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Sometimes we happen upon strange things in this universe, ironic instances that seem to imply some truth about life or maybe just random happenstance.

What’s wrong with immortality?

Immortal creatures are all the rage and won’t you know it – these days a lot of them are pretty emotional about it. Either they lost something or someone due to time or transformation or they just bluntly can’t figure out how to live forever.

This theme of “struggling with forever” interests me. We’ve seen it in several popular stories:
Anne Rice’s vampire books, The Lord of the Rings, Groundhog Day, True Blood, American Gods, The Sandman, the hundred-year old man who crawled out the window etc. etc.
But what’s so bad about immortality? Continue reading

Poledance: Rains of Castamere

Among many other hobbies I’ve taken up pole dancing. This was largely due to a chance meeting with a pole instructor at the local crossfit studio and partially because one of my friends had been doing it for a while and loved it.

Now I’ve fallen in love with it and I want to share my good friends’ performance with you guys.

What are your thoughts of poledancing? Is it an artform, is it as respectable as gymnastics or are you under the impression that it’s the same as erotic dancing?

Laws, Regulations and Gummy Bears

People say it’s dumb to be idealistic about these things; that if making laws to regulate people’s behavior help they’re good.
And usually I’m a pragmatic person and I do like that there’s no smoke in bars. It makes it more comfortable for everyone and we can stay out for longer, which in turn means that bars actually make more money because we buy more drinks.

But now I’m suffocating.
And it gets worse for every new law. Continue reading

Childhood Reboot: Sailor Moon Crystal

I didn’t watch Sailor Moon when I was a kid and ever since I heard of it I tried to avoid it. I assumed it was a very girlish show – which it is – and stuck to my aversion of everything rom com.
That was until I found melinapendulum, an excellent critic on youtube, who was, to put it lightly, a hardcore fan.

She highlighted all of the liberal sides to Sailor Moon, like the lesbian relationship that was, unfortunately, downplayed in the anime, the powerful female characters and their depth.
I got interested – but it’s like 300-400 episodes and my life is too short for filler. Continue reading

Men: Don’t Be Afraid To Touch Us

After I returned from the states I’ve returned to my crossfit routine and it’s awesome. However, the last workout pretty much left me disabled for a few days and I talked with the instructor about it.
He smiled and told me to hang in there, that after this workout I’ll feel less sore and after the next one even less.
He’d cheered me on during the workout (as always, I’m the last to finish and with the least weight) and I could see in his stance that he wanted to pat my back.
He half-raised his hand but let it fall again and we said goodbye, see ya’ later alligator. Continue reading

Songs Are The Most Boring Art Form

Almost every song out there is about the same thing, which is, of course, love.
And not love from a new, subjective or personal angle. No. Just the same, superficial viewpoint that everybody can join into.
“Lament your woes through this song. Let’s sing about how hard our exes suck. This can be your break-up tune.”

In this video the crew of After Hours discusses how the subconscious secretly wants a deadpan hero. The deadpan hero with little attitude can become a rack doll for our emotions.
This is what the new Lego movie makes fun of as well. Continue reading

Intermission: Can We Please Read What We Want To?

I’m just going ahead and assuming that you’ve learned by now that time is one big waste of time.
You sleep about 8 hours each night. Given that you live 80 years that’s bye bye 26 years of your life.
You wait in line for more time than I’d bother to calculate. The same with red lights.
And how much time do you spend in the car? Continue reading

How To Handle Conundrums

Life is funny in its all-encompassing symbology and projection.

I want to become a chemical engineer, which throws people off because I simultaneously cannot stop, for the life of me, talking about writing and the stories I’ll eventually share with the world.
“Why not go to a writer’s school?” they ask, to which I sigh and repeat the reply I’ve practiced about a hundred times now:
“To me, writing is about delivering some piece of life to the reader, some truth. If all I did was hang out with other writer types and learn about writing then how would I learn about life? My writing would be only a mirror image of what an artist might imagine as life but with no actual knowledge of what it IS. That’s why I want to have a real job first.” Continue reading

Has Atheism Ever Saved Anyone?

With modernization we’ve achieved great things. Industrialization, urbanization, internet-ification a whole bunch of zations and most importantly – the right to sit on our ass for a living and sometimes spent a frightening amount of time on youtube.

Many articles pose that as a problem but there are other dilemmas we face with a newfound privileges.

Thankfully the idea of a state separate from religion came up. Atheism and science seem to be roaming the future in many ways. Continue reading

I’m Obsessed With Gender Equality Because I Don’t Know Who To Be Leave a reply

Recently I’ve been reading quite a few more feministic articles than is probably healthy.
I’ve also written a bunch of stuff on the topic and whenever I’m with male friends we at some point end up discussing gender roles and gender equality.

So now I ask myself: why am I obsessed with gender equality?
And the answer came to me immediately.
Because if the old expectations don’t exist then what are the new ones? Continue reading