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Sometimes we happen upon strange things in this universe, ironic instances that seem to imply some truth about life or maybe just random happenstance.

An Open Letter to Teen Fangirls

I understand.
There’s a sense of shared love, a communion that’s safe and warm and snuggly because not only are you preying on a dream – the dream that the idol will one day turn around and say “I love you, too” – but that dream is shared by thousands, millions, of other girls who cannot be a threat because somehow, in a hidden subconscious that you don’t appreciate, you know that this idol never will turn around and tell you “I love you”.
It’s easier to love these boys who are made to appear nice, to appear safe, so much in opposition to the world you’re about to sting your finger on, the world of WOMANHOOD in which you’ll be screwed over by men, in which you’ll screw them up, too, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Continue reading

The 2 Factions of Fiction

Since the dawn of storytelling there’s been this great war of worms

Get ready cause this is about to get heavy!

No, sorry, war of words.
People discuss whether theme or entertainment is more important, research or characterization. How important is purple prose? Is it merely an enchanting container hiding inside it nothing but yammering moans or do these tranquilizing words of high heavens and bird chipper really relay message and theme better?
Not to mention the great war of the literal.
What is literature and what is not? Is Shakespeare? The Three Musketeers?
Not at the time, no. At their time they were mere entertainment. H.C. Andersen was accused of being childish in his writing. (Go ugly duckling analogy) Continue reading

Daydreams Vs. Fiction

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the past year about fiction is conflict.
Without conflict there’s no story. Instead it is an essay or a description.
Plot = Character + Conflict
Conflict = Goal 1 vs. Goal 2

This is conflict

If there’s no conflict the reader will lose interest. As humans we like to avoid conflict – at least the majority do – and I’m not talking about adrenaline. There’s not conflict in a bongie jump.
When we read and the conflict engages us we keep reading because we want the conflict to be resolved.
This is how soap operas get so addicting – they never resolve all problems. Halfway through one problem a new one is introduced and so on. This is also why some people really dislike open endings. Continue reading

Why “Orange is the new Black” Is Everything I Want In A Show

When you reserve an entire day for watching TV – whether it be due to a hangover or just because – it’s good to have a list of shows ready.
On Monday I had one of those days and the top show on my list was Orange is the new Black.
I didn’t know anything about it but what the poster told me but the poster did well – I was hooked from first glance. The premise seemed pretty awesome.

It took a while to convince my mother to watch a show about women in prison. She’s a romantic-comedy-middle-aged-woman. The blatant lack of men in the show is a huge negative on her score.
However, to me this was everything I’ve wanted for a long time. Continue reading

10 Minutes aT A Time

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been slacking lately. I used to have a good routine. Then … basically let’s say a lot of partying went down and then my huge drama project, resulting in me not reaching my word counts for a week.

And if you miss a good habit for an entire week … you know you’re screwed.

The ironic part is that I was pretty good at cranking in 1500 – 2000 words per day when I was busy, got home at 4 pm and had to do homework and assignments and now that I only need to study for a few examinations and otherwise have the days off I’m the laziest brat ever. It’s not even like my procrastination breaks are that fulfilling. It’s not like I play Worms Armageddon or Half Life or read The Vampire Lestat or Kristen Lamb. I just refresh Facebook. Continue reading