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Studying Before 10 AM: The Worst Idea Ever

Sleepy Student

Here`s you setting an alarm clock to be in time for your tomorrow`s 9 a.m. class. But you know what? Stop it! Being a responsible adult who you undoubtedly are, you should know that it`s bad for your health to get involved in any kind of activities before 10 a.m. I wish university administration knew this.

They actually do. The professors of one university, in particular, know this for sure. They conducted a massive scientific research at Oxford and found out that people were not meant to be productive at that early ungodly hour. I knew that through all my life and it`s a shame nobody wanted to support this theory of mine. Thank goodness, the Oxford guys are here to prove it!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm… or Does It?

A Bird with a Worm

I wonder what the night owls are supposed to get in this case. Well, the division of human race for the early birds and night owls does exist. It`s been proven by multiple scientific institutions. This system helped a lot our ancestors during those dangerous and dark times in the past. The cavemen had a lot of enemies from the warring tribes and the hungry predators. So there were those people who would stay up the whole night and watch the group.

This phenomenon got transferred into the genes of modern people and now we have those who are better at working when it`s all dark outside. There is a theory that you can change your biorhythms and become a night owl or an early bird. This is partly true because you can develop a habit in 21 days so you can get used to waking up and going to bed early during that time.

However, there is this category of people which are called by scientists “the genetic night owls”. If they change their biorhythms, they would be less productive, would always feel tired and sleepy. If one of your parents is a hard-core night owl, there is a huge chance you`re one as well.

So, basically, mother nature has come up with a perfect plan how to keep everybody safe and productive in different parts of day and night. But what`s with the 10 a.m. results?

Don’t Move Until It’s 10 a.m.

Paul Kelley is a professor at Oxford University who was in charge of this ground-breaking discovery. He has published his research which was is based on the observing of biorhythms of men and women of different age, professions, and lifestyles. Turned out they were significantly more concentrated and focused on the work only after 10 a.m. This is the peak of humans` daily activity. There is another one at 4 p.m. but it`s usually smaller (unless you`re a night owl).

The good news is that some governments have taken this research into consideration and now are thinking about applying the new system of the working hours. Great Britain, however, is planning to start the working day even earlier – at 8 a.m. so the employees would have more time in the evening when all the activities are happening. Which variant would you prefer: 10 a.m. as a start for studying or working with all the energy and productivity or 8 a.m. as a start so you can have more hours of evening fun?

Essay on Stress and Ways of Tackling It: People Who Irritate You

Person is Irritated

It is true that sometimes stress is caused not by upsetting events at college or a quarrel with your parents. People around you may be the main reason why you feel that bad. Of course, everyone wants to reduce communication with them and live a full life. Nevertheless, it may be impossible if a person who irritates you is your group mate or even a professor. You have to meet these people every day at college and it seems like there is no way out.

However, in order to prevent stress and anxiety, you can use several tips on how to deal with someone annoying. There are several effective strategies for communicating with such people without negative emotions and stressful situations. They will help you to stay calm under any circumstances. It is especially important for sensitive teenagers who usually take things personally and cannot cope with difficulties of college life.

Analyze this issue to see why certain people are so irksome and make you feel stressed or even exhausted. Below there are some tips and hints for coping and even cooperating with them.

Ignore Them

People Communicating

Of course, the first and the easiest thing which we can advise you is to ignore bothersome people. It should be done in a correct and polite way. Do not hurt anyone just if you think he or she irritates you. Just try to cut down your communication and do not start talking to this person first. It may be very difficult if your teacher annoys you. But in such a case, you should try some other methods, because ignoring your pedagogues will lead to bad grades and serious conflicts.

Be Honest

If you feel that someone’s behavior makes you stressed or anxious, you should tell him or her about your emotions. Do not accumulate your negative attitudes inside you. It is vital to have a conversation with a person who irritates you or abuse you in order to make everything clear. Maybe, he or she does not even realize how hurting his or her words are. Be polite and patient as anger will lead to the similar reaction and your relationships will become worse.

Change Your Attitude

In some cases, it is essential to change your personal attitude to the irksome person. You may be too prejudged about them or understand their behavior wrongly. Just try to analyze this person’s actions and words. Maybe, they do not mean to hurt you at all and you simply make this up because of your attitude. It is important to find an approach to this person and try to comprehend their behavior. Things which are normal for someone may seem to be strange and weird for you.

Control Your Emotions

Students Arguing

Sometimes it is important to be able to calm down quickly and keep your emotions under control. Thus, you will easily prevent stress. You have to learn some specific techniques of self-control. Calm people rarely suffer from stress and anxiety, as they can hide their feelings and not become angry because of small things. How can you deal with your emotions?

  • First of all, you should take a pause. For example, if you want to abuse someone who irritates you it will better to wait a bit until your feelings calm down. After several minutes, you will be able to analyze the situation and find a better solution or compromise.
  • Secondly, you should understand why conflicts and quarrels happen in your life. When you know the reason, you can avoid such situations and save your nerves. For example, if you usually get into this trap while participating in a discussion, try to act calmer and do not take all things to heart. It may lead to stress.

To sum up, everyone should know the ways of dealing with irritating factors. It is very unpleasant when your good mood is ruined by someone pesky. Then you feel stressed and disturbed during the whole day and cannot work productively at college. That is why you should learn our tips and hints and keep them in mind while encountering a person with whom you usually have conflicts.

