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Descriptions and stories from Denmark!

American Love versus Danish Kærlighed

You’d misunderstand my point if I said I liked America, so to make sure everyone’s on the same page I’ve got to say I love it.

I love how open people are, the can-do-spirit, the willingness to work and succeed – it’s great.
What’s not so great is your perception of the word “love”.

One of the best monologues a teacher ever gave me was when my English teacher taught us the difference between “being in love” and “loving someone”. But I find that the usage of these words in American culture aren’t far apart and that her speech worked better with the Danish concepts. Continue reading

The Party You Think Is Only On TV – Danish Graduation

It’s a year since I stood in a large physics room in front of two teachers and explained motions in two dimensions. A year since I waited 7 whole minutes before I got my grade. A year since I, with a beginning fever, received roses, hugs, a porcelain owl and the hat.

The hat is handed out to the Danish graduates that come out every year and it’s a symbolic key to the university but also the key to the best party ever.
I’ll take this opportunity to explain the Danish school system. Continue reading

Danish Music #7: Asteroid`s Galaxy Tour

Today I’ll show you a band that you’ve probably already heard without realizing it.
I’ve become a massive fan of them. It’s another one of those bands I realized I loved because I found out that a lot of the good songs on the radio were by them.

Their name is ASTEROID’S GALAXY TOUR and they actually started in England because that’s where they had their contacts. This means that it took a while for them to get popular here in Denmark.
In any case, they’re a Danish band so they count.

Let’s begin with the song you probably know from the Heineken commercial:

Such a wonderful style. A little bit jazzy a little bit soul a little bit classy.
One of my absolute favorites is Major Ambition, which you’ve also probably heard.

But to end it with something a little less popular I think you should give Crazy a trie, especially if you’re looking for something laidback and just plain lazy.


Danish Music #6 From Natasja to Kaka

Many years ago there was a young, ambitious reggae singer in Denmark. Her name was Natasja.
She had a cool sound and firm opinions which she voiced in her songs, creating much debate in all the land. The whole debate over whether the occupied house in Copenhagen should be allowed to continually be used by its occupants – who had occupied it for years – or if the state should interfere was an inspiration for one of her most popular songs.

“Give me Denmark back” is the title of the song.

She became well-known here and eventually she went to Australia in order to get a contract and go international.
Then a car drove into the side of hers and a few hours later Natasja was no more.
Denmark was in remorse.
I remember being thoroughly shaken by her disappearance. She was going somewhere! How could life just take her away?
But the world found a way to repay us. Natasja helped tutor a young boy who calls himself Kaka (and who plausibly is actually named Kaka) who has a sound that resembles her yet does something new with it.

I like this song. It’s called “a last song” and is all about whether things matter if everything’s just going to be all right again, anyway.

Danish Music #5 Alphabeat

Incredibly filled with power and energy. Colorful and young. Catching and lighthearted.
Those are all adjectives describing the Danish band “Alphabeat” that most remind me of bands like Abba and Aqua.

Their biggest hit, “Fascination”, came out in 2005 and since then they’ve been a well-known name, particularly the lead singer, Stine, who has gone on to work with other bands as well.

And do I remember dancing to this:

And here is their perhaps most popular song:

Here’s a song in which Stine is a collaborator:

The band, Carpark North, is another of my favorite Danish bands. Two of the guys went to my school and we got them to play for us at one of our parties!
I really love this song

The Old Town – A Danish Must See

Welcome to Old Town!

Well, I guess this post is overdue, but I’ve been having so many other posts I wanted to get out.

In my city there’s this little place called “The Old Town”. It’s a gathering of old houses from around the country, creating a nice little town in the middle of Aarhus.
Every Christmas they do special things, like showing how they baked goodies once upon a time etc. They also showed a bunch of old toys.

Today I want to share some of the pictures with you, so prepare for a picture mash!

Welcomed by christmas ornaments!

These buildings are hundreds of years old

Valleys to get lost in

Ancient tubberware

Christmas toys!!! From ANCIENT times!

Beautifully decorated christmas tree

Old style bowling

Walk amongst the old buildings and buy some old-style cakes – but freshly baked! I promise!

BEAUTIFUL view … I guess the buildings are nice, too 😉



Danish Music #4 Medina

I guess this was inevitable. *Sigh*
Medina is one of the absolutely most fameous Danish artists (in Denmark) right now and I’ve rocked it on the dance floor to her music several times – though I’d rather listen to “take on me” or some old eighties’ music than this.

I’m not selling this very well, am I?
Medina is a generec pop singer whom some praise as being very original but whom I find kinda bland.
However, she did make a FEW decent songs, and I’ll share them with you now!
“Kun for mig” or “just for me”. A song widely discussed for how many times the word “I” was in it.

This one I actually like: Welcome to Medina

The last song is really popular but I personally detest it. It’s called “12 days” and is about how this guy only gave her twelve days to show him who she is.

Probably Medina showed you that Danish music isn’t very different from the rest of the western world’s mainstream pop music

Idealism Versus Realism

As the headline of this blog says, we’re here to talk about people and how they scare me.
Today I want to talk about something that continually surprises and terrifies me.

Currently Danish journalism is bursting with the topic of the officials sitting behind the politicians. Theirs is the true power. Apparently, when a politician decides he wants to change something the officials are the ones who calculate whether it’s possible, but studies show that they’re abusing this power. Continue reading

Danish Music #3 Panamah

Panamah is the name of a brave new band in Danish music. They’re a very quiet band but have won in on the hearts of Danes anyway.
I’m not a big fan of Panamah myself but can see the appeal. Their one song, DJ Blues, is actually amongst my favorite songs but the rest of their work doesn’t do it for me.
In any case I will introduce you to them because they’re popular in Denmark and in the end this section of my blog, Danish Delights, is about Denmark and not me.

DJ Blues is a song about the endless, monotone pop music being played in clubs and how the lead singer would rather dance by herself – she may be lonely but she’s free.

Another popular song is “små stød”:

A less known song is this one:

I could imagine that even if you don’t understand the lyrics you may find something soothing in their melodies. (Sort of like how I listen to Japanese music. Lol. I don’t have a clue what they’re singing, except when the words “yume” or “kawaii” suddenly appear.)

Danish Band Series #2: Falulah

I love the radio. Sometimes you’ve listened to a song enough times that you suddenly pick up the name of the artist and so you go on youtube to check them out.
That was how I discovered the Danish Wonder Girl, Falulah.

Today I’m bringing you three of my absolute favorite Falulah hits. She’s an awesome artist and way better than the much more popular Medina (that’s for a different post). I love her authentic style and shrill tones.
At the moment her songs are often used for intros to Danish television shows, latest in a show called Rita about a Danish school teacher. Continue reading