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Sometimes we happen upon strange things in this universe, ironic instances that seem to imply some truth about life or maybe just random happenstance.

New Year’s Resolutions Suck – Let’s Do Something New Instead

In the past weeks I’ve read a lot about the psychology of things. Yeah, let’s just say that. Or I could do myself a favor and make this whole post a lot more interesting by saying “the psychology of willpower, self-control and other self-helpyish stuff”.
So one thing I learned is that dopamine is an asshole hormone that makes you want stuff and makes you keep doing something even if it doesn’t even feel good. (Checking Facebook, anyone?) Of course, dopamine has its good uses – without it people turn sluggish, hopeless and depressed, unable to imagine anything giving joy. Continue reading

A Breakup Letter To Peanutbutter

Dear Peanutbutter

This isn’t working anymore. I discovered you on a night of adventure, when trying something new seemed appropriate. I thought you’d be sticky and weird but you weren’t. You were yummy and creamy and perfect on my carrots.
And for a time it was all good.
When I felt the need for a little sugar I went to you and filled myself with your goodness.
When I was hungry for more you ended my cravings.
It was all good because you belonged to the organic section and you were 99% pure with only a little salt for spice. Oh, it was good, and with 22% protein you were all the beef I needed. Continue reading

A Guide To IBS – My Internet and Experimental Research Through 4 Years

Who am I?
My story’s not important. I’ve lived with IBS since late 2011 and after months of pain and no help from the medicinal world I took the future into my own hands. My sporadic research has led me to knowledge every person with IBS ought to know. This quick run-through should help anyone, new or old to the topic, on their quest to health. I am NOT a health professional. The idea here is to give you all the information 1,5 – 3 years of research on the internet will give you. Continue reading

An open letter to the Princess trapped by a Dragon – by Prince Charming

The letter you wrote me was sweet as cherry, and so was the mark of your lips, which particularly startled my heart. I’ll cherish it, always.
I hope one day to see your real lips, but that day will not be after I slay the dragon that has imprisoned you – because I will do no such thing.
Here’s an idea: slay the dragon yourself. There’s probably a bunch of swords laying around. Perhaps the dragon uses them as toothsticks. Use one of those. Continue reading

If Everyone Switched Sex

What would it be like if everyone changed sex at the age of 20?
If the human body naturally matured into the opposite sex what kind of repercussions would it have on our world?
Girls taught to be timid would suddenly face the pressure of being a go-getter. Girls who were called bitchy or bossy would seize their new opportunities with gusto.
Boys taught to never cry or show emotion would be put in a sensitive position. Would they struggle with being the less dominant role? Would they search out the bossy-wife-stereotype? Mother knows best?
How about boys who loved sports but are now held back from doing their best? Continue reading

Western culture and its love affair with prostitutes

These days media flourish with women of different kinds.

You can make up whatever argument you want but women definitely have a lot more representation these days. I’ve seen a lot of shows with badass women.

Along with these many kinds of “strong women” – a term flung around so much these days it’s virtually a buzz word – there’s a new uprising for femininity.

A lot of female characters these days seem to be more about sexual power than they have in a long time. I’ve got no problem with this – sexual liberation hurray, sex positivism etc. etc. Continue reading

We Change History For Our Convenience

We like to look back on the past with a self-assured smile and a pat on the back. People were stupid back then, using the word “nigger” and thinking some people were better than others merely for being from a higher “class”.

To underline our own perfection we ignore the blunders of the past and we ignore the fact that they didn’t think of these things as prejudices but merely as the way the world was.
The story of Pippi Longbottoms has been censured due to a story in which Pippi travels to Africa and becomes the leader of some black people – also referred to as “Niggers” in the story. Continue reading

Judge Books By Their Cover

By using book covers as a standardized analogy for why we’re all oh-so-individual and why we’re all oh-so-different on the inside we forget something important:
Books are not people.

Yes, while a book cover can lead you on or while you may have skipped a book due to its boring wrapping, one truth still stands: when someone designs a book cover they think about who’ll be interested in it. Not so much with people. Continue reading

The Real Problem With Female Versions of Male Characters

It’s not because “it takes away from the original”. It’s not that “the story will be twisted to be about love and fashion instead of its core principles”, though that’s probably true given how the entertainment industry – and everyone else – think that’s all women care about and thus will only cater those two topics to us.

No, the inherent problem with making a spin-off with gender-bended characters is that, once again, the female is thought of as “the other”.
There’s Hulk and there’s SHE-Hulk.
There’s Spiderman and there’s Spiderwoman.
There’s Captain America and there’s American Dream. Continue reading