay off to go to college at all, then the definite answer is yes. 330.000$ is a sum of money that does sound rather appealing, doesn`t it? That`s how much more you`ll be getting paid if you graduate from the university. I know that you may give many examples of people who don`t have a degree or who may not even have graduated from high school but they are incredibly successful. But those are the exceptions. Besides, in most cases, they are the actors, musicians, models, dancers, etc. Who of those people needs a diploma if they already earn millions of dollars?

A Designer VS a Doctor

Clothes Designer

Well, perhaps, this is not a fair game and you can`t really compare these two professions when it comes to the contribution to society. But you really can compare them when it comes to salary. In Great Britain, medical sphere is the highest paid one among all others which sounds absolutely logical. The people are saving lives, duh!

And the tuition fees at the medical universities are among the highest as well. So, in this case, it does pay off to become a doctor in terms of your money and your value as a human being. Let`s take a look at other spheres. You know what? The general image is pretty much the same. The more you invest in your education, the more you receive at the end. It may look like an advertisement campaign for all incredibly expensive universities. But it`s just the advertisement campaign of education in general. By the way, you don`t need university to learn something new so developing the outlook on a daily basis is as important as your desire to get a degree.

So, after medicine we see the economics which is a perspective sphere but you have to work really hard to achieve something significant in it. Then comes the mathematics. No, not the one that you`ve been studying at school but the one that works with the algorithms and computer programming (which is on the 7th place by the way). Veterinary science is the fourth because we love our pets so much that are willing to pay for their health more than for ours, at least that`s what I do.

After that, we spot engineering and technology, then – architecture. You already know the 7th one, so we`ll switch to the 8th one which is languages (they share this position with the law). Anyway, to make the long story short, art and design take the last place. In this sphere, you basically have only two options: you either become rich and famous (that makes less than 1% of all artists), or you become broke.

I`m truly sorry to bring it down to you but this is just statistics. Speaking of arts and design, sociologists say that this sphere is a hectic one, it requires much mental strength and, obviously, a talent. Besides, artistic people usually have rather vulnerable, emotional and unstable personalities as any creative people do. Therefore, think twice and be sure that if you choose the right university, your money that you invested in the education will pay off.


Anti-Stress Therapies and Strategies

Person Is Upset

As we mentioned in the previous article, there are lots of harmful effects caused by stress, so it is impossible to live a full and happy life because of them. Students feel overwhelmed, upset and cannot reach any pleasure even when doing their hobbies. It sounds depressive and seems like there is no way out.

Nevertheless, there are some specific methods and strategies which can help you to change this situation for better. It demands some time and efforts but it also prevents all these unpleasant consequences and symptoms. That is why you should know them even if you are quite fine now. Then, in case you get into a trouble and suffer from this disorder, you will be able to deal with it quickly and effectively.

Our team perfectly understands it and presents some efficient anti-stress therapies below. Just try them out in practice and you will experience the first positive results very soon.

Disconnect During the Weekend

The most important and probably the hardest thing is to find a balance between study and rest. Many students have no relaxation after a hard day at college. They just come home and start doing their homework. Besides, these guys continue to study during the weekend because of enormous workload.

The main problem is that they have no breaks. It is vital to take at least a short pause during your average working day. For example, you can relax every hour for 10 minutes in order to let your brain unwind, and eat some snacks to boost your energy. It may even help you to improve your productivity and not only to prevent stress. It is also significant to spend some time disconnected from the world on the weekend: switch off your phone, do not use social networks and give your body some time to rest after a working week.

Avoid Multitasking

It is a typical situation when a young person tries to cope with everything at once. He or she cannot concentrate on a single task and then encounters lots of failures as a result. Of course, it is very disappointing when you work hard, spend your time and efforts, but then – have no profit from it. That is how a student becomes stressed and anxious. That is why you should avoid multitasking. Prioritize your targets and make a special schedule to manage your time. Moreover, you must adequately estimate your skills and abilities before setting a certain goal. Keep in mind that too high expectations may also cause stress if you do not realize them.

