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Descriptions and stories from Denmark!

Danish Band Series #1: Nephew

So I was watching commcercials earlier today and there was an add on for Nephew, a Danish band that has played in the background of my life throughout the years, when shopping, when eating breakfast, when driving in the car. (Well, my parents would drive when I was younger, don’t worry …

The new CD is a collection of all their hits and I realized just how many they have. I’ve never thought much of Nephew but today I had an epiphany. I know and enjoy a lot of their songs. Continue reading

Denmark #1 In Happiness – But Should We Be Imitated?

Happiness is no easy size to measure. In fact it’s immeasurable. The only way to make estimates of people’s happiness is by giving them a scale from 1 to 10 and hoping they know whether they’re happy or not. It’s no secret that many people don’t know that they’re happy – as always: “if you have to say it you don’t mean it”
The beaten-up wife, with two kids with escalating grades due to an abusive father, who says she’s happy and truly believes so is obviously under some kind of spell. Think Harley Quinn.
Happiness is something nobody can explain – we can only take your word for it. Continue reading