What Monsters?

Whether fictional or real we’ve become apt at setting monsters lose in this world.
They range from bloodthirsty creatures hidden in the closet, Edward Cullen and Joffrey Baratheon to the popular cheerleaders, your spouse or a stepchild.
All of these monsters are very real.
Fiction in itself can be a monster, sometimes threatening to gobble us up with its escapism, tropes and stereotypes. It can lie to us or tell us the truth. It can give us catharsis, the greek term for “purification” or “purgation” of emotions through art.
Through catharsis we experience, learn and grow.

Fiction is fun. It’s exciting and potentially life-changing.
It’s our responsibility, as consumers, and as parts of a larger society, to seek out catharsis so that we may grow. Sometimes this means actively running from escapism, actively destroying the monsters we’ve created or breaking down the walls in our own lives that protect us from the monsters of the real world.

This blog is dedicated to exploration of all mediums of fiction. Fiction is in direct correlation to our society and will evolve alongside it, sometimes reacting to changes, other times creating those changes.

This is the place where I explore fiction with my own stories. There are flash fiction, essay-like concoctions that barely count as any genre and longer short stories. There will be plot bunnies sprinkled between these dances with fiction as well as quirky paraphrasing from my own, trivial life.
My realism flirts with fantastic elements and my dark fantasy stories gawk at the literary genres. I like to mix these two as, to me, the darkness in the human soul is not reserved for any one genre.
My name is Gry, I live in Denmark, am 21 years old and study to become a chemical engineer whilst joggling the awesome responsibility of being a largely unread author.
Enjoy your stay.