Talk to Someone

If you feel stressed and something disturbs you, it is better to talk to someone who you can rely on. It may be your relatives or friends. The main target is to let your emotions go and express your feelings. If you simply accumulate all negative experiences inside, you will suffer from stress as a result. In the most serious cases, you can consult a psychologist. This specialist can offer you professional help and specific therapy. The main thing you should remember is never to accumulate pessimism and anxiety inside. It will definitely continue causing stress or depression.

Learn Ways of Relaxation

Student Practicing Yoga

As we mentioned in one of our articles, stress is usually caused by the absence of good rest and too heavy workload. It is true that students may not know how to relax effectively and renew their energy. However, this is a very important point in case you want to cope with stressful issues in your life. We have prepared some beneficial methods in this article in order to teach you how to rest well and get pleasure from it.

Try Yoga

It is a new trend in the modern world. More and more people are attending yoga classes nowadays. Why is it so popular? Good physical shape is not the main reason. Young people start practicing yoga because it is the best way to relax and reduce stress or disturbance. There are thousands of tutorials with videos and pictures on the internet. Furthermore, you can get a membership in one of the clubs, where a professional teaches you yoga techniques. This method is pleasant and not as complicated as many teenagers think. If you want to clear your mind, you should definitely try meditation and yoga.

Create Calm Atmosphere

The next thing you can to do to relax is to create calm atmosphere around you, which can help you to dispel stressful thoughts. It is a pretty good idea to turn relaxing music on and use oil burners: the smell of grass, mint or citruses can calm your emotions down and help you get rid of negative feelings after a hard day at college. It is significant to eliminate all the distracting factors and things which irritate you.

Write Down Your Experiences

You can write down your negative emotions, accumulated during the day, in a special diary. It will give you a chance to analyze these events and decide if they are really worth your nerves and time. Sometimes things which make us stressed are unimportant. Keep in mind that if you know what exactly makes you feel bad, you will be able to get rid of it.

It very important to be aware of the effective methods of overcoming and preventing stress. Remember that if you start fighting against it at the beginning, you will avoid lots of complications and visits to psychologists. In most cases, there is no necessity to take pills and go through special medical procedures. It is possible to cope with stress on your own if you know the strategies we described in this article. Anyway, we hope that now you are sure that you can save yourself from stress and advise others to read our tips and hints.

How Does Stress Affect Your Study?

Stress and Studies

We all have heard about stress and the harm it does to human mental and physical health. Unfortunately, still most of us may think that they will never encounter it, so they are not ready to fight it off. However, no one is protected from stress, especially in the modern world where everyone is busy and have no minutes to relax.

So, a great number of students hope that this issue will pass by and they will not suffer from its symptoms and bad consequences, which we explained in our previous article. When they feel stressed, these guys may not even realize it and think that they are just tired. Nevertheless, stress has a negative impact on students’ private life and study.

Why is it so important to know a lot about this disorder? The more things you are aware of, the easier it will be to fight stress off. That is why our team have prepared some typical examples of how stress affects study.

Memorizing Skills Get Worse

It is proved by the research that your brain works less productive if you are stressed. The cells which are damaged when a person feels is disturbed and anxious start to malfunction. Of course, they may be renewed but it is quite a long-termed process. Scientists agreed on the fact that stress affects a specific part of your brain which is responsible for memory and learning new information. As a result, it is more difficult to deal with college tasks for young people who suffer from this emotional disorder. They can barely memorize new things and have to spend much more time on tasks than other students.

So, if your performance at college or university has worsened, there is no need to hire a tutor. Probably, you should just work on reducing stress.

Disability to Concentrate

Stress results in disability to concentrate and stay focused on the information you need to understand and process. Such students often switch their attention to less important things. Sometimes they imply sit and do nothing during the class. Of course, such kind of behavior is very bad for their grades and reputation at college. Moreover, these students usually ignore their homework and do not revise for tests.