Do not suffer from stress anymore! There is always a solution even if you have to deal with this pain in the neck every day.

The Loneliest Planet

A lonely planet dances in its trail around the sun, its only companion a gray moon dragging along beside it. The other planets have many moons accompanying them – the little orbs seem to flood around them. Well, apart from those two planets, Mercury and Venus, but they’ve got enough in themselves and the sunrays.
“If only I were Jupiter,” the lonely planet thinks, “with a mass and gravitation larger than all the combined planets, and still so beautiful and light, consisting only of swirling gasses and winds. Or if I cannot be a Jupiter, let me be one of its moons.” Continue reading

The Trade of Punishment

”Why is this such a big deal?” Billy’s arms crossed over his green rain jacket and the material screeched with every movement. “It was a game and he wanted to play.”
The woman across the table had her hair in a high knot and there were glasses on her pointy nose. With her lips pursed she looked like she’d release a tongue, snatch him like a fly and eat him.
“Are you sure Geoffry wanted to play a game like that?”
Billy wiped his nose with a hand and dried it in his rain jacket. Screech. “He always wants to play with us. That’s all he ever says. ‘Can I play with you, can I play with you, I’m a really good pirate’. But you can’t be a pirate if you’re in a wheelchair!” Continue reading

An open letter to the Princess trapped by a Dragon – by Prince Charming

The letter you wrote me was sweet as cherry, and so was the mark of your lips, which particularly startled my heart. I’ll cherish it, always.
I hope one day to see your real lips, but that day will not be after I slay the dragon that has imprisoned you – because I will do no such thing.
Here’s an idea: slay the dragon yourself. There’s probably a bunch of swords laying around. Perhaps the dragon uses them as toothsticks. Use one of those. Continue reading

Transformations – Short Story

We saved our little world and of course that was great. People who would have been cold in their grave, or too torn apart for just one grave, went about their lives, complaining over late hours, incompetent staff and cold dinners.
We did a lot of good, the seven of us, but it felt wrong. Every day was a rosebush in my heart, each victim saved a beautiful flower and each word from my comrades a thorn. Inside my heart.
Thud, thud.
Pierce, pierce.
The worst kind of thing was like when a hishi spirit came towards me and I knew that now, now was when I’d die. Continue reading


Once, she did not sleep.
Each hour was a task, a map to be laid out, every corner and stone turned.
There was never enough and still she seemed to have most time of us all.
One morning we found her sick and left her to do her own healing.
When she was well she told me she’d “never known sleep was so great”. She’d discovered its merit.
Now she was well I’d see her leaning on the counter with a distant look. She dreamt of sleep. She imagined not knowing what she knew and what a blessing it might be. She slept six, eight, ten hours.
It was wondrous.
There were no dreams and that was the best part. A short time of non existence, of oblivion. A small time of death.
She slept ten, eleven, twelve hours.
We told her she was getting lazy. She answered “merely inspired.”
Now she sleeps twenty hours.
Tomorrow I think we’ll realize we have not seen her for twenty four and we’ll wait for the day she wakes up to tell us how delightful her nap was before going back to drown in the covers.
And I envy her.

The Lost Hostess

My girlfriend has the best breasts. They’re firm, yet yielding, and no matter how much I try I can’t hold all of one in a hand.
She comes to my apartment pretty often and she walks around in her underpants, no top, and her breasts bounce a little when she gets excited or reaches for something. If she was in a zoo I’d go to that zoo and I’d sit on a bench and stare at her through the glass forever.
I love her body – and she’s nice, too. She does all these weird little things, like, I work on Sundays, so on Mondays she calls me up and tells me whether the show I missed the day before was good or not so I won’t get disappointed. She’ll watch those shows, even if she’s not psyched on them herself, just to know what’s up with me. Continue reading

My First Time Reading Aloud At A Book Fair

The stellar amount of books left me breath-taken, but even more impressive was the many people come to see them.
The Bella Center in Copenhagen was filled to bursting with publishers and the books they were pushing and I walked through all of it to get to my own publisher: Egolibris.
I was there because my Danish book, “Tidsfangen” – “The Time Prisoner”, had now been published.

On the way to our booth I realized how heavy the competition was and the Bella Center transformed into a battle field.
Egolibris’ booth was small and situated in front of the Book Cafés large stage. I was about to ask her if that was where I’d be reading aloud when she sighed and said:
“Unfortunately we’ve got this big stage in front of us, so an earlier author had to basically shout in order to be heard.”
I smirked. “Don’t worry. I’ll steal them away,” I promised, confident in the boom of my voice, which was always remarked upon as being hard to ignore. Continue reading

Parents and their ideas

My father lowered his wrinkled hand to the ashtray and put the cigarette out in a cloud of smoke that made it look as if he conjured it from thin air. He didn’t look up at me but kept budding the cigarette though it was dead already. I felt sorry for the cigarette that it should suffer my offense.
“In love,” he said, “is such a rhetorical thing.”
The statement was senseless on so many levels to me that I refused to respond. Such phrases were typical for this man who thought each of his words were a breath to be caught and saved in a container that would only be opened on priced occasions when one needed consoling wisdom. Continue reading