Absence of Desire to Study

It is true that students under stress have no desire to do anything. It means that these young people get no pleasure from their hobbies, entertainment and do not want to learn anything at all. They see no reason why they have to work hard at college and think that it is just a waste of time. It often happens that a teenager does not want to deal with creative tasks.

Of course, if a person has no desire to study, he or she is not likely to be successful in it. Keep in mind that stress depletes all your motivation and goals. You will just lose your courage.

More Conflicts with Others

Without any doubts, stress causes many conflicts with peers, parents, and even teachers. As a result, it is hard to study well because student’s mind is busy with thoughts about the recent quarrels. Moreover, it makes them feel nervous and anxious. Of course, these things result in their disability to focus attention on study. In addition, it is harder for them to cooperate and communicate with groupmates.

They will simply try to avoid everybody in order not to get angry or disturbed. Thus, it will be more difficult for them to participate in a common project and discussions. Actually, they get into a kind of a vicious circle, since their stress becomes the reason for more and more conflicts with people who are close to them, although these conflicts have no significant background or basis.

To sum up, it is very important to know the ways how to protect yourself from stress. That is why we have posted this article for you. Just keep these things in mind, and you will have more chances to detect stress quickly and start a therapy. The faster you understand that you are stressed, the more effective treatment can be used.

Do not be one of those students who ignore the symptoms of stress and think that it cannot be the reason for bad grades at college. Very often it is the reason, and when young people realize it, they regret being so inattentive.

So, we hope that you will use this information to avoid stress or indicate whether you or your friends are under its impact. In the next article, we will present some good strategies to fight against it.

What Agnosticism Is

T. H. Huxley

In general, agnosticism is an outlook, stating that the world cannot be cognized objectively. Simply put, agnostics deny the existence of any absolute truth, which you, miserable sinner, must accept or burn in righteous flame for the glory of the Holy Inquisition (exaggerated assertion, but it shortly describes phrenetic positions of the above-mentioned “holy war” parties). In theory, it tends to be a rejection of participating debates on religion and God. That is just one side of the ideology but is under discussion most of all, so we will not stay aloof too. Continue reading

Efficient Ways of Improving Your Immune System: Sharply Up

Flu Infection

Most of us cannot wait the spring and start wearing short skirts and light coats ahead of time. Few warm days have assured us that spring is coming. However, don’t hurry! The weather is deceptive: one day is sunny, but the next day may be frosty. Cold seasons haven’t left us yet.

Unfortunately, winter is also a season of colds, flu, tonsillitis, etc. Therefore, cold seasons become a serious challenge for us, and running nose, cough, malaise and weakness turn into the main and not very pleasant companions. Those who didn’t become ill seem to us like wizards. But the magic isn’t the cause. The key point here is the immune system of a human. So, let us consider some efficient ways of improving your immune system that could help to cope with unpleasant winter companions. Continue reading

Writing a Personal Descriptive Essay

Typographic Portrait

What does “description” mean? Very often you may find the definition that it is an “illustrating something by using words”. The same thing keeps with the essay where you are required to describe something. A student writes such essay to make a detailed observation and uncover the meaning of various items. When you describe a person in your essay, you are painting a portrait in words. So, this article will be mostly dedicated to the problems you can be faced with while writing a personal descriptive essay as well as some useful tips which help you to create the more extensive picture in the minds of the readers. Continue reading

Which Kind of Impact Does Stress Have on Body?

Person Is Upset

First of all, it is significant to know if stress is really harmful to your health or such idea is just a myth. Probably, the majority of students will support the second statement and say that the damage of this mental issue is exaggerated. Moreover, they may even try to discuss this problem and persuade their peers that it is rather minor.

It is not a secret that a big part of all these books and tutorials which teach us how to deal with stress are published to get profit; besides, they are overpriced. However, many people still believe their authors who try to earn money on human mental problems. They buy expensive books but do not win their fight against depression or stress. It is vital to know the impacts of stress on your life and study as well as the reasons why it happens. Moreover, you should be aware of the most typical symptoms of this illness. It will help you to protect yourself from stress and its traps. Besides, you will understand if you are stressed or simply tired in case you remember the major signs of it.

Emotional Symptoms

Person Is Depressed

Stress is considered to be an emotional illness and causes some mental disorders. Unfortunately, many students do not know anything about its major symptoms. As a result, they cannot recognize the signs of stress and understand that it is the right time to start a therapy. We want to help them to deal with this trouble and present some symptoms below. Of course, these are only the most common things which can happen when a student has stress. There can be some other signs as well.


This is the first and the main symptom of stress. It is when you have no desire to work or study. He or she creates an imaginary world and spends the time here. It is easy to annoy or upset such students. They just lose contacts with reality and suffer from such distraction until their stress is cured. Keep in mind that it can be truly hard to for them to control their behavior and emotions. Your average habits may be changed and you will feel either anger or sadness from time to time. Quick alteration of mood is one of the key features of frustration.

Impossibility to Relax

It is truly hard to relax for students who are stressed. They feel overwhelmed and tired even after sleep. If it is hard for them to clear their minds and get rid of irritating thoughts – they probably suffer from stress and do not even realize it. It results in low productivity as well. Students can barely concentrate on their tasks and become very inattentive at lectures.

No Desire to Communicate

Stressed teenagers usually try to avoid other people and rarely contact with their fellows, even if they are usually easy-going and talkative. Their speech becomes nervous and mumbled. Young people feel loneliness despite having lots of friends. They spend more time alone and have depressive or even suicidal thoughts.

So, in case your friend suddenly changed their behavior and became more enclosed, they may suffer from chronic stress. Be patient to such person and try to help them.

Feeling Worthless

Students who have chronic stress stop carrying about their appearance and become less confident. They poorly estimate their own abilities and qualities. In this case, even talented and smart teenagers feel that they have no power to cope with the simplest tasks. Moreover, they think that they are worse than other students in their group and someone is superior to them.

Physical Symptoms

Student Has Headache

On the other hand, there are lots of physical symptoms which are the right signs of stress. It proves that this is a serious illness and it can damage your health greatly. Stress has to be treated as well as other well-known diseases. Here our team have selected some major physical symptoms. Try to memorize them in order to be able to detect if you or your friends are under stress.

Less Energy

The best thing which can help you to detect stress is the lack of energy. It actually means that a young person has no motivation and desire to do anything. He or she quickly becomes tired and even exhausted. It can be easily indicated at college. A student needs more time to complete simple tasks, receives bad grades and fails tests without any visible reasons. Moreover, this person has no energy to do hobbies and favorite activities which can bring them pleasure.


Stress is the reason for frequent headaches and even migraines. It may happen at any time, so a student has to deal with it with pills. Usually, students cannot concentrate because of it, and even a relaxation does not help. If you have chronic headaches, you may be stressed and need a specific therapy to get rid of this pain.

Bad Immunity System

People who regularly feel stressed cannot fight against different infections and often suffer from such seasonal illnesses as flu or cold. It is quite hard to cure them even with special drugs or antibiotics. As a result, the organism does not produce necessary antibodies to cope with viruses. It is very dangerous, as flu, for example, may have such serious complications as pneumonia.

It is very significant to be aware of the most common signs and symptoms of stress. This knowledge will help you to detect this issue quickly and treat it effectively. As a result, you will prevent lots of unpleasant consequences and health problems. Keep in mind that some young people do not even realize that stress is the main reason for other illnesses, bad mood and inadequate behavior. They think that these things are temporary.

Unfortunately, their condition may become worse. In the worst cases, the only way to get out of stress is a professional help of psychologists and prolonged therapy. This is much better to be ready for and aware of it. We hope that you will pay attention to these things and be able to indicate if you are stressed.

In the next post, you can find some information about how stress influences your study.